And The Dead Will Walk

by Oct 27, 2004Stories

Hi everyone! I have not been on here in FOREVER! But now im back on here…and im going to repost my best story on here. I never finished it last time…and im gonna try to finish it this time! *grins*

She wandered the halls of Mordor. She had once been beautiful. Her beauty had been said to rival that of Arwen Evenstar. She was still beautiful, but a dark beauty. Her cape was black with streaks of blood red. Her hair was long and jet black. Her eyes were a blood red. When she killed it was said that her eyes glowed. The few people who had survived her attacks still had nightmares in which her red eyes burned with unmeasurable fury and her joy in killing. She was L’ana the Dark Queen of Mordor.

L’ana had many sons and daughters. They were all loyal to her. All exept for one. Mayna had the same powers as L’ana herself and more. L’ana could bring back any object that was destroyed. Mayna could do that too. But she could also bring back any person that was dead. She brought back two people. No one but those three knew who they were. L’ana and Mayna were both wizards and Mayna disguised the two she had brought back so that no one would recognize them. They called themselves Myst and Barun. As L’ana’s power grew and people began to be aware of her and to fear her, legend grew of the ones who could destroy L’ana. Mayna, Myst, and Barun.

The war between good and evil is about to begin.




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