And the Dead Will Walk…. – Chapter 4

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Mayna watched as Aragorn readied his people for the battle. She saw the way that he commanded and the way his people obeyed without question. She felt a presence by her side. It was Faramir. He was dressed for war with his sword at his side.

“Your king is an amazing man,” she said to him. Faramir looked at her and smiled.

” Yes, he is amazing.” He said softly, almost to himself.

” Yes, a real king of Gondor.” A voice said, full of bitterness. It was Barun. He and Myst had walked up while they were talking. Faramir looked at him, surprised.

“What? Oh.” He said, as a look of comprehension entered his eyes, ” Were you a King of Gondor? Who were you two?” he asked them. Both Myst and Barun had a guarded look in their eyes and neither one of them answered. Faramir looked at Mayna, but she shook her head.

” Go on. Aragorn is motioning for you,” she said changing the subject. Faramir looked at Aragorn doubtfully, but he was indeed motioning for him. He trotted off reluctantly. Mayna looked at Myst and Barun sadly.

” It’s going to come out eventually. You can’t hide forever.” She said softly to them.

“Yes, we know. Believe me, we know.” Myst said softly, closing his eyes as if in pain. Mayna reached out and squeezed his shoulder.

” It will be all right. Trust me, it will be all right. Now come. The battle is about to begin.”


Mayna swung her sword again at an Orc. It seemed like this battle had been going on for years. In truth, it had been going on for hours. She looked around her. They had pushed the army back. Gondor should retreat to give their army some rest. She looked over at Aragorn with a question in her eyes and she saw he had reached the same conclusion.

” Back!” he cried.

Mayna walked among the weary troops. There was some comfort that she could give. She walked over to where Aragorn. She pulled out an instrument. She raised it to her lips and blew a few clear notes. She looked over at Aragorn.

” Do you mind if I play? It might bring them comfort.” She asked him. He smiled wanly and shook his head.

” I do not mind.” He told her. So she played many songs that night, answering requests. Many soldiers were gathered around her by the time she had finished. She was tired but she told them that she would sing one more song. Myst looked up at her.

” Can you sing War?” he asked her softly. She looked at him for a long time and then she began to sing.

Out on the battlefields Out on the battlefields
Glory is proclaimed by the Bards
But reality is much more harsh
Blood and gore and the
smell of death on the breeze

Out on the battlefields Out on the battlefields
Gondor is saved but lives are lost
A young wife awaits the return of her mate
only to discover that he’ll never come home.

Out on the battlefields Out on the battlefields
A young man once joined the army on a lark
But he discovered that war is not all fun and games
And he met his fate at the hands of an Orc

Out on the battlefields Out on the battlefields
Gondor is saved but lives are lost
Wives await their mate’s return
And mothers await their sons
Only to discover that they’ll never come home again

Out on the battlefields Out on the battlefields
Glory is proclaimed by the Bards
But reality is much more harsh
Blood and gore and the
smell of death on the breeze

As her soaring voice melted away there was complete silence. She looked over at Aragorn. He was nodding.

” Yes, that is how it is. People think of war as a game. But it is not. It is horrible.” He said softly. There were murmurs of agreement from all over the camp. She smiled sadly.

” Aye. Now if we don’t want L’ana to win tomorrow, let us get some sleep.” She said.


Mayna gasped in pain as an Orc arrow pierced her side. With a scream of rage she attacked the Orc. The Orc fell in the path of Mayna’s fury. Many Orcs had been slain that day by Mayna’s hand. She whirled out of the way of an Orc sword and stabbed it viciously. As she paused, she looked around with pleasure. Gondor was winning! She turned around and attacked with renewed effort, despite the serious wound in her side.

The battle was over and Gondor had won! Mayna fell to the ground, from the pain in her side and the many other wounds she had. She did not have the energy to get up. She felt a presence in front of her. She looked up and gave a strangled gasp. It was L’ana. Her whole face was twisted in insane fury. L’ana lifted her sword to strike. But a sword met it midway. It was Myst! He shoved her back a step. L’ana looked at him with smoldering eyes but did not attack. Even she had heard the tales of Myst’s ability with a sword. And most of it was true, Mayna thought wryly to herself, though I remember a time when he was not so good. But now he was one of the best swordsmen in all of Middle Earth. Also, Mayna had set a magical shield up around Myst. It would take too much effort to break the shield down.

” You may have won this time, but we will be back, and soon.” L’ana hissed, her body taut with fury. Then she turned around and marched off. Myst walked over and tenderly picked Mayna up as she drifted into unconsciousness.

When she woke up her side had been tended to and she began to get up. She scowled at a healer who had started to come toward her with a look of concern on his face. She walked stiffly out the door.

” Mayna!’ someone shouted. She turned around and she saw a very badly injured Faramir stumble toward her

Faramir stumbled toward her. He had to tell her of the horrible thing that he had seen. Every part of his body ached and he felt like he could just give up. But he would not. He had to tell her. Mayna ran over to him, her face deeply concerned. A crowd of people began to gather around him.

“Faramir, what is wrong? What happened?” she asked him. He gasped, trying to draw in air.

” L’ana took Aragorn,” he finally rasped out.

A Cliffie!! I’ll post soon!!! Was the song OK? I made it up myself. Please Comment!!!! (And don’t you hate the Orcs? You will hate them even more in the next chapter, when Aragorn gets tortured * evil laughter * )


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