And the Dead Will Walk – Chapter 1

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If you have not read the Prologue, then you should, or you may not understand what is going on. If you have, Mayna is a good guy, (well…good girl…she is a girl elf actually. L’ana is an elf too.) and she brought Myst and Barun back from the dead. They are good too.

Two strangers rode up to the gates of Gondor.

” Who goes there?” The watchman yelled.

” Two who bear a message for the king.” One stranger said lifting his head and staring the guard straight in the eye. He had sandy hair, cut short. He wore traveling clothes. He had a sword at his side and daggers. From the look in his eyes he was an experienced warrior, and doubtless had more weapons hidden on his body. The other stranger had brown hair, cropped short. He, too, had a sword and an air about him that said that he had seen many battles. The watchman stared at them, slightly taken aback by these two warriors. He shrugged.

” Why should I let you through?” he asked the mysterious strangers.

” We bear an important message for the king.” The sandy haired stranger repeated. Before L’ana’s rise to power the guard would have let them in but now… ” How do I know you were not sent here by L’ana?” he asked them. The brown haired one had been silent until now, but now his back straitened abruptly.

” How dare you! We come from Mayna, you…” He was abruptly cut off as his companion’s hand slammed into his chest.

“You fool!” he hissed. Then he looked up into the watchman’s eyes and said again, ” We bear an important message for the king. Will you let us pass?” For some reason he believed them. With a sigh he opened the gate and let them through. They continued on their eyes silently scanning every thing they could see. They got strange stares from some people nearby, but they ignored them. The brown haired one was still out of breath from the punch but he did not show it.

” We are in luck!” he whispered to his companion as he saw King Aragorn approaching. It had been eleven years since the war and he had aged some, but not much. He was still as swift with a sword as always.

” Greeting, Strangers. Who are you and what brings you here?” The King asked them. The both leapt down from their horses at the exact same time.

” We bear a message for you from Mayna.” The sandy haired one said to the King.

” I see. And what is that message?” Aragorn asked the messengers.

” I am Myst,” the sandy haired one said, ” and this is Barun. We come to tell you to expect Mayna within in a few days.” Aragorn stared at them, amazed.

” Mayna is coming here in a few days?” Aragorn repeated.

” Aye, that is what I said.” Myst said.

” I thank you Myst and Barun,” He said bowing to them, ” We are honored to have you here and are very honored to have the famous Mayna coming too.”

” I believe Mayna is coming to ask for Gondor’s help, for though you may not know it, war is coming again to Gondor, not eleven years after the last war. Think about it. When she comes, will you give her your help?” Barun asked softly, looking Aragorn straight in the eye.


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