An Unwilling Soul – The One and Only Chapter

by Jul 16, 2004Stories

Pain. With every beat of her heart, she felt pain. What was she doing? Was she out of her mind? How could she leave him like this? The slow sound of her horse’s troting was the only thing she could hear, along with her broken breaths. She desperatly tried to stop herself from bursting out in tears because of her grief. In her suffering heart, she wanted to turn back. She wanted to wait for him, at least a while longer.
She knew he would overcome this war. He was strong. He would not fail. She was not sure he knew how to fail. He had acomplished much in his lifetime. And she could not stop thinking about him and that concept. And if she went through with what she was trying to do, then she would never stop thinking about him and that concept.

Arwen Undomiel clenched the rein of her horse. She was on her way to the Grey Havens. She could still hear her father’s words as he spoke to the leader of the group of Elves that she had been with for a day and a-half.

“Take her by the safest road.” he had said, “A ship lies anchored in the Grey Havens. It waits to carry her across the sea. The last journey of Arwen Undomiel.”

Arwen had thought about those words for the longest time. “The last journey of Arwen Undomiel.” “The last journey..” “The last…”

Suddenly, she thought she saw something. A child. A boy. Why didn’t any one else turn to see him? He ran in front of her horse and into the forest. He looked somewhat fimiliar, though she did not know why. Had she seen him before. He was not an Elf, though, his ears were slightly longer than a mere mortal’s.

As he continued into the forest, Arwen began to see something else. Great, white walls became a room. On one side of the room, a balcony streched out over lands she could not see. The boy paused for a moment, looking at some one. A grown man stood, looking out from the balcony. He turned and ran towards the child, and the child towards him.

Father and son, she thought. They looked so happy. She would have smiled if not for her own agony.

As the two ran to each other the man looked so fimiliar. Like she had known him for years. And, indeed, she had. The man scooped up the boy and raised him up, then he began to spin him around. The child laughed. As the man turned, Arwen’s heart skipped a beat. Aragorn. It was Aragorn. Who’s child was that, then?

Aragorn kissed the boy’s cheek and laughed along with his son. Then, the child’s eyes fixed on her’s. They were so much like Aragorn’s. Yet, they were so much like her’s. Arwen could feel her heart beating faster by the seconds.

Her eyes drifted a little below the boy’s face and rested on what lie upon his chest. The Evenstar. He was her son. She looked back on the boy. His eyes telling her she was right. His eyes telling her she could not go. For his sake, she could not go.

She couldn’t hold it back any longer. Tears began to flow from her eyes. The child’s face pleaded with her. If she left he would cease to exist. But if she stayed she would be the only Elf left in Middle-earth. What was she to do?

She closed her eyes. One memory came to her. It was her father trying to persuade her to go.

“There is nothing for you here,” he had said, “only death.”
No, she thought. There was something still here. There was her son. There was Aragorn. There was life. Her father had not told her the whole truth. She would refuse to go.

She opened her eyes. The boy was gone. Aragorn was gone. The vision had vanished. She was now staring out into the empty forest. Though, she knew the things she had seen were real, it felt like it was but a dream. She inhaled.

“Lady Arwen,” came a voice which broke her thoughts. She suddenly realized her horse had stopped. Her tear-filled eyes turned to the dark-haired Elf. He continued, “We cannot delay.”

No, she could not go though with this. She would not. She turned the reins and the horse turned and galloped away. She could hear him call her, but she didn’t look back to see if he was following her. She would go back to Rivendell and confront her father about the vision she had seen. The Valar obviously did not want her to leave.

As she rode through the entrance of Rivendell she knew what to say to her father. She dismounted her horse and nearly ran to where her father was reading.

“Tell me what you have seen.” she demanded as she climbed the steps towards him. “You have the gift of foresight. What did you see?”

He looked down on her, hard. As if in a growl, he replied, “I looked into your future, and I saw death.”

She did not cower. “But there is also life.” He turned. She continued to walk up the remaining stairs. “You saw there was a child,” she pressed, “You saw my son.”

Elrond leaned against the railing. He had seen the child. “That future is almost gone.” he said with pain in his voice.

“But it is not lost.” she protested, a little nicer then the way she had spoken before.

Elrond sat down. It was obvious that he felt uncomfortable about the conversation. “Nothing is certain.” he said, lowering his voice to a whisper.

She knelt down. Her eyes pleading with him. “Some things are certain.” She cupped her hand on his cheek and whispered, “If I leave him now,” Tears filled her eyes again, “I will regret it forever.”


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