An Unexpected Romance

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“ADA! NO! Please do not promise to him!!! I do not love him!” Eruanna cried as her father told her the news.

“I am sorry. You know I love you, but we need this ally. I am sorry. You have no choice,” Lord Elrond said leaving his daughter to her misery.

“Then I’ll run away again!” She screamed at him.

“You’ll come back. You always do,” Elrond said closing the door behind him.

Eruanna grabbed her small bacg, still packed from last week when she had run away last, and ran out the door of her room and out the gates to Imladris.


“Why are you here Eruanna?” Aragorn asked the person sitting across from him. He was doing an errand for Gandalf, and was waiting at the Prancing Pony in Bree. Just a little while ago and friend of his had arrived.

“My father promised me to someone I do not love. I could not sit back and stay there. I had to get away and think. I am not Arwen; I will not do what he wants, when I do not, just to make him happy!” Eruanna talked in a hushed tone. She was one of Lord Elrond’s two daughters.

“Arwen does not do that all the time. She says n…” Aragorn started but stopped when four Hobbits came in. “This is who I am waiting for. Mr. Underhill and company. They have the ring.”

“Then I will leave you to your business Ara…Strider,” Eruanna said standing up.

“Come to my room later, I know you still need to talk. And I do not want you to feel lonely,” Aragorn smiled at her as she pushed her chair in and turned around.

“Thank you Strider,” she said walking upstairs.

At eleven that night Eruanna walked over to Aragorn’s room and saw three of the four Hobbits she had seen enter earlier rush into it. She followed them in.

“You are foolish, brave, but foolish,” Aragorn said to one the Hobbits. “Ah, Eruanna, you have decided to join us. Come in.”

“Who are you and who is she?” the Hobbit who had called himself Mr. Underhill inquired.

“I am the ranger Aragorn, though here I am called Strider. This is my friend Eruanna, daughter of the elf lord Elrond,” Aragorn introduced them.

“You’re an elf?” One said.

“Yes, I am an elven princess,” Eruanna smiled.

“Though she acts more like an elven PRINCE,” Aragorn teased.

“Ignore him; he is not right in the head. I made sure of that when he was a baby!” Eruanna said throwing a pillow at Aragorn. “What are your names?”

“I am Samwise Gamgee. It’s a pleasure to meet you princess Eruanna,” Sam said shaking hands.

“Please, just call me Eruanna. I am not one for formalities,” Eruanna smiled.

“I’m Merry, and he’s Pippin,” another one said gesturing to himself and his friend.

“And you are?” she asked the one nearest the window.

“I’m Frodo Baggins. You two are friends of Gandalf?” The fourth Hobbit asked.

“Yes, we are very good friends of his. Though I have not seen him in years,” Eruanna said sadly.

“Then how do we know you are actually his friend?” Sam asked.

“Someone that beautiful wouldn’t lie,” Frodo said.

“Thank you Frodo,” Eruanna smiled. “Aragorn! They are close!” Eruanna said a faraway look in her eyes.

“What’s close? What’s going on?” Sam asked.

“Ringwraiths!” Aragorn and Eruanna said at the same time.

“Everyone lie down and be quiet. Not a sound out of anyone,” Aragorn ordered. “Eruanna, watch the hall from the door, I’ll get the window.”

“Yes, Aragorn,” Eruanna said running over to the door.

After two hours all the Hobbits were asleep, Aragorn looked away from the window after he had seen the wraiths leave.

“Eruanna, le bad kaima. Lĭn adad, gwador, ar Arwen fara nin ae hain glown Im těw le dar am păn dŭ,” Aragorn said.

“Ere’ manka lle car!” Eruanna said.

“Le ier ikotane norndŏl!”

“Ikotane ier le!”

“Im iest le ier ner ve’ Arwen!” Aragorn exclaimed.

“Ikotane car Im! San’ lle beleg ve’ amin!!” Eruanna cried.

“Mani car lle faeg?”

“San gwaith gar ilyamenie meleth le!”

“Gwaith car- mela lle,” Aragorn said sympathetically. “If you don’t mind me asking who is your betrothed?”

“Tis Legolas. He is kind but….I do not love him. He follows the rules too much!” Eruanna said. “Im innas bedu a’ bad tithen wenya vilya.”

“Eruanna!” Aragorn called after her. “Tol- n’alaquel! Umartempla!!”

“Strider, is something wrong?” Frodo asked.
“No, everything is fine. Sorry I woke you,” Aragorn said going back over to the chair and watching Eruanna through the window.


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