An Istari’s responsibility

by Feb 15, 2005Stories

Olorien was walking through the woods. He appeared to have a set course, but in his head, the idea of actually going somewhere had not actualy occured to him. In fact, at that moment, as was common at the time with the young wizard, nothing but his footsteps matterd to him. (He was rather into elves at the time, even though he really had not actualy met many, and was ever striving to walk as quietly as possible even though he already walked softer than an elf.) So it was, that he did not see his friend Radagast, a fellow Istari, until he was almost upon him.
“Olorien, has Saruman seen you yet?” Radagast inquired of him as soon as he saw him. Olorien tried (and thankfully succeded) to stifle his laugh. Radagast looked so comic with little birds on his arms and that contortd, laughable look he always wore when he asked a question. “Well has he?”
“Has he talked to you?”
“Who?” Olorien asked, truly not remembering a word of the beginning of the conversastion.
“Saruman! Haven’t you been listening?”
“Guess not, sorry.”
“By Arda, you’re as bad as me. Yavanna says that if I keep forgetting the words of power, I’ll never learn anything.” He sighed then laughed, “Then there is the fact that I’m not so sure I want to learn anything. If I do, then I’ll have to do something with all my power, that’s a huge responsability.”
“You are stupid,” commented Saruman as he stepped into the clearing, “Power can do so much for you, it is a great freedom, not a responsibility.”
“But you have to do he right thing with it, not mess up other lives for yourself. You can’t give a lost bird an occupied nest.”
“True, but you would have enough power to make a new nest.”
“What if it was on such grand a scale you didn’t?”
“Well that won’t happen to me. Anyways, I was going to say, we are leaving for Middle Earth soon, Manwe said.”
“WHAT!” Olorien cried, “We can’t! our lives are here. I’ve never been somewhere else.”
“i’m just relaying the massage.” Saruman shrugged and walked off. Olorien turned to Radagast, but he was already walking away, stroking his birds. Olorien let out a long shakey sigh, “Middle Earth,” he murmmerd, “What a responsibility.”


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