An Evil Breed is Born – this is just a one time story.

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The Forces of Evil were something you would never want to set your eyes on. Its dark evil creep around the shadows for decades, that is until a few years ago. They became quiet, too quiet, in fact. It was in these quiet years, the King of all evil was born. The King, Semaj, began to build an army of goblins. Semaj’s army first started with a few hundreds, then to thousands and millions of evils.

The Forces of Good lived peacefully for the few years when the Evil wasn’t doing any damage. They didn’t know anything about the King of Evil begin born, or the fact that they might be at war soon. Only the Princess of Arta knew, for it was she who could see the future. She traveled day and night from Arta to find the powerful, young wizard, Ned Thorlin. Finally she came across Güin, the home of wizards.

“What do you mean that we’ll be at war soon? The Evil hasn’t disturbed us for years, and now we’re soon to be at war?” Ned Thorlin shouted to the Princess of Arta, Helen.

“Well. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s not my fault that I get premonitions. Now let’s calm down and talk about this.” Helen said calmly, unlike Ned. “Calm down? CALM DOWN!? What am I suppose to tell everyone else? How am I suppose to tell them without having them freak out as well?” Ned questioned Helen
“Okay, that might be difficult. But you can build an army yourself.”
Ned looked at her like she was crazy. “Build an army? With what? Trees?”
“NO! You know… Elves and Dwarves. And the Humans.” Helen said.
Ned snorted very rudely. “Elves and Dwarves? Like they’re going to help? All the Elves care about is their looks and how pretty they are, and the Dwarves are too greedy for gold to help us. Oh, and let’s not forget the Humans. They couldn’t help us even if they tried. Those weaklings.” Ned said sarcastically.
“OH! You are impossible! They live in Neiklot just like us. They want to live peacefully just like us. They want to save the world form the Evil just like us. If you want to do nothing and become a slave for the King, so be it. But I’m going to do something about it!” With Ned looking shocked, Helen turned and left.
Helen stopped without turning around. Ned walked up to her. “Um, who is this King you talk about? And exactly how powerful is he?” Ned said awkwardly.
“Hmm…ready to listen?” Helen said. Ned nodded meekly.
They walked to Ned’s house and sat on a table. For a few moments, Helen said nothing. Ned looked at her expectantly.
“Well, it all goes like this. In this few years, the Evil was quiet because a King was being born. Now this King is powerful. More powerful than anything you’ve ever seen and he’s building an army of goblins. It’s thousands and thousands. So if you don’t do anything, our world’s going to be ruled by Semaj.” Helen explained to Ned.
“So all I have to do is gather an army myself and hope to defeat this Semaj, right?” Ned said half-heartily. “You can’t expect to defeat Semaj that easily, Ned. You need leaders. Leaders to lead their own kind. You need plans. Why don’t you hold a meeting this weekend? I’ll send the notice to everyone.” With that, Helen got busy.

A few days later, there was a meeting, just like Helen planned. Everyone was seated around the table. Ned cleared his throat and spoke. “Ahem…um…welcome the Güin. I’m Ned Thorlin. And this is Helen, the Princess of Arta.” He pointed to his right. Then Helen stood up and started to introduce everyone. “This is King Armir Haregon from Arder, Celdier, the Prince of Itlithian, and Balim from The Dark Mountains.” Then Helen and Ned sat down.

“So what is this great Evil that you speak of?” Balim asked. Armir and Celdier nodded in agreement.

Helen waited a second before answering. “It’s an Evil beyond your imagination. A new power is born. A new King for the Forces of Evil. And this King will lead them to victory. They will not stop until they destroy every living mankind in Neiklot. It is up to us to stop them.”

Everyone was silent. Helen started to lose hope, that maybe there was really nothing that anyone could do to stop Semaj.
Then, “Exactly how are we supposed to stop them?” Armir asked. This time Ned answered. “War.” A few eyebrows went up. “War? We’re supposed to go to war to stop this – this King?” Balim said, baffled.

“Well what do you expect to do? Sit around and wait for them to attack us and die like cowards? We need to build an army. An army stronger and bigger than Semaj’s army. An army of Good. An army of Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. Together we can defeat Semaj and keep the world at peace.” Ned said it all in one breath. No one could say a thing because they knew that Ned was right. “Arder will be happy to help.” Armir announced. “And Itlithian.” “Hmph. Dwarves shall help too.” Balim muttered.

A few weeks later, Humans, Elves and Dwarves all helped build a wall across the front of Arder. They had gathered the army and were preparing for the war that was coming. Ned stood at the bridge that overlooks the lake, thinking. “Do you not have any faith in yourself?” Helen asked. Ned, startled looked back to see who was talking to him. “Not as much as I would have like, but yeah I guess I do have faith in myself. I mean I should have faith in myself if I’m supposed to believe that we’ll win this battle.”

“Ned, we are as strong as Semaj’s army. We can defeat them. I know we can. It’s not a lost cause.” Helen assured him. He smiled at her and said “Thanks for the encouragement.”
“Anytime.” He then walked off, leaving Helen by herself.

“So you think a couple of walls will stop my army? Foolish wizard.” Semaj turned to his servant Tencca, “Tell the army it’s time to march to Arder. Now the real fun begins. We’ll see who wins.”

After a few restless nights, Helen woke up startled. She jumped out of bed and ran to the hall room where the gang were. They were sitting on a table laughing and drinking. She ran to the table and stop to catch her breath.

“It’s time.” She whispered. They all looked at her wide-eyed for a minute before the words sank into their mind.
“It’s time? Now?” Ned asked. Helen nodded rapidly. Ned turned to the others and told them to get the army ready. Then he turned to Helen. “Helen, you get all the women and the children safely down to the dungeon.” She nodded once again and went to wake the women and children up.
Ned closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he walked outside.

He went to stand by the walls by Armir and Balim. He could see the army only a few hundreds miles away. Ned then drew his own sword and got ready. The Evil army got closer by the minute. Ned felt like he was waiting for hours for them to get here. Finally, they were right in front of the walls.

“Show them no fear, for you will get none.” Ned said grimly. “Arrows!”

The Elves got their arrows on their quiver and got ready to shoot. “FIRE!” As the arrows flew, it turned into fireballs, hitting their targets. The enemies shouted with rage and began to charge toward the walls. They had ladders which they used to climb up the walls. Armir and Balim charge at the goblins climbing up the walls. They stabbed and sliced. But the number of goblins would never end, they would keep on coming and coming.

Then the skies darken and it began to thunder loudly. A few moments later, it started pouring. But still they never gave up and kept on fighting. The Elves shot arrows toward the goblins, preventing them from going any farther. The Dwarves would slice the goblin’s heads in super speed with their axes and the Humans would stab with their swords.

Helen was in the dungeon with the women and children pacing around in circles. She tried to keep calm, but couldn’t. She wanted to know what was happening outside. If Ned was okay. She hoped that Ned would believe in himself and raised the power within him.

Ned knew that they couldn’t stop the goblins with just their weapons. He had to do something. He left Celdier with the other elves and ran to the front of the wall. He took a deep breath and concentrated on conjuring the spirits of his great ancestors. It took him a while and used up a lot of his energy. After a few moments, the ground began to shake violently. Everyone stopped fighting and looked toward Ned. His eyes were closed and his hands were raised toward the skies. He was murmuring something in a different language.

The women and children began to cry out in fear as the ground started to shake. Helen tried her best to calm the people down, but they were out of control. Children were screaming, “I don’t want to die yet!” everywhere. Their mothers were trying to shush them without breaking down themselves. Helen wanted to run outside but didn’t dare leave these people alone. She stood in the middle of all the women and children, hoping, praying that everything was okay.

Then the ground shook more violently and a flash of light swipe the whole place, killing all the goblins. Ned opened his eyes closely to see what he had done. He looked around and saw that every, single goblins was dead. He then knew that his ancestors came at his call and their power help Ned defeat the goblins.

Everyone was quiet for a while trying to figure what had just happened. A moment later, Balim asked, “So is this the end?” They all looked around and guess that it was indeed the end. “I – I think…yes, I think this is the end.” Then he smiled. Everyone started to smile as they realized that they have won. Soon afterwards, they began to cheer with happiness.

Helen ran toward the gate as soon as she heard cheering. She ran outside to see everyone roaring in happiness and dead goblins everywhere. Ned spotted her and ran toward her smiling. He picks her up and twirls her around in happiness. “I did it! I did it, Helen. I put a little faith in myself and I conjured my ancestors! We defeated them!” She smiled as she too felt proud of what Ned had done.

“NOO!” Semaj yelled in fury. “So just because you defeated my army you think it’s over?” He ranted in rage. “If you think that I’ll give up this easily, you got another thing coming, Wizard.”

A few weeks later, after cleaning up the mess, everyone was celebrating their victory. Ned, Helen, Armir, Celdier and Balim walked outside to the wall. “Funny to think that only a few weeks ago we were complete strangers.” Ned said. Balim laughed. “Well we aren’t complete strangers now, are we lad?”

“No, I guess not. I’m glad you guys were there to help me. Without you guys, this victory wouldn’t have been ours.”
“Nah, it wasn’t us. You were the one who led us to our victory. If it wasn’t for you, more of us would be dead. Then victory wouldn’t have been ours. We’re proud of you, Ned.” Armir said seriously.

“Aw…guys.” Ned blushed. Armir, Balim, and Celdier walked back inside, leaving Ned and Helen alone.
“That was very brave of you. What you did.” Helen told him. “Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

She smiled up at him and lean closer. He kissed her and they watch the sunset together, holding hands.


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