An Elf’s Precious Finding – i had to ponder upon this title, though it may change…. so for the meanwhile, it will remain as it is.

by Jan 20, 2003Stories

Year 1541 Fourth Age

Legolas the elf, and Gimli the dwarf sail down the Aunduin in a handsome boat constructed by Legolas himself. Legolas and Gimili sit in the boat as the currents push the boat gently and steadily into the west towards the shores of the Undying Lands.

“The water is fair,” Legolas Observed, “we’ll be arriving in a while, Gimli.” Gimili is silent. “Have you ever felt lonely, and felt something was missing in your life? ” Gimili stays silent. “Nah, who am I kidding, I have all the friends in my life, living or passed, they’ll still be there.” Legolas finished. Legolas stares into the horizon and sees the sun rising to the east, and the undying lands to the west. Wondering why Gimili never responded, Legolas turns around and finds Gimli sleeping, Legolas chuckled in a teasing manner,”Dumb dwarf boy…” The elf stares into the sky and sees never ending clouds and the ever so bright sun.

“Legolas!” cries an elf, Legolas draws his bow and arrow searching for wither friend or foe, the voice was strange to him. It crept closer, “Legolas!” Getting a clearer sound, Legolas slowly rests the bow and arrow, but not putting it away. The voice was of an elven-lady perhaps cheerful and more jovial than ever. Legolas, being lured into a trance-like state, seeks the elf who calls for him. He searches yet the voice cannot be located. “Legolas!” the voice is close, thought Legolas. Searching with his elf eyes, he finds the barrier of this voice, and he seeks her with most curiosity. She was hiding behind a tall tree, as if they were little elves playing together. She showed herself and she began running to him like a shooting star. She was the fairest of all, and the most beautiful elf he’d ever seen since he left the woods of Mirkwood. She had hair of golden silks, she carried a pendant of importance perhaps, she wore a satin white gown, and a velvet cloak of soft yellow that ran down to the ground. She is in plain view but she does not ever touch him, she fades away with every step she took and without moments warning, she disappears completely.


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Found in Home 5 Reading Room 5 Stories 5 An Elf’s Precious Finding – i had to ponder upon this title, though it may change…. so for the meanwhile, it will remain as it is.

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