An Elf’s Precious Finding – Chapter Two

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Legolas opens his eyes, and he stares up, and night had fallen. The shores are close and his friend Gimili is still asleep though he had took up the whole boat almost leaving Legolas with barely any room. Legolas gathered all his belongings and stares into the sky. It was breathe taking, you could see every star and almost touch . He looks toward the shores, the shore itself was glimmering like stars and he heard a faint song in the air. It was an elven-tune Legolas heard when he was younger. Legolas tapped Gimili and he woke up with a grunt. “Look!” Gimili’s eyes widened though a bit weary. “It truly is beautiful, is it not? ” Legolas said. “—-“

Legolas led the way as Gmili trailed behind with precaution and bewilderment in his eyes. This was beyond anything he had ever seen since the woods of Lothlorien. They had been walking for a while and they spotted Galadriel looking into their direction. Gimli ran to her greeting her and thanking her again for her strands of hair, Legolas approaches her and bows Galadriel looked up and greeted them in elven-tongue “Hello, Legolas, hello Gimli. How was your journey?” “It was great,” Legolas responded. “I’d very much like to see the woods,” said Gimli, “Lady Galadriel, will you please give Legolas and I a tour of the lands?” “Great, I’d be glad to.” Galadriel answered with a smile, “Er… you guys go ahead,” Legolas said. ” I’d like to lie down and stare into the sky for a while.” The dwarf and the elven-lady walked off with a wave, they turned around and Legolas watched as Galadriel and Gimli disappear into the roads.

“The sky is so beautiful,” Legolas thought. “I could see every star in the sky, and the moon shines ever so bright and endures a pale glow.” Legolas lied down next to a great tree. The woods were silent and the leaves were falling, swaying gracefully in the breeze that caught them, then the elf shut his eyes, and began to ponder what his life would be like from then on.

Just a while after Legolas had fallen asleep, an elven-lady walked to the handsome sleeping elf and looked at face with a smile. He looked so sweet and happy, for he had a smile upon his face. The moonlight also seemed to be absorbed into his skin. Uruviel wanted to introduce herself, but she dared not wake the elf, so she sat beside him. She was indeed an elf, she was tall and graceful. Her eyes were of light blue, her hair was of blonde-yellow, she wore a silver pendant around her neck. her skin was of the pale moonlight, and her gown was light blue. She wore a cloak of glimmering white that shone threw the night aside the winds. “He’s very graceful and handsome.” Uruviel thought. She began combing the sleeping elf’s long blonde white hair with her long pale fingers and she began singing. Her voice was just as her beauty. The smile on Legolas’s face grew broader and he turned and was on his side facing Uruviel, she continued running her fingers through Legolas’s hair. “This is fun.” Uruviel thought. She moved over and put Legolas’s head on her lap, and she cradled him like a mother would to her baby. She continued singing with her ever so graceful voice, then she looked into the sky and the moon, her song began to sound like a lullaby and she fell asleep. Urviel sat there beside a tree with Legolas sleeping there on her lap, and the moonlight shone through the branches as the leaves were falling.

The next morning, Legolas woke up, and as he opened his eyes, he saw he had slept in the arms of a stranger, a beautiful stranger who was asleep. “Wow, she’s beautiful,” Legolas thought. “I’ve never seen her before, either.” Legolas got up and out of her arms and stared at the resting elf, trying to recall if he had seen her before, though nothing comes to mind. He sits there beside her, and looks into the sky. By now, the sun was shining bright and the sky was blue as ever with white fluffy clouds. He looked towards the elven-lady that had cradled him as he slept. He looked up into the sky again. The elf woke up, she sat there watching Legolas stare into the sky. “He truly is handsome.” Uruviel thought. She got up and stood beside Legolas, Legolas took his glance away from the sky and to the elf who stood beside him. For a while, they did not talk, but they just looked at each other. “Well, someone has to break the silence.” Uruviel and Legolas thought. “Hi-” they both spoke at the same time. “I, I am Uruviel of the Grey Havens, I spotted you resting there last night, and I hope you didn’t mind, but I felt a bit lonely and took you into my arms.” Uruviel blushed. Legolas bowed down, “I am Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood, and no, I did not mind. I slept well actually, and then in my dreams, I heard a beautiful singing and sweet lullaby, was that you, Uruviel?” Uruviel blushed again. They began to get to know each other.

“What do you like to do, in your past times I mean.” Legolas began.

“I like to sing and I like to star-gaze, and I also enjoy archery. You?”

“I am also an archer myself, and I like to explore unknown lands.”

“That sounds like fun, how often are you able to do that?”

Legolas reflects on Fellowship of the Ring. “Very often, but not as often… anymore”

Uruviel looked puzzled, “Why not?”

“I used to travel Middle-earth everyday traveling to an alien land day by day, with my friends, though that was quite a while ago, and my friends have passed on- all but my dwarf-pal Gimli, he is here with me, though he had taken a walk with Lady Galadriel.”


“It’s not all that good to be an elf, you’re immortal, but your friends aren’t and life seems lonely there on without them.” Uruviel put a hand on Legolas’s shoulder.

“I know how you feel… I’ve lost someone myself, a friend of mine whom I truly loved, she passed on years ago…and every day, I have memories of us being today, enjoying life while it lasted, I still remember her, for she was my truest friend.” Uruviel turned away.

“I’m sorry to hear…” Legolas said with a sad voice.

“Me too,… me too. But don’t be grieved, she died happily, she was a good person and she had the most honest and loving husband. Their graves were beside each other, to be together forever.” Legolas smiled. Uruviel turned around to face Legolas, and placed a hand on his face and kissed him on the opposite cheek. and walked off. Though they had only met for not too long, they had become close friends. A kiss did not always mean love to elves, it meant a key of friendship.


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