An Elf’s Precious Finding – Chapter three

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Legolas had found a new friend. And he walked off to find Galadriel and Gimli chatting gaily an eating breakfast. Legolas ran to join up with them. “-I really liked the tour, it was wondrous” Gimli said. “Oh, Hi! Legolas, where have you been?” “I pondered into the woods and met an elven-lady, Uruviel.” Legolas responded. “We talked and became great friends.” “Within a day?” Galadriel asked, Legolas nodded. “Legolas, you are truly something, aren’t you? You get along with just about anybody.” Legolas smiled and Gimli sat there eating his bread and he drank his milk. “Would you like some?” Gimli offered Legolas. “Oh, thank you.” Legolas took a seat next to Gimli and he was handed a slice of bread. The elf ate slowly and dazed off. He was recalling his acquaintance with Uruviel and he smiled. Galadriel watching Legolas, smiled too, “You had happiness didn’t you?” Legolas tuned it, “wha-what? Oh yes, the most happiness.”

Legolas dazed off again, Legolas spent the day thinking about Uruviel and he always wondered when they would meet again. He went strolling off again discovering the lands and meeting new people, elves rather.

The Undying Lands were like any other lands that anyone could live in though much more greater than any one has ever thought of. Though creatures of mortal flesh could not pass, no man could ever see what the lands were like, nor have they the guts to pass on, to the west lays the Shadowy Seas that remain forever dark until the seas reach the shores of the Undying Lands. There, are the pastures of Yavanna and the Gardens of Lorien, and Valinor, where the elves are headed once they cross the borders. Not only elves occupy the lands, there are gods that dwell there, back all the way into the past. Yet once an elf decides to go west, they do not return, for that land is their home, though they were not born there, they awoke in Cuivienen, the `Water of Awakening’, the lake in Middle-earth where the first elves awoke, and where they were found by Orome, a vala.

Galadriel will venture off further west to Valinor where the elves live and where they had been born and where they had lived for many thousands of years. That night, Galadriel left on a carriage by elven-raised horses, she bid farewell to Legolas and Gimli, and she was escorted by elfin-lady to the carriage then by elfin warriors to the lands of Valinor. `Till we meet again’ Legolas thought.


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