An Elf Becomes A Wizard – Part 6

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Recap of Part5
“Its late I guess I should get to bed.” said Anais. Suddenly they heard a loud crash. They ran down stairs to where Lucius, Dobby, and Draco’s mother stood staring at a creature that was circling them. Draco attempted to pull Anais outside, but she stood where she was, unafraid. In fact she looked angry.

“Gollum!” exclaimed Anais. The creature stopped circling and approached Anais slowly.

Part 6

“Young Mistress. Nice Gollum just here to protect to princess.” growled Gollum.

“Get out of my house!” snarled Lucius, pulling out his wand.

Gollum coiled like a snake about to strike. And just as he leaped Anais grabbed him by the wrist. “Bad Smeagol! You mustn’t do that!”

Gollum shrunk down to the floor. “Princess called us Smeagol, but only Master…”

“Frodo called you Smeagol out of pure pity. I call you Smeagol to keep you in your place you nasty, little thief!”

Gollum was now trying to pull out Anais’s grasp. “The Elven touch! It burns!

Anais glanced at Lucius and said in a softer voice, “If you promise to behave and to tell me why you are here I will let go of you.”

Gollum nodded his scrawny head. “Yes Princess. Smeagol will promise. Good Smeagol. Always does what the nice Princess says.” Anais let go of Gollum and he stayed in his place. “Princess must come with Smeagol. It is dangerous here. Oh yes. Nice Smeagol come all this way to protect the Princess.” hissed Gollum.

“I’m not going anywhere with you Smeagol. If I was in any danger the Elves would send word.” said Anais, “How did you get here anyway?”

“It is not hard to use the port key. Besides Smeagol must protect the precious….” Gollum quickly stopped speaking and clasped his hands over his mouth.

“Precious? So that’s what your doing here. Your looking for the ring. Well I’m afraid you’ll have go to the bottom of Mount Doom for that.”

Gollum shook his head. “That’s not true Princess. You have it!” Gollum leaped at her and wrapped his skinny fingers around the rings chain.

“Rictusempra!” cried Lucius. Gollum flew across the room and the ring fell to the ground.

Dobby, who was nearest, picked it up and returned it to Anais. “Thank you Dobby.” She took the ring from Dobby and drew her wand, pointing it at Gollum. A port key appeared in the middle of the living room (Lucius conjured it.) “Get out of here Smeagol! Go back to Middle Earth! I’ll deal with you when I get back from school!” Gollum obeyed and vanished.

“Will you tell us about this ring that this creature Gollum wanted?” asked Draco.

“If you really want to know I will tell you, but there is much to tell. It would take time..”

Lucius, who actually seemed interested, said, “We have time.”

They sat outside on the porch. Anais looked around as if searching for unwanted eyes and ears. Then began her long tale. She spoke of Sauron and the forging of the great rings of power. She told of Isildur and his coming of the ring. How her father was there when Isildur kept the ring allowing evil to endure. And the journey of the Fellowship. She told them of Gollum. As she told them of Frodo, Sam, and Gollum in Mt. Doom she paused, “But there is one thing I do not understand,”

“What?” asked Lucius.

“Gollum is supposed to be dead. The ring was supposed to have been destroyed when he fell. Sauron was killed. Aragorn and Legolas saw it, they were there. Mordor is now nothing, but orcs and ruins. I asked Lord Celeborn how this could be, but he did not know.”

Draco could see sadness in her eyes. “You miss Lord Celeborn don’t you.”

Anais nodded, “I miss him more then anything. As a child I was too adventuress for my own good. So when I was five I was sent to live in Lothlorien. The woods there are well protected. So my father thought it best for me to live there. Until I was old enough to come home at least. Celeborn raised me as his own. My mother, Celebrain, is his daughter. He taught me the ways of the Lorien Elves. And he showed me how to use a bow and sword. I would give anything to see him even for a second.” Anais stared up at Elendil and for a mere moment she wished she could be back within the protected walls of Lothlorien with Celeborn, curled up by a nice, warm fire with a book. Silent tears began to run down her fair, elvish face.

Draco held her to keep her from shaking. “Don’t cry Elenrie.”

“I am going to bed. Goodnight everyone.”

She got up and was about to go inside when Draco spoke, “Eithel am mellon.” -Good night my friend-

Anais turned around and smiled, “Eithel am mela” -Good night my love- Anais walked inside and went up to her room. She went out on her own balcony and leaned against the railing. She sang quietly to herself:
An Elven-maid there was of old,
A shining star by day:
Her mantle white was trimmed with gold,
Her shoes of silver-grey.

A star was bound upon her brows,
A light was on her hair
As sun upon the golden boughs
In Lorien the fair.

Her hair was long, her limbs were white,
And fair she was and free;
And in the wind she went as light
As leaf of linden-tree.

Beside the falls of Nimrodel,
By water clear and cool,
Her voice as falling silver fell
Into the shining pool.

Where now she wanders none can tell,
In sunlight or in shade;
For lost of yore was Nimrodel
And in the mountains strayed.

The elven-ship in haven grey
Beneath the mountain-lee
Awaited her for many a day
Beside the roaring sea.

A wind by night in Northern lands
Arose and loud it cried,
And drove the ship from elven-strands
Across the streaming tide.

When dawn came dim the land was lost,
The mountains sinking grey
Beyond the heaving waves that tossed
Their plumes of blinding spray.

Amroth beheld the fading shore
Now low below the swell,
And cursed the faithless ship that bore
Him far from Nimrodel.

Of old he was an Elven-king,
A lord of tree and glen,
When golden were the boughs in spring
In fair Lothlorien.

From helm to sea they saw him leap,
An arrow from the string,
And dive into the water deep,
As mew upon the wing.

The wind was in his flowing hair,
The foam about him shone;
Afar they saw him strong and fair
Go riding like a swan.

But from the West has come no word,
And on the Hither Shore
No tidings Elven-folk have heard

She sighed. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her. It was Dobby. “I am sorry to disturbed you Miss, but my young Master thought you would like to send a letter to your grandfather. He has sent me with his owl.” A very large owl now sat, perched on the rail.

“Thank you Dobby. Tell Draco thank you as well.” Dobby bowed a left.

Anais sat down at the desk and began her letter to Celeborn:

My dear Celeborn,
I am so lost without you. I am afraid of this world. Nothing is familiar except Elendil, which I can still see from where I sit. There is something I must tell you. Gollum appeared at the house I am staying at tonight. He came for the ring, but did not succeed. I fear that I’m putting the family of the one I love in danger. Though Draco’s father, Lucius, scares me in a way I have never known. I have the feeling he was spying on Draco and I this evening while we were on the balcony. I heard footsteps approach but they stopped. And didn’t continue until we were coming inside. He glares at me in a way that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Perhaps I will be less afraid when I get to school. It begins the day after tomorrow. I will be away from Lucius at least. Please say hello to everyone for me and give them my love. Especially my Father and Legolas. I fear I have not been as loving to them as I should.

Your Granddaughter,


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