An Elf Becomes A Wizard – Part 3

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Recap of Part 2
Celeborn laid his hand on her shoulder. “I have spoken to your father and since what has just happened to you I have persuade him into letting you go.”
Anais smiled, “Thank you. You are truly the only one who understands me.”
“When you go to school your father and I ask that you take this with you.” He handed her a golden ring. “It is indeed the one ring.”

Part 3
Anais gasped, “What? The Ring of Power? That was destroyed! Wasn’t it?”
Celeborn slipped the ring on a golden chain and fastened it around his grand-daughters neck. “We thought it was, but Gollum switched it with a copy. How I do not know. We have just recently caught him with this. You must take it with you. It will have no affect in the other world.” He gave her a warm hug. “Chein yassen lle viles” -keep it with you always-
They returned to Aragorn and Draco who had been talking. For a while they stood in silence.
At Length Aragorn spoke, “Elenrie, I think its time you and your friend went to bed.”
“Yes sir. Lets go Draco. Good night everyone.”
Anais showed Draco where he was to sleep. It was the grandest place he could have ever imagined.
Before Anais went to her room Draco asked, “Why did Aragorn call you `Elenrie’ ?”
Anais turned her head to see him. “It mean `star tear’ it is my Elven name. As yours is Elessar. `Eithel am mellon’-good night my friend.”
They slept in peace until they herd Professor McGonagall’s cries, dawn had just broken. Leaping out of bed and sprinting into the hall they almost crash into one another. The door to their teachers room was in splinters.
McGonagall was pinned against the wall by a Uruk-hai.
Anais pulled out her wand. “Draco, once the Uruk-hai lets go of McGonagall point your wand at it and say `stupefy’.”
She ran to the corner of the room and said “Serpent Sourtia” a snake slipped out of the tip of her wand. The Uruk-hai, forgetting about McGonagall, went over to inspect.
“Professor get out of here!”
McGonagall had no problem obeying. As quickly as she could she retreated to the door way where Draco stood.
“Elessar, cast the spell!” The Uruk-hai lost interest in the snake and its new target was Anais.
Draco, his hand shaking, pointed his wand at the creature and shouted, “Stupefy!” It froze in place.
“Epela Evalaska.” said Anais. The Snake shriveled up and disappeared.
“What do we do now?” asked Draco, eyeing the stunned Uruk-hai.
Anais walked to the window and opened it. She reached out side and loosed a board from the window box. She pulled out a long glimmering sword.
“We do away with it.” She swung the sword effortlessly and the evil creature was done with.
Within the next minute many things happened. Legolas and Lord Celeborn rushed in, bows drawn. Also Lord Aragorn and Lady Arwen appeared, swords ready. Then the second after they had arrived eight more Uruk-hai fled into the room.
“Elenrie, ta varna sinome kanu lle mellon a Galadriel! Sii!”- Its not safe here lead your friends to Galadriel! Now! – cried Celeborn as he shot a Uruk-hai.
Anis obeyed Celeborn. He was the only person she ever fully obeyed. Hastily Anais lead them down the hall and up the stairs to the room where Celeborn and Galadriel were staying. They discovered Galadriel sitting on the bed. Anais sat next to her and spoke to her softly in Elvish.
At length Anais spoke in the common tongue, “Professor, do you have any enemies in your world? Any wizards of dark magic?”
McGonagall nodded, “Yes, but we do not speak his name. Professor Dumbledore is the only one who will.”
Anais turned back to Galadriel and said, “Bele ta sa tanya `ksh- tal, Rivendell imya ron mori heru?” – might it be that evil has found Rivendell through their dark lord?-
Galadriel walked to the window. “Amin ti il sa tanda manka ikotane amin lon il ata ho lanaras.” -I cannot be certain if so I have not felt their presence-
Anais put her face in her hands. “What is going on? This has never happened in Rivendell!” Draco sat beside Anais with his arm around her trembling shoulder trying to comfort her.
“Draco, will you and Professor McGonagall tell us about the Dark Lord?”
Professor McGonagall took a deep breath as if it were hard to talk about it. “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is the most terrible wizard of all time. About 10 years ago he went on a killing spree. Many wizards and muggles, non-magic folk, were killed. One family that was killed were the Potters. They were a very kind and well known family. Well one night he went to their house intending to kill all 3 of them, Lily, James, and their 1 year old son, Harry. Harry is the only person who survived him. No one know how. There was just something about Harry that stopped You-Know-Who. He hasn’t been seen since, but young Harry will also be attending Hogwarts this year with you and Draco.”
Suddenly Celeborn, Legolas, Arwen, and Aragon came in.
“Well, there hasn’t been anymore surprises. The servants of evil are being burned as we speak.” informed Aragorn.
Anais told them what had happened to McGonagall and what she told them about the Dark Lord. Draco returned to his room to dress, but his mind was on Anais. “Why did she kiss me last night? Does she know I like her, but she couldn’t I haven’t given any clues that I did. I knew she would make a nice friend the moment Snape explained everything.” Draco looked out the window and saw Anais talking with her father.
“And who might you be talking about?” a cold voice came from the door way.
“Father,” Draco spun around startled.
“You don’t like that Elven girl do you? Because if you do I must advise you to stay away from her.”
“No!” cried Draco, “I won’t stay away from her and you can’t make me!” Draco stormed out of the room.


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