An Elf Becomes A Wizard – Part 2

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On the way to Rivendell Legolas talked none and Anais only talked to Snape discussing what potions that the first years would learn (potions were the only thing she hadn’t tried on her own since she didn’t have the ingredients). Soon they arrived to a beautiful village. It was built around a crystal clear lake, in the lake children were splashing about. The village was built tall and curved, with many balconies. They were a soft mint green with golden designs along the arches of the doors ways, markings like no other.
A man walked up to them, “Daughter what am I going to do with you?!” he said furiously. Anais’s eyes lost the calm glow they had had when she talked to Legolas, now they had a bit of fear and shame in them. She stayed half hidden behind Professor Quirrell.
“Thank you, Legolas, for returning her to me.” Legolas was now standing next to the man.
“Lord Elrond, I didn’t bring her. She only came to say good-bye to Arwen and get that cat of hers. And I wouldn’t try and stop her.” said Legolas eyeing Snape. Without another word Lord Elrond and Legolas walked off. They all waited for Anais to say something, but she never did. She lead them all down to the lake.
A woman walked up to them, “Anais! Your back!”
“Hello Arwen. Yes, I’m back, but not for long. I’m going off to school.” They sat in the soft grass and Arwen held Anais close.
“I wish you would reconsider going,” said Arwen.
“I must go. I…..I don’t belong here and you know that.” Anais looked into the forest then Arwen. “I need to go get my school supplies from where I hid them. I’ll only be a minute.”
She got up and ran into the trees. They waited a few minutes, then a few hours, then they got worried. “What if somethings happened? What if she’s hurt?” asked Draco his voice quivering, “Lets split up and see if we can find her.”
So they ran into the forest where she had gone. Darkness began to creep over Rivendell, in more ways then one.
“Miss Evenstar?” shouted Snape. His wand ready, for he did not want another mishap with the Uruk-hai. At last darkness came. “Lumos,” Snape whispered and the tip of his wand lite. After a few minutes he spotted Anais sprawled out beside a tree. Snape flipped her over on to his lap. She was alright, but for a moment confused.
“Professor Snape?”
“Yes its me. Are you alright?”
Anais nodded.
When they got back the others had already return. They all had a look of relief on their faces (especially Draco).
“Excuse me I must go tell my father something.” As her hurried off, her father, Lord Elrond, was already waiting for her under one of the magnificent arch ways .
“Daughter what am I going to do with you….” Lord Elrond tried to scold his daughter, but didn’t get very far.
“Daddy, Saruman is in Rivendell!” Lord Elrond forgot all about punishing her.
“Saruman? Are you sure?”
She nodded, “Yes Daddy. I’ve seen him. Well sort of. I was getting my school things from a cave I hid them in, but before I got there he attacked me. I had my wand, but he did it so quickly there was no time to do anything. The next thing I knew Professor Snape, my potions master, was kneeling over me.”
Elrond knelt down to look his daughter in the eye. “Your safe and that’s all that matters.” He told her that Legolas had already taken her stuff out of the cave and were in her room. Anais found Legolas sitting on the edge of the lake. She flung her arms around him and gave him a kiss on his cheek, then went to the bridge, standing on it was Draco.
“Hello Anais,” he said quietly (which was quite different then how he usually talked).
“Hello Draco,” she replied smiling. Anais stroked his face with her soft, delicate hand, “Elen sila lûmenn’ omentielvo,”- a star shines upon the hour of our meeting.
There was something very unusual about Elvish girls, for Anais did what Draco was hoping of ever since he first laid eyes on her. She kissed him. Anais released him from her embrace and took a step back
“Lle ne’th Elessar.” The sweet sound of the Elvish tongue sound like music to Draco.
“What does that mean?” he asked. A man had walked onto the bridge and answered Draco’s question.
“It means you are the elf stone,” His voice was strong yet calming, “She gives you the same name her sister gave to me many years ago.” Anais bowed her head to the man. “Lord Aragorn,”
Aragorn smiled, “Hello, Anais. I have heard from Legolas that you said some things that would be ill news to my people. You hate man?”
Anais looked up at him in shame. “I am sorry my Lord, but I do not wish to protect your people. Not after what they have done. Even though that was before your time.”
Aragorn took Anais’s hands in his. “You need not say more, Elenrie. You will some day do great things, but it will not happen now or here.”
Anais shook her head, “How could you know that,” Aragorn pointed at a man clad in white and silver. He too looked much like Anais and Legolas, though he was, and looked older. His long, strait hair was a little darker then Legolas’s.
“Lord Celeborn! What are you doing here?” Anais ran up to him and hugged him.
“Hello Elenrie, may I speak with you alone for a moment?” said Lord Celeborn.
“Of course.” Anais follow Celeborn to the Eastern fountain and sat at its edge. “Is Galadriel here too?”
“Yes, she is, you will see her in the morning. Arwen told me that you accepted into some sort of school?”
Anais nodded, “Yes, Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry.” Celeborn laid his hand on her shoulder. “I have spoken to your father and since what has just happened to you I have persuade him into letting you go.”
Anais smiled, “Thank you. You are truly the only one who understands me.”
“When you go to school your father and I ask that you take this with you.” He handed her a golden ring. “It is indeed the one ring.”


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