An Elf Becomes A Wizard – Part 10

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Over the few days, Anais realized what Fred and George had said about the Slytherins and Gryffindors was true. Tension grew rapidly between the true houses and by their first potions lesson together, it was like a balloon about to pop. Anais had taken her seat beside Draco, everything seemed normal, that is until Snape came in.

“There will be no foolish wand waving or silly spells in this class. Most of you probably won’t capture the delicate art of potion making, but for the select flew.” his glare rested on Draco and Anais. Anais was confused, he wasn’t acting like the Snape she knew. His eyes were cold, his face showed no emotion. Snape turned to Harry who had been taking notes. And what Snape said to him! Oh, Anais couldn’t believe it! By the end of class Anais had a new perspective of the Weasley twins. They had only been telling her what they themselves had experienced.

That afternoon was their first flying lesson.” Your not scarred, are you Elenrie?” teased Draco, seeing her expression.

“N…n…no” she stuttered.

“Know don’t you go and start talking like Quirrell,” he laughed. Anais hit him playfully in the arm. They took their places with the other Gryffindors and Slytherins.

“Hi Anais.” greeted Harry.

“Hi Harry.” smiled Anais. Draco gave her a strange look, “Harry’s my friend, so deal with it!” she hissed.

Madam Hooch appeared and began to talk, “What are you waiting for. Step up next to you r broom stick and say `up’.” Harry’s and Draco’s flew immediately un their hands. Where as Anais’s laid on the ground. Madam Hooch told them how to mount and push up from the ground. Neville started before the whistle and ended up breaking his wrist, ” I don’t want to see a single broom in the air. If I do the on e riding it will get themselves out of Hogwarts before they can say Quidditch.” With they she and Neville disappeared into castle.

Draco bent down to pick up something. It was Neville’s Remembrall. He had received it that morning from his grandmother.

“Give it here, Malfoy!” ordered Harry.

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “No, I think I’ll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find.” he mounted his broom and flew up into the air, “how about in a tree.”

Harry flew after him, despite Hermione’s pleas, “Give it here Malfoy, or I’ll knock you off your broom!” shouted Harry.

“Is that right?” sneered Draco, “Fine, go fetch it then!” he threw the glass ball and watched Harry fly after it, he caught it just before it shattered on a window. Once back on the ground, McGonagall was yelling for Harry to follow her. While the Slytherins were laughing, Anais starred coldly at Draco.


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