An Elf Becomes a Wizard – Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve: The Kiss
A/N sorry that I haven’t posted for a very long time. This fic has gone in a totally different direction then I had planned. I had planned for there to be much more LOTR then HP but it seems to have gone the other way. I may not post anymore on this site, for two reasons, the main one being not that much LOTR and second of I’ve rewritten much of the beginign so it may have gotten a bit confusing for y’all. If you want to still read this fic. it is on both and my own site: If you really want me to keep posting on this site I will though.
It was the day before Halloween and Anais was walking up to the Gryffindor tower. She hadn’t spoken to Draco since their first flying lesson. Anais paused at a window and watched the rain slam against the glass.

“Amin baur lle, Draco,” – I need you, Draco-, she whispered into the stillness.

“Well if it isn’t Dracos filthy, little, Mudblood,” drawled a cold voice from behind.

Anais spun around and saw Marcus step out of the shadows, wand in his hand. She remained silent.

Marcus continued in a low voice, “Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused? Dracos done nothing but mop around. Your time has come to pay the pain you’ve caused!” he pointed his wand at her chest.

Anais reached for her own wand, but was not match for him.

“CRUCIO!” he shouted.

A wave of pain was sent through her body. Pain. Something almost foreign to her. She held onto the wall for support, tears running down her face.

“Pathetic,” Marcus grumbled.

Anais clenched her fingers around her wand and in one swift movement pulled it out and shouted, “Flipendo!” Marcus went flying through the air.

Before he could get to her, she took off down the hall and out the front doors, despite the pouring rain. She could still feel the intense pain in her body. She slipped on the grass and fell.

“Draco,” she sobbed, curling in to ball. Something touched her shoulder. She found herself staring into Dracos silvery eyes.

Rain fell down,
You were there.
When I hurt my hand,
Storm a rushing in,
Wind was howling.
I called for you and you were there.

Anais could feel Draco’s arms wrap around her trembling body. Her tears were lost, mixed in with the rain drops. Anais traced his face with her fingers and fell into his arms and cuddled against his chest, beginning to cry.

Draco wondered why she was shaking so much, he lifted her chin, meeting with her soft ice eyes, “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Marcus…I think he tried to…kill me,” she told him.

Draco’s eyes widened, “What?!”

Anais looked away, “He used a strange spell on me…Crucio.”

Whenever dark turns to night
And all the dreams sing their song
And in the daylight forever.
To you I belong.

Draco was lost for words, he just held her closer. He felt so guilty. If he hadn’t been such a jerk none of this would have happened.

“Will you forgive me for all the things I’ve done? I didn’t think.”

She smiled and nodded. He lowered his head closer to hers. He was so close to her that he could feel her breath on his face.

Beside the sea,
when the waves broke.
I drew a heart for you in the sand.
In field where streams turn to rivers.
I ran to you, you were there.

Their lips brushed against each other. Anais pulled back slightly, but allowed Draco to capture her in the kiss. She was dazed for a moment when he pulled away.

“Marcus will pay for what he did,” said Draco firmly, helping her up from the soggy grass. Together they went back inside.

Marcus was still in the same spot Anais had last seen him. Draco felt Anais cling tight to him as the other Slytherin approached them.

“You tried to kill her!” Draco shouted.

“Do you remember what she did to you. She was practically glued to that Weasley twin,” Marcus growled.

“It was my fault! I was only asking for trouble when I interrogated Potter,” Draco admitted. “And if you EVER touch Anais again, I’ll personally see to it that your expelled.” With that Draco lead Anais up to her common room.

As they turned they came to the portrait of the Fat Lady; the trio, Fred and George were coming in the opposite direction.

The twins gave them an awkward glare, “Did you forgive him?” asked Fred. She nodded.

“I need to ask you all a favor,” Draco said suddenly.

“A favor?” said Hermione.

Draco nodded, “Marcus tried to kill Anais, so I don’t want her to ever be alone. I’m mainly telling you three,” he nodded to the trio, “because you have classes with her. I’ll watch her when I’m going to the same place or at meals…she just can’t be alone for now.” He kissed Anais and left.

“He really cares about you, doesn’t he. I mean he did ask us for out help, which was very unlike him,” commented Ron.

Anais smiled, but said noting.

A/N I’m running out of ideas, so if you have any email me at . I will give you credit! R&R!


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