An Aussie on the plains of Rohan – Part one

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It was a warm day and the plains of Rohan was still. Not even a soft breeze whispered over the grass. Upon the rocks of a hill, a man cloaked in black stood. Watching and waiting.

The sun was high in the sky when the black clad man saw what he was waiting for. Three figures in the distance was sprinting along. They came slightly closer, but kept on their original path. The man silently jumped off the rock and swiftly went after them.

Along the plains, a dwarf, a human and an elf ran.

“Aragorn, can we please stop now?” the dwarf gasped. Aragorn and the elf stopped.

‘Come on Gimli, keep moving. If we are to keep up with the urk-hai who took Merry and Pippin we must move.” Gimli gave Aragorn a sour look and turned away.

“Legolas, what do you see?” Aragorn called up to him. The elf didn’t answer for a moment.

“There is someone coming towards us and he’s coming quickly.” Gimli looked surprised for a moment, but quickly hid it. Aragorn joined Legolas in waiting for the mysterious person.

‘I see him now. Gimli, I suggest that you come up here.’ The dwarf gave the human another sour look, then climbed onto the rock to join the others. Legolas said quietly, “Who do you suppose it is?”

The black clad man drew closer to them. He could see that they were watching him closely. He looked at them wearily for a moment then climbed onto a rock not far from them.

“Ahoy, may I speak to you folks for a moment?” For the first time the man noticed that the three were from different races.

“What do you want?” The human asked.

“My name is Edward and I wish to join you on your search to find your hobbit friends.” The three looked at each other and the two taller folks conversed amongest themselves. Finally one looked up. It was the elf.

“My name is Legolas and this is Aragorn,” gesturing to the human, then to the dwarf. “And this is Gimli. How do you know our business?” Edward shrugged and said,

“Long story cut short, where I come from you guys are pretty famous. So I know a lot about you guys. Come on, if we are going to rescue Merry and Pippin let’s get rolling.” Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas looked at each other and shrugged. Then they followed Ed down onto the plains.


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