An Aussie in King Aragorn’s Court~Part 32 – Dinner with Frank

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“How do I look?” asked Coralie as she applied some Revlon Hi-fi lip-gloss in Breathe over her strawberry flavoured chap stick. Smacking her lips together, she turned to face the Elven child who had climbed up on a chair behind to button the pearl clasp of her dress behind her neck.

“Oh Princess! You look beautiful!” cried Támurile, clapping her hands together with delight. Twirling around, Coralie laughed and surveyed herself in the looking glass again.

“Thank you Tammy. But really, if you girls weren’t as clever with a needle and thread, as you so obviously are, then I wouldn’t have anything even remotely as beautiful as this to wear tonight,” said Coralie, taking Támurile’s hands in her own.

Delighting in the praise from Coralie, Támurile gave her a winsome smile.

“Now you really do look like a princess.”

“Thanks to you and your little friends, Sweetie.” Once more she turned towards the looking glass, admiring the image reflected from its polished surface. Shimmering in the candlelight, the powder blue, silken gown draped luxuriously around Coralie’s slim frame, gathering in a graceful knot on her left hip, which then fell downwards in a sweep of elegant, descending folds. The sleeveless bodice, cut at an angle to meet the soft gather of silk on her hip, was delicately hand sewn with the tiniest of crisp, white roses. Coralie’s fingers fell lightly upon the freshwater pearls that adorned the neckline as she traced them with one hand.

“Oh I do hope that Aragorn is pleased with this little number. After all, we did model the dress on something that was worn by a real princess from my time, didn’t we?” Coralie preened once more before turning away to take Támurile’s hand in her own. The child gave her a sly smile as they approached the door of Coralie’s bedchamber.

“Ah! But Princess, are you sure that it is really Aragorn’s approval you are seeking tonight? I could almost swear that there was someone else’s eye you were hoping to catch.”

“Well, that is our little secret, now isn’t it Tammy?” Coralie winked at the child in confidence, before opening the door. Artapel drew himself up from where he waited outside on the platform to escort them to the feast. He drew a breath and flashed a broad smile at Coralie, bowing a little at the waist before offering her his arm. Together they climbed the stairs to the upper hall where the rest of the Company waited with Celeborn and Galadriel.

Clear laughter filled with song; fell lightly down upon them as they drew near to the great doors of the hall. With no spoken command from Artapel, the carved doors seemed to swing open of their own accord as they entered into the room. From many tapers, candlelight, soft with voluptuous whimsy, danced its way along the golden ceiling, as it playfully traced its curves and arches with genial fingers. The hall seemed to embrace the soft light, which reflected off the silver and green walls of the chamber onto the richly laden long tables, at which sat many Elves. One grand table graced the end of the hall beneath the living bough of the Mallorn Tree.

A hush fell upon all, as every head turned toward the entranceway where Coralie stood, her hand lightly resting on Artapel’s arm with Támurile beside. She gave the child an almost imperceptible wink as she left to join her brother, Séretur, who waved at her from across the room where he sat with the other children and their parents. Rising quickly from his place, Aragorn strode the length of the hall over towards Coralie and took her hands in his.

Thêldithen, you are a vision of loveliness,” he smiled, as he cast an approving eye over Coralie. “Tonight, you do indeed look like a princess, and I would consider it an honour to escort you to our table.” The radiant glow of honeyed candlelight, shimmered softly in the light blue silk of Coralie’s gown, drawing all eyes towards the two as they walked to the table where Celeborn and Galadriel waited.

“Your dress is lovely, though it is of a fashion I have never seen before. I take it, that this is a design from your own world?” Aragorn remarked softly.

“Actually, a princess named Diana wore a dress of similar style once.” she replied.

“Come Princess, you shall sit beside me,” said Aragorn with a slight wink to Coralie who gave him a small smile, at his use of the title ‘Princess’ in reference to her.

Celeborn, Legolas, Boromir, Gimli, Haldir and the Hobbits rose together as Aragorn drew near with Coralie, waiting whilst he held the chair out for her. Sitting down between Aragorn and Legolas, Galadriel gave her a warm smile, which Coralie returned in kind. The Hobbits waved at her from their end of the table where they sat with Celeborn and Haldir.

Legolas smiled at Coralie as he sat down beside her. “I don’t think I have ever seen you look lovelier, Lady.” His eyes shone as he took in the small details of the tiny embroidered white roses and pearls that graced her bodice. Smiling up at him, Legolas saw the blue silk reflected in her eyes as he held them momentarily with his own. Gimli nodded his approval from across the table where he sat with Boromir at his side. The man raised his goblet, towards Coralie.

“To fair company,” saluted Boromir, looking first at Coralie, then Galadriel, who inclined her head toward him in response to his gesture. Boromir slowly swirled the contents of his goblet around thoughtfully, before taking a sip. His eyes lingered on Coralie a moment longer as he held the goblet to his lips. Flushing a little at his scrutiny, she lowered her eyes and thanked him as plates laden with food were placed on the table in front of them.

“I am absolutely famished,” declared Coralie. “I reckon I could eat the horse and chase the rider as well!”

Legolas laughed as he held a plate of steaming vegetables so Coralie could serve herself.

“In that case Lady, I won’t deprive you any longer of the sustenance you crave, for food we have to spare, but horses and riders we have not!”

Aragorn laughed and held a plate of roasted waterfowl from the other side as she then eagerly helped herself from the new plate offered as well.

Thêldithen. Anyone would swear this was your last meal. Where do you put it all anyway?” asked Aragorn with a chuckle.

“If you ran at least five miles per day and swam the same distance as well, you wouldn’t even be asking me that question. Besides, I have to keep up my strength you know!” replied Coralie as she sampled the food with relish.

“What on Middle Earth are you talking about, Lady? What possible reason could you have to keep your strength up for?” asked Aragorn shrugging his shoulders with a small shake of his head.

“Probably to chase that rider after she has finished with this!” laughed Legolas beside her.

“Just remind me to save some room for dessert!” she said rolling her eyes at the Elf who raised his eyebrows at her in amusement.

“That is if the Hobbits haven’t eaten it already. I understand they’ve spent most of the afternoon in the kitchens,” added Aragorn.

“I went to a lot of trouble over that dessert, Aragorn. If they have eaten it all, I will skin them alive!” she threatened, holding up her knife as if to add the element of sincerity.

Aragorn looked at her in surprise. “You made the dessert?”

Taking a small sip of wine, Coralie looked at him and nodded. “I told you I could cook. Remember? Besides, this is a special Australian recipe,” she paused briefly and looked keenly at him before continuing. “I made it in the hope that once you had tasted it you would surely want to have more, and come back some day,” she said hopefully.

Aragorn studied her face for a moment, seeing the hidden concern behind the casual jest and took her hand in his. “Thêldithen, there are many reasons I can think of that will ensure my return. You are but one of them, and I’m sure that this dessert you have made for us tonight is another.” Aragorn kissed her hand briefly and gave it a small squeeze. “Let us not dwell on thoughts of the morrow, but instead let us enjoy each other’s company tonight, as well as the fine food that has been prepared, and that by even fairer hands.”

“There are more reasons than can be spoken of at the moment, as to why we must succeed in our quest, Lady. But I would consider the lure of returning to you in fair Lothlórien, if only to eat dessert made by your own graceful hands, to be reason enough,” added Legolas.

“I wonder,” chuckled Gimli, “If it is the dessert or the Lady, who draws both Elf and Man back to the Golden Wood.” The Dwarf’s eyes twinkled slightly across the rim of his goblet as he spoke.

“Well Gimli, you had better taste it first, and then you can decide for yourself,” answered Coralie with a small laugh.

“This delicacy intrigues me, Lady. I’m sure that it will taste as sweet as she who prepared it herself,” said Boromir softly as he looked across the table at her.

As if on cue, dessert suddenly appeared on the table before them, and Aragorn drew in his breath as his gaze fell upon the fluffy delight.


“Lady, what do you call this?” he asked.

“I do believe that Coralie informed me earlier, that it is called Pavlova, Aragorn,” said Galadriel with a smile.

“Is this a conspiracy?” laughed Aragorn. “Even the Lady of the Wood knows more about this dessert you made than I, Thêldithen!”

“Conspiracy or not, I’m sure it will taste wonderful!” said Legolas with a small wink to Aragorn.

Aragorn looked at the plate that had been set before him. It certainly looked delightful. Strawberries and blueberries smothered in fresh cream, sat atop of the pale, golden dessert. Taking a small bite, his eyes grew wide with delight as the crisp texture of the meringue dissolved into marshmallow in his mouth. He looked with wonder at Coralie. She laughed as the others following Aragorn’s lead, each tried the dessert for themselves and looked up at her with round eyes.

“Lady, there are no words to describe this. The rich velvet of the cream envelopes the delicate sweetness of the dessert, while the clean flavour of the strawberries bursts through to dance upon the tongue in rippling delight!” exclaimed Legolas with undisguised enthusiasm.

Coralie laughed. “Why Sir Elf! I do believe you are a gourmet! I think you have just found the words to describe my Pavlova perfectly, in spite of yourself!”

Everyone laughed in response, including Legolas who took particular delight in another mouthful.

“Ah! Strawberries and the Lady! The two seem to go hand in hand now, don’t they?” teased Legolas as he played with a strawberry on his plate before popping it into his mouth with a spoonful of cream. His eyes danced merrily as he watched for Coralie’s reaction.

“You had better watch out Legolas! I could swear that you are eating like a Hobbit at the moment. You might get fat!” Legolas merely laughed at Coralie’s declaration and helped himself to another spoonful.

“A fat Elf! Now that would be something to see!” joked Gimli as Boromir looked over at Coralie with glowing eyes.

“Twould seem my assertion about the dessert was absolutely correct, Lady. Indeed, the sweetness of the hands that prepared this, only serve to make it sweeter with each taste.” As if to emphasise his point, he deliberately placed another spoonful in his mouth with unconcealed relish.

Gimli interrupted with a slight cough.

“Ahem…. Lady, I couldn’t help but notice the pearls around the neckline of your dress. Where did you obtain them, for we are many leagues from the sea?” asked Gimli.

“I found them,” replied Coralie.

“You found them? How? Where?” asked the Dwarf with some enthusiasm.

“Now hold your horses Gimli! Before you go off traipsing into the bush somewhere in search of lost treasure, you should know that I found them whilst swimming down near the mouth of the Great River when I was training the other week,” said Coralie in reply.

“Found them? What? Were they lying on the riverbank somewhere?” asked Gimli.

“No silly! There is a bed of freshwater mussels down there, so knowing that these mussels sometimes produce pearls, like their cousins in the sea, I decided to crack one open and have a look. And lo and behold, I found these wonderful pearls!” Her hand traced the pearls of her neckline as she spoke, drawing their eyes to the lovely design of her bodice.

Legolas looked at Coralie and shook his head. “Some day I will have to find out why you have this mysterious attraction to water, and what you are possibly training for.”

Coralie rolled her eyes at him, “Well, that should be obvious to you, Legolas. I want to keep looking fabulous as well as remaining fit.”

“I don’t understand the reason why a lady should have to keep fit, but I do understand the fabulous part,” he said smiling at Coralie.

“To fabulous women!” said Boromir with sudden mirth as he raised his goblet in a toast. He gave a slight hiccup and winked at her from across the table.

Before she could respond, a sudden flurry of activity drew their eyes to the open space in front of them. Coralie’s eyes opened wide with amazement along with Legolas and Aragorn’s as well. Wondering what could possibly draw such a reaction from the three sitting in front of them, Gimli and Boromir turned around and looked over their shoulders. There on the floor, stood the four Hobbits dressed in the most unusual clothing that any of them had ever seen. Coralie coughed into her napkin, for she had been in the process of taking a sip of wine when she looked beyond Boromir to the floor.

“Are you alright?” asked Aragorn with sudden concern.

Still holding the napkin to her lips, Coralie choked back the laughter and whispered out of the side of her mouth in reply. “They’re wearing dinner jackets!”

Legolas’ keen elvish hearing had caught her soft aside to Aragorn. “Dinner jackets?” He could tell by the suppressed mirth in Coralie’s eyes, that not only did she found this quite amusing, but that she was also fighting to maintain some sense of decorum.

Aragorn laughed, “You mean those white coats they are wearing? Most unusual!”

“What are they up to? They must have got the girls to make those jackets for them. But why?” asked Coralie.

Suddenly Talagan’s’ voice could be heard booming through the hall as he stepped onto the floor in front of the Hobbits.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Lothlórien Ballroom. Tonight we have some special entertainment for you. Let me introduce a new group of singers, who have travelled a long way to be here tonight…..” He stepped backwards and flung out an arm in the direction of the Hobbits who stood with their backs towards Galadriel’s table. “The Four Hobbits direct from The Shire! A round of applause if you please!” Talagan started clapping along with Calentaeg, Cirbannel and Artapel who moved amongst the tables encouraging the seated Elves, who gradually responded in kind.

Aragorn raised an eyebrow at Coralie. “Lothlórien Ballroom?”

Coralie raised her hands quickly to her face in embarrassment. “Honestly, Aragorn. I had nothing to do with this. I had other entertainment planned for this evening. This is something they have taken upon themselves to do!”

Galadriel’s laugh suddenly tinkled beside Aragorn. “Do not be vexed with

i titheniel, Aragorn. Truly she is innocent. The Hobbits approached my Lord Celeborn and myself about performing this `entertainment’ for the feast without the Lady Coralie’s knowledge.”

“Do you know what they are up to?” asked Coralie, surprised at Galadriel’s revelation.

“No,” came Galadriel’s reply, “But I do believe that my Lord Celeborn has seen it for himself, as well as the other entertainment which you had planned for this evening, and he has told me that he is pleased with both.”

Coralie and Aragorn, both leaned forward to look at Celeborn, who laughed and raised his eyebrows at them with amusement.

“My Lady is correct. I have seen what the Hobbits have planned, and I’m sure that both of you will find it most amusing. You come from a very interesting place Lady Coralie.” He raised his goblet towards her before continuing. “I gave them my seal of approval, as I also did with your own brand of entertainment, Lady. We could all use a little amusement. Especially with the Company leaving tomorrow. One last night of merriment is in order, for who knows when our hearts will be merry again?”

Suddenly, the brass section of a song struck up and the Hobbits formed a line, swaying in time to the music as they clicked their fingers. Those Elves who were unfamiliar with Coralie’s mp3 player and stereo system, jumped in their seats at the sudden noise that swelled through the chamber. A few glasses were knocked over and some gasped as they looked around for the source of the sound. Séretur laughed and waved at Coralie from the side of the floor where he was seated with the Clie player as Pippin stepped forward, dancing in time to the rhythm. He pointed all of a sudden at Coralie who was desperately trying to retain some sense of composure. She quickly recognized the lyrics of the song, and tried to choke back the laughter in her throat.

The Lady is a Tramp

“Oh my God! It’s Frank Sinatra!” she coughed into her napkin.

“Who?” asked Legolas beside her, trying to comprehend the scene before him.

She gets hungry, for dinner at eight

She loves the theatre, but never comes late

She’d never bother, with anyone she’d hate

That’s why the lady is a tramp

“Is he referring to you, Lady?” asked Legolas, suddenly turning to Coralie with a shocked expression on his features.

Doesn’t like dice games, with barons and earls

“Yes but….”

Won’t go to Harlem, dressed in ermine and pearls

“Aragorn, we can’t put up with this!” declared Legolas as he slapped his napkin down on the table in front of him.

She won’t dish the dirt, with the rest of those girls

“I thoroughly agree!” said Aragorn pushing back his chair. Legolas made to rise from his chair as well.

That’s why the lady is a tramp

“Wait!” said Coralie, reaching for their arms. “They’re not insulting me. Really!”

She loves the free, cool wind in her hair

Aragorn’s face was grim as he looked down at Coralie. She could tell by the firm set of his jaw that he was more than a little displeased. Legolas held a similar expression.

Life without care

“Pippin is far too forward. I won’t have him insulting the lady!” stated Legolas firmly.

She’s broke, but it’s o’k

Doesn’t like California, it’s cold and it’s damp

“They’re paying me a compliment. A backhanded compliment.” she pleaded as she saw their backs stiffen.

That’s why the lady is a tramp

Legolas looked at her with total incredulity. “I hardly find calling you a tramp to be complimentary in any way, Lady!” he snorted.

She gets far too hungry, for dinner baby, waiting for that dinner at eight

Galadriel placed her hand on Aragorn’s arm and nodded for him to sit. Sighing, he sat down reluctantly and arched an eyebrow at Coralie as Legolas sat down beside her again.

She adores the theatre, but however, never gets there late

“In what way Lady, is this a back handed compliment?” asked Aragorn.

She’d never bother, with anyone she’d hate

“It’s the same as my calling Legolas a Cave-Elf,” said Coralie rolling her eyes at Aragorn.

That’s why the lady is a tramp

Doesn’t like dice games, with barons and earls

“Oh, so you were paying me a compliment then,” affirmed Legolas. He looked at Coralie with mild amusement at the various shades of red her complexion turned as a result of her confession.

Never takes a trip up to Harlem, in her shiny Lincoln or Ford

Gimli turned briefly from watching the Hobbits and snorted at Legolas.

“Cave Elf?” he laughed and took a sip of wine, before turning to watch Pippin and the other Hobbits at their antics.

She won’t dish the dirt, with the rest of those broads

That’s why this chick is a tramp.

“Chick?” asked Legolas with mild disgust.

“It means girl,” explained Coralie.

Legolas rolled his eyes and shook his head.

She loves the free, fine, wild, knocked out, koo koo, groovy wind in her hair

Life without care

She’s broke, but it’s o’k

She loves California

It’s cold and it’s damp

“As long as you are sure that they are not insulting you Lady, for I won’t put up with it,” stated Aragorn firmly.

That’s why the lady…That is why the lady

That is why the lady is a tramp!

Coralie sighed in response.

“Believe me, they are not insulting me in any way. I would tell you if they were…. And now look. The song is over!” she pouted.

Aragorn and Legolas raised their eyebrows at one another and shook their heads.

“Well, I would consider that a blessing, Lady,” said Legolas pointedly.

Pippin was now bowing along with the Hobbits, as the Elves applauded the song.

“So this is why they kept borrowing my Clie player these past few weeks. The little imps!” said Coralie as she watched the Hobbits revelling in their new found glory.

“You said something about a person named Frank?” asked Legolas relieved that the song was now over.

“Yes. Frank Sinatra is a famous singer from my time. He was brilliant actually. Please believe me, when I say that the song is meant as a compliment and not an insult!” She looked up at him with pleading in her eyes, half afraid of what he might do to Pippin for singing it in the first place.

Legolas looked down at her and softened a little. “Well, you know your own customs from your world better than I. Though here I daresay, that to call a lady by that name, whether deservedly so or not, would be regarded as a grave insult that would demand satisfaction for having besmirched her honour.”

“Well I certainly didn’t put them up to it, I can assure you…” before she could finish her sentence more music struck up from the Clie player.

I Get A Kick Out of You

Merry had stepped out in front of the Hobbits and began to sing whilst pulling his most forlorn face.

My story is much too sad to be told

But practically everything leaves me totally cold

The only exception I know is the case

When I’m out on a quiet spree

Fighting vainly the old ennui

Then I suddenly turn and see

Your fabulous face

“Fabulous!” Boromir raised his goblet and winked at Coralie as Merry pointed at her.

As the horn section blasted away, the Hobbits started swaying side to side, standing slightly on the diagonal, clicking their fingers together.

I get no kick from champagne

Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all

So tell me why should it be true

That I get a kick out of you

(Loud laughter rang through the hall as Merry crept up quietly behind Pippin who was busy facing the other side of the hall, waving at various Elven maidens, to give him a sudden swift kick in the pants)

“Well it looks like Merry has saved me the trouble of kicking Pippin for that previous song!” Legolas smirked.

Some like the perfume from Spain

I’m sure that if I took even one sniff

“What is he talking about?” puzzled Aragorn.

“Believe me you don’t want to know, Aragorn. Just be glad that he actually hasn’t got a clue about what he is singing!” Coralie patted him on the shoulder.

That would bore me terrifically too

But I get a kick out of you.

Again loud laughter could be heard as Merry kicked Pippin a second time. Noting the reception his comic genius received, Merry continued to kick Pippin throughout the song. On hearing the accompanying laughter, Pippin decided to accommodate Merry, and reciprocated by sticking out his derriere on cue. Gimli and Boromir roared with laughter. Coralie shut her eyes momentarily and shook her head. She opened them to find Aragorn laughing along with Legolas.

I get a kick every time I see you

Standing there before me

I get a kick though it’s clear to me

You obviously do not adore me

Merry had stopped dancing and pointed directly at Coralie. Everyone turned and looked at her in response. “Well, he’s got that part right for once!” said Coralie rolling her eyes at the Hobbit, who continued to mince his way around the hall, pointing to her at every opportunity the song allowed.

I get no kick in a plane

Flying too high with some gal in the sky

Is my idea of nothing to do

But I get a kick

I get a kick out of you

During the interlude, the Hobbits each grabbed hold of one another and began to dance around with each other in time to the swing of the music.

I get no kick in a plane

Flying too high with some gal in the sky

Is my idea of nothing to do

But I get a kick

You give me a boot

I get a kick out of you

By now the hall was abuzz when Merry finished his song. A round of applause greeted him as he bowed with delight. Merry could not resist the opportunity to kick his cousin one more time. The Elves all laughed together as Pippin rubbed his backside with the sorriest expression he could manage. Aragorn was wiping his eyes along with everyone else at the table. Looking over at Coralie, Celeborn gave her a small smile. She could have sworn that he also winked a little at her, but in the soft light of the candles she couldn’t be certain. The introduction to another song began.

It Had To Be You

“Oh no! What now?” groaned Coralie. “I’ve changed my mind. This isn’t Frank Sinatra…it’s more like a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin routine! Or even Monty Python! They’ve obviously found one of their old movies on one of my memory sticks. No wonder they were constantly having to recharge the batteries on my Clie!”

The music swelled through the room as Sam hesitantly stepped forward urged on by Frodo. He looked a little shy and out of place, nervously buttoning and unbuttoning his jacket. As he began to sing, he gradually grew more confident and smiled at Coralie.

It had to be you,

It had to be you,

I wandered around,

And finally found

The somebody who

Could make me be true

Could make me be blue

Or even be glad

Just to be sad

Thinking of you

As the notes twinkled lightly on the piano, Sam suddenly gave Coralie a wink and pointed at her with thumb and forefinger raised in a rather debonair manner.

Some others I’ve seen

Might never be mean

Might never be cross

Or try to be boss

But they wouldn’t do

For nobody else gave me a thrill

With all your faults I love you still

It had to be you

Wonderful you

It had to be you

Assuming the basic dancing position again during the interlude, the Hobbits again swung themselves around the floor. During the driving drum beat…Pippin pulled back his jacket and undulated his stomach in time with the music as he walked across the floor, grinning with mischievous delight. Everybody roared with laughter at this unusual spectacle.

Some others I’ve seen

Might never be mean

Might never be cross

Or try to be boss

But they wouldn’t do

For nobody else gave me a thrill

With all your faults I love you still

Baby, It had to be you

Wonderful you

It had to be you

“Was that song written with you in mind?” asked Legolas with a wink. His eyes danced with amusement as he gazed at Coralie, awaiting her response. Trying not to look flustered, she took another sip of her wine as everyone applauded Sam in turn.

Aragorn coughed into his hand. “What an interesting concept!”

“What did you say?” Coralie demanded.

“I said…What an interesting concert!” replied Aragorn, a little too quickly. Feigning a cough, he drank from his goblet. “Oh look. It’s Frodo’s turn!” he said directing Coralie’s attention toward the Hobbit who now stood in the centre of the floor. Merry, Pippin and Sam stood back a little, swaying gently to the music with their arms around each other’s shoulders.

The Way You Look Tonight

The opening strains of the song altered the previous mood dramatically with their slow, smooth resonance. Frodo looked across the room to Coralie and inclined his head as he began to sing. Softly he sang with his voice cracking a little with each line.

Someday when I’m awfully low

When the world is cold

I will feel a glow just thinking of you

And the way you look tonight.

You’re so lovely

With your smile so warm

And your cheek so soft

There is nothing for me but to love you

And the way you look tonight

With each word your tenderness grows

Tearing my fears apart

And that laugh that wrinkles your nose

Touches my foolish heart

Yes you’re lovely,

Never ever change

Keep that breathless charm

Won’t you please arrange it?

‘Cause I love you

Just the way you look tonight…

During the interlude, Frodo approached the table where Coralie sat. He took out the flower from the button- hole in his jacket, and reaching across between Gimli and Boromir, he handed it to her. As he drew away, he held her hand in his for a moment, before blowing her a kiss and walking back to join the other Hobbits to resume the song.

With each word your tenderness grows

Tearing my fears apart

And that laugh that wrinkles your nose

Touches my foolish heart

Yes you’re lovely,

Never ever change

Keep that breathless charm

Won’t you please arrange it?

‘Cause I love you

Just the way you look tonight…

Just the way you look tonight..


Just the way you look tonight…..

“At last! A song I approve of!” said Aragorn smiling at Coralie. “Frodo’s absolutely right, for you do look lovely tonight, Thêldithen.”

Coralie dabbed at her eyes a little whilst Legolas reached for her hand.

“Your nose does wrinkle a little when you laugh, Titheniel, and I will carry the memory of how you look tonight with me to warm myself in the dark days ahead.” His eyes shone in the flickering candlelight as he held her eyes with his, as he lowered his head to her hand, brushed the back of it lightly with his lips.





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