An Aussie in King Aragorn’s Court~Part 26~ – The Footy Match!

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Note: I have provided some links so you can see Aussie Rules in action from their Official site. To watch video…make sure your player is upgraded. I have windows Media Player version 9 for my system. The upgrade is free. Once you have reached the page, look to the right hand side and click on any of the Wizard Cup wrap ups. eg. “Wizard Cup Grand Final Wrap” There are four videos of different matches you can watch. You will see that it is a very fast moving, athletic game and that i tihtenile, could easily play a ‘modified’ game as the most important skills are good hand eye coordination and a high level of fitness. It is nothing like American Football. This is the oldest code of football on the planet.

Australian Football League Videos – Men in Shorts!

The music is worth taking a listen to as well. I have chosen various tracks to go with the themes running through the story. Enjoy the game mates!
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

An Aussie in King Aragorn’s Court Part 26

The Footy Match

We Will Rock You

Aragorn was momentarily distracted by the loud music playing from the sidelines as the ball came down hard onto the ground, and bounced away at an awkward angle. Coralie was right on top of it though. For a moment he turned to look at the Elves who were now standing on the sidelines clapping in time with the strange beat of the song. Legolas came running up to him.

“Aragorn! She’s getting away!” Seeing the back of her running form flying down the field, they both ran after her with the others. Boromir was already in hot pursuit. Quickly, Coralie hand balled the football over to Calentaeg just as Boromir reached out to try and grab the back of her shirt, but instead found that it slid off the smooth fabric. As the ball flew through the air he changed course, chasing after Calentaeg who was running and bouncing the ball every third stride or so. Talagan ran a little ahead of him. Seeing an opportunity to pass the ball to his team-mate, Calentaeg drop kicked it towards him. However, Boromir intercepted the ball and quickly passed it to Legolas who had caught up. As Legolas’ hands came up to catch the ball mid-stride, Coralie bumped into him, knocking him off course slightly and caught the ball instead. Legolas momentarily faltered from the surprise bump that Coralie had given him, but soon recovered and chased after her again with a laugh.

Aragorn now ran beside Coralie as she bounced the ball. Deftly, he intercepted the ball mid bounce, and kicked the ball towards Gimli. As Gimli reached out to catch it, Talagan leapt up in front and caught the ball instead. Within two short strides he had dispatched the ball back to Coralie as she ran down the boundary line. Gimli and Celebtêw raced back across the field to try and catch up to her. The hobbits were running alongside, weaving in and out of the others in an effort to receive the ball as Gimli and Celebtêw both sought to block. Seeing an opening, she drop kicked the ball to Pippin who quickly lined it up, to kick it through the two middle goal posts as he ran.

Artapel gave a loud whistle and raised two index fingers to signal a goal. The Hobbits ran over to Pippin who was running a slow curving arc away from the goal posts with both hands raised in victory, and slapped him on the back before retaking their positions as Coralie jogged up the field back to the centre. Aragorn met her. He looked over his shoulder back downfield towards the Hobbits, who were standing there clapping in time with the music above their heads.

Get Ready

“So, Lady your side has scored the first goal. How many points is that?” he said falling in beside her.

“Six because we shot it through the middle. If you score a goal through the two outer posts it is worth only one point. Of course, if you manage to shoot one through the middle from about fifty metres or more out, it’s worth a whopping nine points mate!”

“Nine points you say! I wonder if we have anyone on our side who can kick that well?”

“Never mind Aragorn. Won’t make any difference. We will still win. The Elves on my side are fighting for my honour remember?” she reminded him with a wink.

Aragorn sighed. “I remember.”

“You should thank me. I reckon I saved your bacon. Those lads meant business. Even if they were really no match for you, I’d hate to have to accompany you to their mothers, explaining why you had to be so brutal with them and all,” Coralie shivered at the prospect.

“Have no fear, Lady. I think we would have gone `gently’ with them, but still allowed them to retain their dignity as well.”

“Do you mean I went to all the trouble of standing up for you blokes for nothing?” Coralie stopped and put her hands on her hips. Laughing, Aragorn ran back and caught her by the hand dragging her along to the centre.

From further downfield Merry and Pippin watched the exchange between Aragorn and Coralie.

“What’s she doing?” asked Pippin, anxious to get on with the game.

“Fraternising with the enemy,” replied Merry.

Aragorn cocked his head at the new song that was now playing over the Clie, and looked at Coralie with a laugh upon reaching the centre where Artapel waited.

“Well though I don’t share your taste in music Lady, this piece certainly suits you. But who should get ready? You or us?”

“You of course,” said Coralie with a grin.

Artapel made to bounce the ball again as the two faced each other.

“Hang on! I forgot to take off my jewelry,” interrupted Coralie, as she took off the laser light from around her neck, and tucked it into her shorts while Rare Earth’s `Get Ready’ played in the background.

“You call that jewelry?” asked Aragorn with surprise.

“It’s my lucky piece Aragorn. Saved my life once, remember?”

“I will not easily forget,” he replied.

“Whenever you both decide to finish this conversation, regarding i titheniel’s necklace, I shall proceed,” interrupted Artapel.

“Don’t get your knickers in a knot now, Artapel,” she said as he bounced the ball.

This time Aragorn was more prepared and caught the ball as it bounced upwards. Swiftly he ran up the outside of the field remembering to bounce it three times at the most before disposing of it. Caduion ran up beside and caught the ball as Aragorn passed it over. Hand punching the ball to Orthadel, he then kicked the ball downfield. Gimli lined himself up to catch it, as Cirbannel suddenly leapt over his head for a mark. Artapel whistled, signaling down the field with one hand to indicate that Cirbannel had a free kick. Kicking the ball downfield, Aragorn and Talagan jostled each other for prime position. Coralie ran for the ball with Legolas hot on her heels. Suddenly she was in the mix of males all leaping together for the ball. Hooking a foot into Aragorn’s hip, she leapt high over his shoulders to get the mark, as Boromir and Caduion collided with Aragorn and Talagan. All six players came crashing to the ground in a tangle of legs and arms. Sam nearby, immediately ran over to the melee and started physically hauling the players off Coralie who was on the bottom of the heap still clutching the ball.

“Get off her!” he shouted. Artapel came running over to try and make some order out of the mess, signaling that Coralie had the mark. She groaned as Legolas and Aragorn rolled off to the side with the others busy trying to rise from their knees. The Elves on the sidelines, watching the game broke out into a chorus of boos and hisses.

“Lady!” cried Legolas and Aragorn together.

“Look! I broke a nail,” she said staggering to her feet examining her hand, as Legolas rushed over. But before he could reach her, she gave a sudden wink to Sam, and kicked the ball to him. Up and away, she was running down the field leaving Aragorn, Boromir, and Legolas standing there open mouthed, before they gave chase with the others. Sam dropped kicked the ball to Coralie, who had positioned herself wide, and then passed it to Cirbannel, who then passed it back to Coralie. Séretur had just caught Coralie by the back of her tank top causing her to drop the ball. There was a mad scramble of Hobbits and Elves from the opposing side for a moment before Frodo managed to pick it up, and kick it through the outside goal posts as he ran. The Elven spectators broke out into cheers as the ball flew through the posts.

Again Artapel whistled and raised two index fingers indicating that a goal had been scored. Coralie’s side were all clapping each other on the back, especially Frodo, when a loud siren suddenly went off from under the trees. Támurile giggled as Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas and Gimli all jumped at the sound.

“By Eru! What’s that?” said Aragorn spinning around to come face to face with Coralie who was grinning up at him with a dirt-smeared face.

“That, dear Aragorn is a signal that the first quarter is over. Támurile has it all set up over there along with the music. You get a five-minute break. Make good use of it,” she laughed as she ran over to join her team mates under the trees.

Boromir came walking over pulling off his jerkin, flinging it to the side as he sat down on the grass breathing hard. Aragorn and Gimli followed suit with their jerkins as well.

“Never, in all my born days have I seen a maiden run the way she does,” said Gimli shaking his head as he looked over at Coralie and her team-mates, drinking greedily from various water skins.

“That looks like a good idea. I could use some water right now,” said Boromir. Caduion and the other Elves came over with some water skins of their own.

“Drink up Gentlemen,” they said, handing them over.

“I thought we had hurt the Lady for a moment,” said Legolas with concern.

Orthadel laughed. “You probably did. I wouldn’t want to be the one at the bottom of that heap myself. But she would never let on she was hurt unless it was serious.”

“You would have to carry her off the field, before she would give up playing,” Celebtêw agreed.

“Fortunately for her, but not so fortunately for me, I thought to brace myself as we tumbled down on top of her when she leapt up to catch that ball. What does she have on her feet, wings?” asked Legolas rubbing the back of his neck.

“That Gentlemen was called a `mark’. I titheniel, will use you as a platform as easily as a bird taking flight,” replied Orthadel.

“Nevertheless, take some care with her, I do not wish Coralie to be injured. We shall see if we can win this match without actually engaging her in some manner,” said Aragorn.

“That is how we always play,” said Edradh with a slight wink. “But do not tell i titheniel, that we take such good care of her. I somehow rather think, it would make her a little cross,”

“A little cross? Now that would most certainly be an understatement,” Aragorn said as the siren sounded. The music started up again with ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ as they stood up ready to go out and play on again.

The Boys are Back in Town

Coralie and her team mates jogged back to the field as Aragorn and the others went out to meet them.

“Are you sure you are not hurt, Lady?” asked Aragorn full of concern as they faced each other in the centre of the field once more. “That was quite a knock you took before.”

“It was nothing Aragorn. Look! All I did was scrape my knee,” she said as Aragorn looked at the graze and shook his head.

Artapel bounced the ball between them, and Coralie taking possession of the ball once again charged towards the line of defence that Legolas and Boromir had tried to mount with Celebtêw and Orthadel. Legolas was the faster runner as he raced to intercept her. Coralie feinted to the left at the last moment, and hand punted the ball to Merry who was running down field. Merry drop kicked the ball to Pippin, but it was intercepted by Séretur, who quickly spun around to pass it to Gimli running up the side of the field. Gimli then drop kicked the ball to Aragorn just as Telmen pushed Gimli in the back. The ball went wide and rolled outside the boundary towards the trees. Artapel whistled that a foul had been made against Gimli and caught the ball after one of the watching Elves had retrieved it.

“Gimli you have a free kick now,” he said handing him the ball. Dropping the ball to his feet, Gimli swung back his foot and caught it before it hit the ground. The ball flew over all their heads, straight through the middle goal posts at the end of the field. Artapel signaled that a goal had been made. A cheer went up from the spectators, who could not believe what they had just witnessed.

Aragorn and his team came over to congratulate him.

“We Dwarves are quite good at sports you know. Strong legs we have!”

Legolas clapped him on the back. “You are a Dwarf amongst Dwarves, Gimli!”

They all laughed as they took their positions on the field again.

Aragorn winked at Coralie as they faced each other again.

“I think we are learning this game rather quickly Lady. It may be your side that gets the dunking in the river and not us.”

“Ya reckon? Whatever the outcome, you’ll have a fine time trying to catch those Hobbits mate. There’s no way they are going for a swim in the river!”

Coralie laughed as Artapel bounced the ball. Again she had possession and quickly drop kicked the ball over Celebtêw’s head before he could reach her. Sam caught the ball, and kicked it to Frodo, who then kicked it across the field to Merry, he fired the ball downfield towards Pippin, who then kicked a side shot back to Merry before Edradh could intercept. Catching the ball on the run with Edradh hot on his heels, Merry lined up the ball and drop kicked it through the middle goal posts. Wild cheering broke out amongst the Elves as Merry stopped to take a quick bow.

Coralie ran up the field beside Aragorn. “You were saying?” she asked with a laugh. Shaking his head Aragorn ran up and took his place opposite her.

It was Aragorn who now caught the ball in the centre and raced down the field towards his goal. He passed the ball to Legolas, who then drop kicked it to Boromir, Calentaeg had attempted to intercept but failed, as Boromir, then passed it over his head to Legolas who caught the ball easily and quickly drove a long kick home from about 50 metres out to score a goal through the middle posts. The Elves all stood and cheered as Legolas ran back up the field with a huge grin on his face. He winked at Coralie as he passed by.

Támurile gave the signal for the end of the quarter and everyone jogged off the field to take a short break.

Coralie met her team under the trees.

“Good job guys. Great work with the goals and passing. We have to watch out for that Legolas though, I had no idea he could kick like that,” said Coralie wiping her mouth after taking a quick drink from the water skin Telmen handed her.

“We need to get the ball as quickly downfield as we can to the Hobbits and try to prevent them from gaining possession of the ball,” added Telmen, taking the water skin back from Coralie.

“Yes both Legolas and Gimli have proven they can score a goal. We must block them as much as possible,” agreed Talagan.

“Okay. I’ll take Legolas, Telmen, you take Gimli. We can bump them and tackle with their shirts as much as possible. If we concentrate on them whenever they have possession, we may be able to get the ball back before they can score a goal.”

They all agreed with this strategy. “That was nice footwork, on behalf of you hobbits out there on the field before. It was all I could do, to try and keep track of the ball.” The Hobbits all beamed at her.

Their strategy interrupted by the siren, they all jogged out to take their places for the third quarter.

“Who is winning, Lady?” asked Aragorn with a slight smile as he jogged beside her.

“You are, by two points,” answered Coralie nonchalantly.

“Are we now?” he smiled. “Lady, are you sure you wouldn’t mind a dunking in the river if you lose?” he asked.

Coralie looked up at him with a silly pout. “Aw! You wouldn’t really throw me in now would you Azza?”

“I shall at least think about it,” he laughed. “Tell me, why are you calling me Azza?”

“That’s your Australian nickname Aragorn. Just like Legolas is Legga, Boromir is Bozza, and Merry is Mezza. If you are going to play an Australian game, I will call you by the appropriate name, and try to be polite about it,” she winked as Artapel joined them.

“And what do we call you? What is `Australian’ for Coralie?’ he asked with a wry grin.

“Cozza,” she grinned in reply.

“I think I’ll just call you Lady,” he laughed.

“Ready?” asked Artapel holding the ball aloft.

“Ready as we’ll ever be,” said Coralie. They both leapt for the ball, but Aragorn was quicker and fired the ball off to Legolas within a matter of seconds. Coralie was right behind Legolas having determined earlier to shadow him as much as possible. The ball had fallen slightly short, and was bouncing away in front of Legolas who raced after it with outstretched arms. Catching up to him, Coralie gave him a bump with her hip and caught the ball instead. A quick delivery to her foot saw it sail through the air to Talagan’s waiting arms. Aragorn raced over to chase after Talagan, who drop kicked it back over in Coralie’s direction. Boromir was a little in front and held out his arms to catch the ball, but hadn’t counted on Coralie’s ability to mark well. Taking advantage of his broad back, she dug first a foot, followed by a knee to his shoulder and virtually flew over him to catch the ball. Before he had time to react, Coralie kicked the ball to Sam who was just outside the 50 metre mark. Kicking the ball with all his might, it flew straight as an arrow through the centre posts. Sam gave a loud whoop as the Elves stood again to cheer and clap from under the trees. Even the maidens were on their feet as Sam gave them a small bow. A huge grin spread across his face as Coralie gave him the thumbs up.

Aragorn had gained possession of the ball again at the centre and kicked it towards Gimli, who in turn kicked it to Celebtêw. His brother Orthadel raced towards him along with Séretur and Cirbannel. Séretur leapt for the ball and took the mark. Taking the free kick awarded by Artapel, Séretur kicked the ball to Aragorn who had positioned himself on the other side of the field. Aragorn ran closer towards his goal, bouncing the ball as he ran, Coralie suddenly intercepted and swooped in on one of the bounces, bumping Aragorn far enough off centre for him to miss the ball. The ball rolled freely as Coralie and Aragorn both dived for it together. The other players ran after the two who by now were rolling over the top of each other in a mad scramble for the ball. Coralie stretching out her fingertips just brushed the ball, as it rolled out of bounds.

I’m a Man

Artapel whistled and awarded the free kick to Aragorn, who in turn helped Coralie to her feet before taking the ball at the sidelines. Sensing that Aragorn had somehow signaled Legolas, Coralie raced down the field to intercept the ball, but was too late. Legolas had control of the ball and ran on bouncing it a little ahead of her. He kicked the ball back to Aragorn who seeing the goal in front lined up for a kick. Edradh tackled with a grab to his shirt, before he swung his foot. The ball just sneaked through the outer posts.

Wild cheering broke forth as Aragorn jogged back up the field to meet Coralie.

“So we are still winning, Lady?” he asked with a wry grin.

“It’s not over `til the fat lady sings!” countered Coralie with a laugh. Aragorn gave her a puzzled look and thought, “She doesn’t look fat to me.”

Támurile had changed the music file over to a mix of Classic Rock, under Coralie’s direction as `A Knight’s Tale’ had finished. `I’m a Man’ by Spencer Davis and The Spencer Davis Group played as Artapel raised his arms to bounce the football between Coralie and Aragorn.

The ball bounced and she had possession. Quickly disposing of it with a kick to Calentaeg, she charged down the outside of the field, as he passed the ball to Telmen. Legolas had tried to intercept as Telmen kicked the ball back to Coralie. Catching it on the run, she raced away bouncing the ball with Aragorn and Celebtêw behind. Legolas raced across the field toward her. She was wide open and swung her foot back. The ball flew over their heads from at least 60 metres out, straight through the middle goal posts. Támurile sounded the siren for the end of the quarter as the watching Elves all stood to their feet and cheered. Turning, Coralie almost ran into Legolas.

“Nice kick,” he said, as Coralie gave him a little wink before jogging off to meet her team.

“I think we are losing now,” said Gimli taking a swig from a nearby water skin.

“I hope you can swim, Dwarf,” laughed Aragorn as he took the skin which Gimli had passed over.

“Aye, I can swim. Can you? Or rather, I should probably ask if you can swim as well as your `little sister’ over there,” the Dwarf gave a slight nod in Coralie’s direction where she now sat huddled with her team.

“I don’t believe she will show us any mercy either,” said Boromir wiping his brow. “Whether we go easy on her or not, seems to make little difference. She is the most athletic woman I have ever met.”

I titheniel will be hard to beat. When her blood is up, especially after that last kick she made, she can be virtually unstoppable,” said Celebtêw.

“A fine sister you picked for yourself, Aragorn,” laughed Boromir. “Just look at her. If I didn’t know better, I would swear she was the female version of you!” They all looked over where she now stood with her team, obviously planning more strategy in order to win and laughed.

“I do believe you are right, Boromir. She could very well be planning a war for all we know,” Aragorn shook his head a little.

Legolas laughed, “I can think of no other woman, who would have been a finer choice as sister for you my friend, even if she isn’t quite as demure, as you probably would prefer.”

The siren sounded for the last quarter. Aragorn and Coralie faced each other in the centre.

“Hope you can swim, Azza!” laughed Coralie.

Artapel bounced the ball, and Aragorn had possession. Without wasting time, he swiftly kicked the ball to Edradh who waited further downfield. Running with the ball he dodged around Cirbannel and passed it to Caduion who ran alongside. Calentaeg raced up as Caduion attempted to pass the ball to Séretur and caught it mid air. He kicked it across to Coralie, but found it intercepted by Legolas who turned and ran in the opposite direction. With quick hands Legolas released the ball to Aragorn who then kicked it across the field towards Celebtêw. The ball bounced a little short of the Elf. Pippin swooped in to catch the ball and drop kicked it mid run to Coralie. Without hesitation she kicked it down towards Frodo but he found the ball intercepted by Legolas who had run back to reclaim it. Legolas passed the ball over to Boromir who was running up the outside boundary, who then kicked the ball back to Séretur. Running between Orthadel and Caduion, he bounced the ball and then passed it to Aragorn who then kicked the ball towards Gimli where he waited further up field nearer the goal. Catching the ball, Gimli swung back with his foot and watched triumphantly as the ball sailed through the middle posts.

“Yes!” he cried as the Elves all cheered. Aragorn clapped him on the back.

“Well done Gimli! We may avoid a swim yet!” he laughed as he ran back toward centre field.

Artapel bounced the ball. Aragorn had the ball in a flash, and feinted left then right as Calentaeg and Cirbannel bore down upon him. Talagan chased after him and grabbed his shirt as Aragorn was shepherding the ball with a bounce. Coralie ran for the ball as Aragorn was pulled out of the way. Boromir made a grab for the back of her shirt and pulled her up before she could reach it. She fell backwards and landed with a thud on her back.

No Matter What

“Lady, I’m sorry!” cried Boromir as he ran over to help her up to a chorus of cat-calls from the watching Elves.

Coralie raised a hand to stop him as he reached down. Artapel and Aragorn ran over, with Legolas not far behind.

“Lady, are you alright?” asked Artapel looking down where she still lay. Coralie looked up and blinked. She had been winded by the fall and couldn’t speak for a moment.

“I’m all right,” she gasped.

“No you are not,” insisted Aragorn kneeling beside her.

“I’m sorry Aragorn. It was an accident,” Boromir said ruefully. “I didn’t mean to pull her that hard.” Aragorn looked grimly at the man, but could tell by his manner that he was genuinely sorry for the incident.

Coralie looked up at him, squinting into the sun. “What are you apologising to him for? I’m the one you pulled over?” she asked trying to get her breath in between each word.

“Lady, I’m sorry. Really I am,” said Boromir with all sincerity he could muster.

“Let’s try to sit her up,” suggested Legolas.

“Will you stop speaking about me in the third person? I’m right here you know,” she spoke gratingly as Aragorn and Legolas helped her to a sitting position.

Séretur jogged over with a rueful look upon his face. “So someone worked out how to grab the princess’ shirt. I didn’t tell the secret of how to hook your hand down between the shoulder blades, as I’m the only one who is allowed to do so, for the princess and I are the only two evenly matched players on the field.”

“If you had told me that before, I wouldn’t have attempted to grab her shirt at all!” spoke Boromir with some exasperation.

Artapel had signaled to Séretur in an effort to halt his running tongue, but had been too late.

“Now the cat’s out of the bag,” he sighed.

“Oh great! You mean my only real competition out here is a thirteen year old boy? Wait `til I get my breath back. Then I’ll give you a real shellacking!”

“I think you’ve had enough for one day, Lady,” said Aragorn.

“No I haven’t,” she insisted trying to stand up.

“I am ordering you off the field Lady. Clearly, you are injured,” said Artapel with a wink to Aragorn.

“Oh `ave a go ya mug, I’m just a little winded,” she protested. Aragorn began to counter her protest when suddenly, Legolas in one fluid motion, picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and started marching off the field.

“What are you doing?” cried Coralie as Aragorn and Artapel began to chuckle at Legolas’ retreating figure.

“Taking you off the field,” came Legolas calm reply.

“Put me down you Neanderthal!” she screamed. The watching Elves and other players at first didn’t know what to make of Legolas carrying Coralie off the field, assuming she had been hurt. But as her protests became louder, it became plainly evident to all, that Legolas was `escorting’ her from the field of play, and very reluctantly on her part. Looking on in amazement, ringing laughter broke out amongst the Elves. Who would have thought that someone would have been brave enough to take i titheniel in `hand’ in such an effective manner?

She was still screaming and kicking when he put her down on the ground beneath one of the trees much to the amusement of all.

“Now Titheniel, you will sit out the rest of the game, whether you like it or not,” he said sternly.

“No I won’t!” she declared as she got to her knees in an effort to scuttle around him. However, Legolas was too quick for her and jumped in front.

“Yes you will, Titheniel.”

“No, I won’t!” she insisted more loudly jumping to her feet. Again he stepped in front of her and folded his arms.

Artapel whistled and the game continued. Coralie stamped her foot, much to Legolas’ amusement.

“They’re playing without me!”

“Yes I know,” his eyes twinkled as he responded.

“You think this is funny don’t you?” she cried.

“I do not think that your getting hurt is funny in any way, Titheniel,” Legolas replied.

“I’m not hurt you crazy Elf. Let me back out there. My team needs me!” Coralie demanded.

“As to your being hurt. I shall be the judge of that, and as for your team, I think they will survive without you, just as mine can do without me for the remainder of the game,” he said in turn.

“This is not fair!” she pouted. “Men!” she sat down on the grass and folded her arms across her chest.

“But I am not a man,” said Legolas in reply.

She looked up at him and made a face. “Don’t split hairs with me Legolas. You’re just as much a man as the rest of them out there. The word has the same meaning as if I had said XY chromosome. Elf, Hobbit, Man whatever, you’re all exactly alike!” she scowled up at him and pouted again.

“You know, you look about six years old at the moment with that expression on your face. I’m trying to decide whether it is an attractive look for you or not,” he chuckled.

“What do you care?” she cried.

“More than you obviously realise at the moment!” he said with some exasperation.

Coralie was about to start up again with some other tirade, then suddenly stopped mid sentence as their eyes met for a brief moment just before the siren went off.

“We won! We Won!” came the triumphant cries, as the Hobbits and Elves from Coralie’s team danced around the field. Laughing, Támurile put on another track in the Clie. Hearing the new music blare out across the field, they all began to dance with happy abandon.

Chicken Dance

“What is that?” asked Legolas shaking his head.

“It’s the Chicken Dance, Legolas!” she cried running past him onto the field to join the others as they waved their arms about like birds.

Aragorn and the others joined Legolas under the tree.

“How is she?” they asked joining him.

“If her tongue is anything to go by, i titheniel is perfectly all right Aragorn,” said Legolas. Aragorn looked out across the field to where Coralie was now dancing with her team.

“What are they doing?” he shook his head.

“I do believe they call it the Chicken Dance, Aragorn. A dance of triumph I suspect, although it does look a little ridiculous to me,” replied Legolas.

The Elves with them laughed. “That has become a favourite this past week. Look!” said Celebtêw.

They looked in wonder at the other Elves, who had now run onto the field to dance with Coralie and her team.

Aragorn looked at Legolas and laughed aloud. “Legolas, tell me. Are we too old and dignified to join in on this dance? Or are they all too young and silly as Coralie would put it?”

Legolas raised an eyebrow in amusement. “I would hardly call you old Aragorn, you are one of the most dignified children I know. But these Elves out there with the Lady and the Hobbits, are much younger than either of us, being more around their age.”

“Come! Old Elf. Let’s join them. We can’t be poor losers now!” laughed Gimli clapping Legolas on the back. “We Dwarves are good dancers, and good losers. Age has nothing to do with it,” they all laughed as they ran out to join the others, now celebrating on the field. In a matter of moments all four remaining members of the company had picked up the dance movements and were wholeheartedly joining in on the impromptu festivities, taking their turns at swinging Coralie around during the chorus. The Hobbits enjoyed this dance immensely and made a great show out of pretending to be chickens. Pippin and Merry especially enjoyed this dance and begged for more when it was over.

“Not on your Nelly!” cried Coralie, signalling to Támurile not to repeat the song.

Everyone fell to the ground laughing as the music stopped, exhausted but happy.

Séretur ran over to Támurile who was waiting under the trees with the Clie. Presently, ‘We Are the Champions’ began playing over the speakers.

We Are The Champions

“So Lady, you are feeling well enough to dance then?” asked Aragorn falling down on the grass beside her with Legolas on the other side. Coralie looked at him and smirked.

“Of course I feel well enough to dance. I could have finished the game too. Tell that to the Neanderthal here,” she rolled her eyes and flipped a thumb at Legolas.

“What’s a Neanderthal?” puzzled Aragorn, whilst Legolas scratched the back of his neck, trying to look innocent.

“A Neanderthal is a cave man Azza, and Legga is all cave man, trust me.”

Aragorn and Legolas bit their lips trying not to laugh at her ridiculous description of the Elf and the even more ridiculous names she had dubbed them with.

“Ah! But I can’t be a cave man Titheniel, for as you can plainly see, I am an Elf,” responded Legolas with a wink.

“Now don’t you go trying to charm me now, Legga. You’re a cave Elf then, no matter how beautiful you are!” said Coralie wagging her finger at him.

Legolas looked at her in surprise. “You think I’m beautiful?” But before she could reply two tall figures suddenly stood in front of them, blocking out the sun momentarily. The three of them looked up to see Talagan and Cirbannel looming over them.

“I do believe that since it was our side that won, you and your team Aragorn, must pay the penalty,” said Talagan.

“Yes the princess herself, set the punishment. A dunking in the river if my memory serves me well,” added Cirbannel.

“You have a memory like an elephant Cirbannel, there is nothing wrong with it,” responded Coralie. Legolas looked at her and wondered how she knew that oliphaunts had such excellent memories, and then decided not to be too surprised at anything else she may say. At least for the present.

Aragorn stood up to face the two. “You are right, of course. A dunking is in order for us, considering the fact that we lost, even though our best player had to leave the field.”

“Yeah, well we lost ours too!” cried Pippin, joining them.

Aragorn signaled to his team to come over. Reluctantly they obeyed.

“A moment Gentlemen,” he said to the two Elves who had confronted him.

Standing a little aside, Aragorn and his team conducted a short meeting. There were many chuckling whispers and nods in the other teams direction.

“There up to something. I can feel it,” said Sam taking note of the backslapping and shuffling of feet from Aragorn’s side. Suddenly Aragorn looked over at the other team, who were waiting to administer their punishment.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to `dunk’ us in the river!” he shouted. Coralie’s team and the other Elves started to protest. “For we have decided to take a swim ourselves!” cried Aragorn running up the path towards the river, followed by his laughing team mates.

“By jingo! They’ve beaten us to it. Get them!” cried Coralie as she and all the others gave chase.

No Matter What

No matter what you are

I will always be with you

Doesn’t matter what you do, girl

Ooh girl, with you

No matter what you do

I will always be around

Won’t you tell me what you found, girl

Ooh girl, want you


Knock down the old, grey wall

Be a part of it all

Nothing to say, nothing to see, nothing to do

If you would give me all

As I would give it to you

Nothing would be, nothing would be, nothing would be

No matter where you go

There will always be a place

Can’t you see it in my face, girl

Ooh girl, want you


Knock down the old, grey wall

Be a part of it all

Nothing to say, nothing to see, nothing to do

If you would give me all

As I would give it to you

Nothing would be, nothing would be, nothing would be

No matter what you are

I will always be with you

Doesn’t matter what you do, girl

Ooh girl, with you

Ooh girl, you girl, want you

Ooh girl, you girl, want you.


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