An Aussie in King Aragorn’s Court Part 2 – Leggy Can Snowboard!

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“Wait! I’ve got a better idea! (Groan! What am I saying?) Boromir, may we please borrow your shield?” said Coralie suddenly as Legolas was preparing to mount her skis from behind. He graciously stepped backwards, wondering what `new thing’ the Lady would present them with now.

Boromir handed over his shield with raised eyebrows.

“Certainly Lady….but what use do you have for it?”

Unclipping from her skis and bindings, Coralie took the shield, stunned by its sudden weight and almost dropped it at Legolas’ feet. Everyone watched puzzled by her actions.

“Here! I have absolutely no idea, how I came up with this…but Legolas…I reckon you’d be able to use this shield as a snowboard and ride down the mountain yourself!”

“What do you mean? Should I stand up or sit?” asked Legolas, genuinely surprised by her suggestion.

“Look, I’ll show you what I mean,” she answered. Standing on the shield, she slid down the slope a little way to the amusement of all.

Legolas picked up her skis and poles laughing and walked down to where Coralie waited for him.

“I see what you mean…I’m sure I can manage this `snowboard’ as you so aptly put it.”

“Just think of the sea, Legolas, and before you know it, you will be hanging five!” she laughed in return. Legolas chuckled to himself over the strange words she used as he followed her down the slope on Boromir’s shield.

“Well, we are probably the first people in Middle Earth to see a shield put to such use as this,” said Gandalf, his eyes twinkling. The others nodded in agreement and laughed as the two disappeared down the slope.

“Perhaps Coralie can teach me to do that too, one day!” exclaimed Pippin, delighted by the prospect of flying on top of the snow instead of having to trudge his way through.

“You know, the elf is quite good at that…He never ceases to surprise me,” said Gimli.

“It would seem that our lady Coralie is also full of surprises, Gimli. Come! We must be off. They have reached the trees now. Let us make haste to meet them. I am afraid we shall not travel as swiftly though,” said Gandalf as began the slow descent, staff in hand.

The snow upon the slope, seemed to stop mysteriously at the trees as Coralie and Legolas approached. The ground beneath the trees was bare and rocky as Coralie took off her skis.

She approached Legolas with her right hand raised.

“Hey Legolas! That was brilliant. Give me five mate!”

“Five of what?” he asked puzzled.

“Give me your five fingers and slap my hand mate!” she laughed.

Legolas shrugged and slapped her upraised arm, promptly knocking her over at the same time. Horrified, he bent down to help her up.

“Your pardon Lady! I didn’t mean to slap you so hard!” he said ruefully.

Coralie shook her head and smiled. “Mate! You may look thin enough to run around the shower in order to get wet, but you’re tougher than a mallee bull!”

“Nevertheless, I am extremely sorry to have hurt you,” said Legolas anxiously.

“No harm done Leggy!” she replied.

“Leggy?” thought Legolas to himself. He looked into the trees as if listening for a moment.

“Wait here. I am going to make sure this area is safe,” he said as he drew his knife and walked stealthily into the trees. Coralie dusted herself off and clipped her skis together.

“What am I doing here?” she wondered to herself while she waited. “Am I dreaming all of this? How can I just ski into Middle Earth? That’ll teach me to wear a helmet in future.” Looking up she could see the rest of the party approaching quickly. Legolas came out of the trees and stood beside her.

“We are safe for the moment. Look! The others are almost here. Please….Don’t tell Aragorn that I knocked you over,” said Legolas looking down at her. She could read the pleading in his eyes, although his voice sounded calm.

“Not a word,” she returned smiling.


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