Alliea Swords – Prolouge

by May 2, 2004Stories

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I urged Quend on into a canter we where now passing through a small wood, not far away from the stables up near Thornaby .Quend nickered and tossed his head.”Look where your going,”I whispered angrily.” You don’t want us running into a pack of orcs do you $”As if in answer he shook his large brown head and snorted .The wood was starting to thin around us the large brown trunks twisted and rotting. We road on until we reached the flat (if you could call it flat) land on the other side of the trees .I was searching the area for my best friend. She had said she was going to come riding so I could tell her about the problem with my dad .That was when I saw them nine travellers, all men trekking doggedly along the unforgiving terrain .Quend and I slowly and quietly approached them not wanting to scare them. Now that we where near them, I could see that I some how knew one of the travellers. But I can assure you I am sure that I haven’t. Suddenly Quend bucked and sent me flying into the group of men. Not knowing of my existence till now. I landed with a thump and a crack at the feet of the handsomest men I have ever seen. I let out a soft groan at the fact I had been winded.
“Are you ok Lady $” A soft voice from above me asked.
With that one sentence I new I wasn’t in the noisy reaches of the A19 .Where was I $
Slowly they turned me over, so that I was laying on my back .Only then did I realise that I had been bucked of by Quend, and consequently had broken my arm. I gave out a loud groan. There I was lying on my back with two men, an elf, a dwarf, four hobbits and a wizard (probably Gandalf) goggling at me. I pulled my arm away from them I was confused and hurt witch didn’t help my addled brain to think. Where they in league with the orcs I had met yesterday. One of the men came over to me and pulled of my jumper I winced with the pain of the broken arm and was going to fall over until the elf grabbed hold of my shoulders I winced again as he had innocently grabbed hold where the worst of the bruises where .
“The pain will soon be gone “he smiled at me
“It’s not that your holding me were I’ve got really bad bruises!” I explained as best I could through clenched teeth.


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