Alimëwen of Valinor – chaptor 2 – Answers

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Alimëwen of Valinor – Chapter 2

Alimëwen shook her head, clearing our the questions, saving them for Lord Elrond.

A gentle wind palyed with a strand of her hair, and she looked up into the sky.
Soon dawn would be there, and the sun would rise.

The landscape would be as beautiful as usuall.
Green hills with soft green grass, large mallorn trees, and then further away,
the sea.

Alimëwen felt a strong longing that filled her heart.
If only she were to see the sea for herself.
The large waves that would break upon the shore, and hear the birds singing of it.
See the endeless waters, walking on the edge of the water…

A voice made her go back to reality, loosing the thoughts of the sea.

– Thee are awake early, daughter.

Alimëwen turned around with a graceful movement and smiled.

– Mother, I could not sleep, for my dreams have been haunted a while.

The Lady of the Light smiled at her, a put a hand on her shoulders.

– Your heart is troubled by these dream I see. I know of whom you dream of.
But it is not my task to tell you, daughter.
Speak with Lord Elrond.
You will find your answers.

The fair Galadriël kissed her daughter on the forehead and smiled.
But the smile was somehow sad.

Alimëwen wanted to ask why, but said nothing.

Walking for about ten minutes, they came to a large house.
Galadriël smiled at her daughter and went into the woods again.

Alimëwen sighed and walked towards the house.

Birds sang beautifully, wind dancing all around her.
Dawn was there, the sun arose over the hills slowly.

When she came into the building, she sat down at a chair.

Slowly Lord Elrond walked into the room, his face showed her no expression.

Alimëwen stood up and bowed to him and then sat down again.

– Lady Galadriël told me thee seeks me.
But why?

Alimëwen told him about her vision, leaving no detail.

Lord Elrond face became sad and he looked away, his eyes looked out thru a little window.
Still with his eyes fixed on something else but her, he spoke quietly and had a sad voice.

– So thee tell me, thee have seen my daughter, Arwen Undomiël?

Alimëwen just nodded, not knowing what else to do. The vision had not given her any names.

The elf sighed with sorrow.

Alimëwen dared to ask him what was so special about what she had seen.

Lord Elrond turned his head and looked into her eyes.

– My daughter is not here. She dwells in Middle Earth, in the castle of Gondor, castle of men.
I did not have a choice.
She fell in love with a mortal man, and stayed in Middle Earth, married him, forsaking the
life of the eldár.

Alimëwen listened, but wondered soon what he meant by mortal.

A sadness full of pain, came upon his face expression.

– She stayed in Middle Earth, only to die as a mortal.

Alimëwen gasped.

– Die?!

The Lord nodded with sadness in his eyes.

Alimëwen shivered, but not because she was cold.
She swallowed.

– Then… Why do I have these visions? If you already knew she was going to die…
And what was happening to her and where she dwelled, why do these vision not go away?

Lord Elrond sat down, a tear forming in his eyes.

– I believe you know Lady Galadriël is Arwen´s aunt?

Alimëwen thought for herself, then shook her head.

– And that you can see her isn´t strange as you two are related, and both have the gift
of visions.
Why you see her, I do not know.

Suddenly Lord Elrond disappeared and there again was this little boy, looking straight at
her with brown almost glowing eyes.

Then suddenly the necklace fell to the floor, and was splittered into thousands of pieces.
One single star shone upon the skies, but it was fading.

Then a hill appeared and she could see this Arwen walking towards it.
Then she laid down.
– I wish I could have laid my eyes upon him, one last time…

Then the star faded to nothing and Arwen stopped breathing.

Alimëwen was thrown back to reality, and she looked at Elrond, confusion in her blue eyes.

– I… I think I saw her die, Lord Elrond.

Lord Elrond looked away, tears flowing from his eyes, shimmering in the light of the sun.

Alimëwen sighed sorrowfully.

– Isn´t there anything I could do, or anybody could do?

Lord Elrond shook his head.

– She chose her way. She made a choice. There is nothing I can do to stop her from dying.
The life of the eldár has left her, she is a mortal now.
She will die, and fade in memory.
And ages there are to come, ages of men.

Alimëwen felt so hollow. Like she had been ripped from everything she knew.
Like a piece was missing in her heart.

Wasn´t there anything she could do about it?
There had to be another way!

Then an idea started to grow inside her mind.

Author´s note:

I like this ending. *smiles*
Very happy for comments!


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