Alimëwen of Valinor – chapter 1 – Visions

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Alimëwen of Valinor – Chapter 1

It was dark outside.
The last elf had already gone to bed hours ago.
The great hills were dark green and you could hear the ocean far away.
Birds sang their beutiful songs.
The wind played, but after that it was quiet.

Suddenly a little candle was lightened.
An elven face was shown, drowned in shadows.

The elf stared into the evening, eyes far away from reality.

She shook her head, and tried to clear her vision.

A man with dark hair, some of it silvery grey, sat down on a chair.
He turned to another man who said something in a unfamiliar language.

Then the vision faded and she could see a very beautiful person, looking like herself,
The person had dark brown hair, blue eyes and a sad voice.

The elf had never seen a such beautiful elf, exept from Lady of the Light, Galadriël.

The beautiful woman suddenly lied down on a bed and was wrapped into white sheets.
Three other women was standing right next to her and spoke to her in the unfamiliar
language, and the elf didn´t understand anything they said.

The beautiful woman sighed and a little tear came to her eyes.

The elf continued looking into the night, her head filled with questions.

The vision faded and again it came back, this time there was this large room.
Same man with silvery grey hair, were swinging a little boy.

Then suddenly the boy seemed to look right into the elf´s eyes and she was thrown away
from the vision.

The elf stood up and shook her head, heart beating fast, more questions forming.
What was all of this?
Was she paranoid?

What had she just seen?
She recognized none of those that had been in her vision.

The light flickered and the elf turned around, only to find another elf standing there,
looking at her.

– Oh, it´s only you, she said in elvish as she knew no other language.

The elf nodded and looked at her.

She didn´t have to hear him question her about what that just had happen and why
she was awake when none else was, she already knew he was going to ask.

– Well, she started, I don´t… I mean, I don´t know what I just saw.
It was some kind of vision or dream or… well something.
I just don´t know what it was.

The other elf nodded again and put his hand on her shoulder.
She told him everything she had seen, and a unfamiliar feeling came upon his face.

– You should really talk to Lord Elrond of what you just saw in your vision, Alimëwen.

Alimëwen looked back at the elf and the confused grew.

– Why should I? I mean, I bet it was just a dream or something else.

The elf said nothing, just kept on looking at her and she knew he wasn´t about to give up.

– Alright, alright, I´ll talk to Lord Elrond the first thing in the morning. Ok?

The elf smiled, knowing he won this fight.

– Sleep well, fair lady. Good night, Alimëwen.

Alimëwen, to busy trying to answer her own questions in her head of what she had seen,
just nodded.

– Good night to you too, prince Legolas.

Legolas and Alimëwen walked from there and went to sleep.

During the night, she dreamt about the vision.
It was noon in it, sun was shining brightly.
The beautiful woman that looked like her, pointy ears and same hair, went thru a long
hall with graceful movements.
She wore a white dress in silk, with long sleeves. She also wore a silver crown on her

The little boy she had seen earlier appeared, throwing himself in her open arms.
The woman smiled and kissed him on his forehead, saying something Alimëwen didn´t

Alimëwen noticed a beautiful necklace the boy was wearing.

Then the vision faded and Alimëwen awoke, confused.

Sad feelings running thru her body, she shivered and stood up.
It was impossible trying to sleep again.

The questions didn´t leave her alone.
Why did she have these dreams?

Here on this wonderful, joyful and peaceful land, there wasn´t any place looking like the
place in her dreams either, which made it even more difficult to understand.
So where could it be then?
Was it only a dream, nothing more?

– There are no castles here in Valinor, she thought to herself and shivered again.
Then where is this place then?
And who are these people I see?
Strange that man is with his silvery hair, unfamiliar clothes, unfamiliar language.
But as Legolas said, Lord Elrond probably know what this vision is about.

Another little voice turned up inside her.

– Or maybe I´m going insane.

Author´s note;

Sorry guys, I know this story is kinda short, but hey I will write the next soon.
And they speak elvish. I don´t know the language of the elves so I will tell you all when
they speak it and so on and so on.
Please tell me what you think of it, I would be happy to hear every comment! *smiles*


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