Alianasti Found

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After they had knocked on the door once or twice, they soon heard squeals of laughter and sounds of what they thought to be little children padding around the house barefooted. A few seconds later the door was opened and they were looking down upon a fat hobbit man.”Lord Valmestri!” he said with a low bow.

“Samwise Gamgee!” Valmestri said, and he swept off hsi hat with a smile and a bow.”We are still in debt to you!”

“Aww,”Sam blushed humbly,”it was all Mr. Frodo, he’s the one.”

“But, if it weren’t for you Frodo wouldn’t have made it half as far!” Alianasti stated. Sam looked with wonder at her for he didn’t really notice her because she had been quiet before she spoke out.

“And what is this beautiful young woman’s name?” Sam requested, bowing again, even prettier, and catching Alianasti’s hand and kissing it softly, in a very gentlemanly manner.

“This is my long-lost daughter, Alianasti,” Valmestri replied cooly, giving his daughter a pat on the back. Alianasto curtside politely and couldn’t help her eyes wandering inside for a uick moment. Master Samwise got the idea and invited them all inside.

As Alianasti stepped in she suddenly realized how beautiful Bag End realyl was-Sam got Bag End when Frodo left, you know-and was nearly swept off her feet by the cutest sight in that whole wide world. You see, hobbit children are the most adorable things God created, and when up to no good it is even cuter. So after Alianasti had been inside she spied one of Samwise’s little children getting into a cookie jar and enjoying her spoils of victory-victory that is of not being noticed by anybody of authority-. Alianasti soon found herself being greeted by Sam’s beautiful wife Rosie, and daughter Elanor.

“Welcome my dear!” Rosie said richly.

“Oh, why thankyou!” Alianasti said shaking the hostesses’ hands and being led to the kitchen for some refreshments. Rosie asked her if she would like tea, wine, or ale. Alianasti chose tea for she felt she could use something soothing after all of that riding. Rosie took out her best tea set, sugar, cream, honey and lemons. She quickly cut the lemons into wedges and put them on a late. She then made the tea over the fire place and then they had a merry chat.

“So,” Rosie began,”have you ever been to Hobbiton before?”

“No ma’am!” Alianasti replied.”This is all quite new to me!”

“Oh!” Rosey said, adding,”You needn’t call me ma’am or Mrs. Gamgee or anything, Rosey is just fine.”

“Oh, thankyou. I’ve gone almost head over heels trying to remember to call everyone sir or ma’am! I guess that I’m just too casual!” Alianasti replied with relief, adding.”and just call me ali, i know it must be dreadful to hve to say such a long name as Alianasti. I don’t care how pretty it is!”And she and Rosey laughed deeply at the silly idea of dreadful long names. Alianasti drank her tea and then she and Rosey went and joined the otheres. Well it was soon drawing near to three o’clock and the elves were once more on their way.
“Mr. Val-I mean daddy, where ARE we going anyways?” Alianasti asked after they were well out of the Shire and almost about to stop to set up camp for the night.

“To the White City of Gondor of course! To visit King Aragorn and Lady Arwen!” Valmestri answered, bemused that he hadn’t told her already.

“Oh!” Alianasti said thoughtfully.”So how many years has it been since the ring?”

“About fifteen.”

“Oh, okay, thankyou.”Alianasti sat for about five minutes keeping her eyes not focused on anything in the direction of the road.”Oh daddy?”


“Do Aragorn and Arwen have any children?”

“Yes, of course! Their oldest son is named Eldarion and they have a daughter named Eleana about your age, and a younger son about 8 years old named Deren.”


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