Alianasti Found – Yeah, this is about the character in my sn!!!

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Chapter 2

“Okay then,” Valmestri said, musing on the thought of his daughter already grown up.”Well, it all started when your mother and I thought that we were finally leaving for the Valar, but it turned out that our imagery of the Valar was actually a modern world that we had never dreamed of. Well, we were so hypnotized by everything that was so new to us, that we didn’t really think of leaving until…well, until you came along. I didn’t want to raise you in Ameria, I wanted to keep where a normal elf should stay. In Middle Earth. I was a lord in Middle Earth actually. A WEALTHY lord, so it didn’t really bother me the expenses of going back…”

“Could you get on with the actual story and not your money?” Alianasti interrupted.

“Alright!!!” Valmestri replied angrily, yet remorsefully.”Where was I? Oh yes!!! When we found out that your mother was pregnant, with you of course, for she couldn’t of possibly had any more children…we decided to stay in America and try to raise you the, well, American way. Well, your mother was always pretty weak, very sickly actually, but never realized the strain of child birth. So she unfortunately died in the process of that, leaving a father with a tiny daughter to care for. I was so scared at the thought of raising you by myself, so I put you up for adoption, the Nichols adopted you, and, well, I came back to Middle Earth.” Valmestri had tears of regret in is eyes for the memory of even doing such a stupid thing as that.

Alianasti sat deep in thought when she was jolted out of that because her horse had just gone over a rather large bump in the road. “Oh, father!!!” she cried.”Why would you do such a thing as that?!”

“I was young, embarassed at the thought of raising a little girl all by myself I guess, but now your back where you should be!!!” Valmestri said, emphasizing those last words, by leaning over and giving Alianasti a big hug. Alianasti gave one back, yet didn’t really mean it. You would feel the same too I guess, after being stolen back from the only family you ever had and pushed into realization that they weren’t actually your REAL family, but that they were an adoptive one and that your father was a real money hungry coward.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you!!!” Valmestri said, adding the fact that he loved her.

Alianasti sat there, pondering the subject and quietly adding, “I guess I could learn to love you…” but being interrupted at that thought by the sound of trumpets, halting them, for it was rather late in the day and they were now setting up camp. Valmestri and Alianasti hopped off their horses and Alianasti was about to reach to help somebody with a rather heavy load, but Valmestri stopped her, saying, “You are a lady of the court of Thranduil, you are not to lift a finger!!! You have servants!!!” With that Valmestri pointed towards a circle of maidens and a few men, all waiting for the very hint of a request from Alianasti.

“Oh,” she said,”I’d much rather do things for myself…”

“Oh good! We have an easy one,” one of the servants whispered to the other one.

“Ha! I wouldn’t really say that now,” Alianasti said, for she heard what the maid said.”You might have a very hard time trying to get me to stay indoors and do all of that stuff that you’d expect a lady to do.” She’s like her mother in every attribute! Except for looks…Valmestri thought, surveying his daughter, after looking her up and down.


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