Alianasti Found – [I]I know what really happened to your mother.[/I]

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She came out of her tent, now an elven lady, no longer an American teenage-girl.

Alianasti looked around and saw that there was now a large bonfire in the middle of the camp, and by it people were preparing various foods and stuff. Alianasti walked up to the fire and started warming her hands. Somebody then walked up to her and informed her that they were having dinner in the large tent which she saw immediately. She stepped inside and right as she stepped in, she smelled the most delicious smells you could imagine! She thought that they must of been having a feast or something, but it was actually just any regular elven meal. As she was looking around the room she saw that there was a large table at which many people, including her father at the head, were seated. Since there was an empty spot by his right side, she figured out that that was obviously made for her. She then made her way to the seat, excused herself for being late, and sat down. Her father then announced that all were able to eat, and the meal began.

As the night grew on, so did each course. The first course, consisted of wine and cheeses, the most excellent might I add; that course of course being a appetizer. The second, was various fruits, including white grapes, watermelon, and slices of apples. The third course, was the most excellent. It was perfectly roasted lamb(on a spit of course, for there is no better way to make it), potatoes, a delicious sort of pasta, which is hand-made and takes a while to prepare, and the most deliciously smelling drink that Alianasti had ever tasted! The fourth, of course, being the dessert, was a delicious fruit shaped chocolate, in which the center was pure cane-syrup, which had a wonderful strawberry sort of taste to it. After supper, the real fun began.

They all went outside and lo and behold, there were minstrels of all types standing on a sort of stage, and many seats in a circle around the bonfire. Everybody took a seat around the fire, and there the minstrels each sang a song, or told a story, or played on a instrument, many of which Alianasti had never seen or heard from in her entire life. The first minstrel, sang a short piece of the song of Beren and Luthien; which grieved Alianasti much for inside of her she had the heart of a elf, and she had never heard that song sung before, but only read it. The second, sang a more cheerful tune, maybe something of the hobbits, but it made everybody happy, again. The third, was Alianasti’s favorite. She, yes, it was a she, sang of the War of the Ring, of how the hobbit Frodo and his eight companions all fought their own battles, and Frodo with the help of Samwise Gamgee, destroyed the One Ring. Alianasti cried and laughed, for it was such a wonderful thing to hear the woman singing of that epic journey. Well, as the fourth came, everybody got up for they knew what was going to happen next…all except for Alianasti. Valmestri nudged her and whispered,”Now is the best part.” All of a sudden all of the remaing minstrels and the others that had already spoken started playing a lively dance tune and before Alianasti knew it, she was grabbed by both hands by somebody and was twirled around like a rag doll. She soon caught on to all the various dance moves, for the elves didn’t really have specific things you did, you just did what you felt like.

Well, the night wore on, and everybody soon stopped dancing to bid goodnight to each other. Alianasti went back to her tent and started getting dressed into some night clothes which she had also found in the trunk. She hopped in bed, grabbed her book bag, took her C.D.’s out, her C.D. player, and started listening to music. Well, an hour wore on and she soon fell asleep.

“WAKE UP!” shouted a person who was shaking Alianasti and splashing water on her face. Alianasti sat up immediately, sputtered, rubbed her eyes and looked at the person with the most evil of looks.

“I’m sorry my lady, but you’ve slept in!” the same girl as who had come into her room the day before said as she left the tent. Alianasti hopped out of bed, put on a riding outfit, grabbed her bookbag, and left the tent. Everybody was hustling and bustling just like the day before when they were setting up camp, except for the fact that it looked like somebody had taken a remote and put on rewind.

Alianasti went and tacked up Rocky. On her saddle she found a note on which was from the girl that had come into her room the day before. It was written in these words:

My dearest lady,
I do not wish to sound harsh or anything else that you may suspect, but your father is a liar. I know what really happened to your mother. Please do not talk to me about anything other than my work, or your wishes on something else. In other words, do not ever confront me on this subject, I will confront you.

Your faithful servant,

Well, soon enough, when it was about 9 A.M. everything was all packed up again, and they were on their way again. Alianasti was riding beside her father just as the day before. Nobody really talked for about the first hour. But soon enough Alianasti broke the peace.”What was mum like?”

Her father was surprised, for he didn’t really expect that she’d ask that question so soon.”Well,” he said,”she was the most wonderful person in the world.”

“Really?” Alianasti asked with the most sincereness in her voice and bright blue eyes.

“Yes, she was…well, just like you.” That compliment really astonished Alianasti. She really started thinking of who was the real liar. Her father or Alenyarlien.

Well, the time wore on, and woods thinned, until there were no longer any woods, but they were now trotting along a dust road with beautiful fields of corn on one side and wildflowers on the other. Alianasti could see little people in the corn fields tending to it, picking corn, and doing other similair tasks.

On the other side where the grass grew high, and there were many different kinds of wildflowers, and there were butterflies fluttering about, they saw little children playing and running about. When the children saw the elves, they all stopped and watched carefully as the elves all passed by. It was such a grand entourage as the elves had. Many people on horses, or being led by horses, and many different carts of different shapes and sizes, and many people walking behind, and riding behind; the little children were stupified, for they had obviously never seen anything like it before.

Well, they soon passed over a bridge, and they were then inside Hobbiton, where all the business and things like that went on. There were fat hobbits everywhere, drinking beer, smoking pipes, playing chess, buying pigs, it was just so wonderful to see all of those little ordinary things going on in Hobbiton. They soon started ascenting a hill, and as they winded up it and stuff they saw many adorable hobbit-holes, and hobbits, and them tending their gardens and things. And goats getting into the flower-beds and the hobbit-mums all coming out screaming the goats away. One incident was extremely funny.

You see, hobbits love to smoke, and well, they do it so well that they often find asleep. Well, that very thing had happened. And the poor fat old hobbit man had probably been asleep for about a hour. Well, his pipe tobacco had soon all been burned up, and the pipe started catching on fire. Well, it was on fire soon enough, when all of a sudden it ignited into flames and started burning the poor man’s beard up! Well, he was soon awoken and started screaming like a little girl. When all of a sudden, Alianasti hopped off her horse, grabbed a bucket of water she had spied, and thrust it upon the man’s face. Well, the man was grateful for that, but very surprised that a complete stranger, an elf in that case, had saved him. Now, you might not know this, but hobbits are a very prideful folk, and some of them might not take an incident like that too well. Well, Alianasti just walked back and hopped onto her horse and got back on her way. She knew that the man was going to by dumbfounded for a little bit. And so they passed up the hill, and were soon knocking on the door of Samwise Gamgee.


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