Alianasti found – “Are we there yet?!” all the children screamed.

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Chapter 1

The Nichols family, consisting of the father, John, the mother, Wendy, the eldest child, Dennis(17), the middle child, Abby(15), and the youngest child, Joseph(13) are finally coming back to their homeland of the Americas. But, they find out that they’re about to be on the most mixed up and backwards time of their lives……

“Are we there yet?!” all the children screamed.

“No,” said an annoyed mother.

“Are we there yet?!” all the children screamed once again.


“Are we there yet?!”

“NO!!! And if ya’ll don’t shutup NOW you’re all grounded from life for a month!!!” said an agitated father, who didn’t really mean it.

“I think we should shutup now,” Joseph whispered to Dennis, which the eldest nodded with approval. The middle child, Abby, just sat there bored for life. ‘Why must I always be stuck on some stupid vacation?’ she questioned herself. She got up out of her seat to walk on the deck and look at the surroundings, hoping to see land.

Suddenly one of the crew, which was a rather peculiar crew, shouted, “Land ho!!!” At that, the ship suddenly became alive. It actually wasn’t a very large ship, all it had was about six or seven families on it. Everyone started rushing towards the railings to get a glimpse of the little spec of land. Suddenly(sorry for all the suddenlys), somebody grabbed Abby and a few other people rushed into her families quarters and grabbed them too. They tied them up against the mast and started all talking, sailor and traveller alike, in a different and strange language, something of which none of the Nichols had ever heard spoken.

“Now,” one of the more distinguished looking travellers said in english,”we will discuss our terms.”

“Terms?!” John yelled,”for what?! Get us out of here!”

“You’re daughter, ‘Abby’, knows something that she doesn’t know she knows,” the man said.

“He’s babbling about something, I just know it!” Joseph whispered to himself.

“Shutup Joe!!!” Abby said, nudging her little brother in the ribs. Joseph winced and remained quiet. The man, seeing that the children were done squabbling, resumed.

“You are to give me your daughter, and we will send you and the rest of your family back home. But you all must remain quiet and if any one were to ask about your “daughter”, you must say that she is with relatives, and no further than that,” the man said, thinking that they woul bow to his request.

“What?!” screamed the father.”I am NOT letting my little girl go!!!”

“Your little girl?! Shut your mouth old man!!!” With that one of the men from the crew grabbed Abby and forced her down into a rowboat with a few other men and the one who seemed to be in charge, and started rowing towards land which was now very close.

“Some good will come out of this, I jus know it!!!” Abby screamed as she was rowed further, and further away from her family, of whom was now crying angrily on the ship.

“Now, that your finally away from those fakes, I will tell you the truth about you,” the leader said.”Oh, and by the way, you will soon come to love me and know me as your father, Valmestri.”

Abby looked questioningly at him and darest not say anything for fear that something even worse might happen.

“Your real name, is Alianasti. And how you came to be with the Nichols family, I will tell you once we arrive on shore(which would be Middle Earth).”

Well, that only took about fifteen minutes and Abby, now Alianasti, found herself in the midst of hundreds of people, who seemed to be elves, by their pointy ears and fairy-like attire, all inspecting HER strange attire(which consisted of jeans and a t-shirt). She was finally dragged from the crowd and put on top of a beautiful black horse, which she latter named Rocky(for she loved Sylvester Stallone, ). When she was placed on top of the horse(which was a little bit too big for she was very short and the horse was 17 and a half hands, she discovered that she had her junk bag on her back!!! Now, her junk bag consists of her c.d. case(which has almost any c.d. you could think of in it), her c.d. player, a few books, and junk food. Thus, junk bag(a.k.a. Bob).

Well, as soon as they had gotten down a road a little ways, of which was starting to go into a forest, Valmestri pulled up beside Alianasti.

“Finally time to tell you your story. Are you ready for it?” he said.

“I am ready,” Alianasti said assuredly.


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