Alianasti Found – Alianasti was…found!!!

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“Ha! I wouldn’t really say that now,” Alianasti said, for she heard what the maid said.”You might have a very hard time trying to get me to stay indoors and do all of that stuff that you’d expect a lady to do.” She’s like her mother in every attribute! Except for looks…Valmestri thought, surveying his daughter, after looking her up and down.


The maids just sat gawking with their mouths wide open until Alianasti interrupted their silence by adding,”Oh yeah, quit gawking and get to work!” With that all of her employees were hustling and bustling faster than you could snap your fingers. Alianasti luckily was still holding her book-bag when all of a sudden one of the servants grabbed ahold of it trying to look at the contents of this unidentifiable object. Alianasti who was used to the life where if somebody is tugging at your bag you beat ’em up, semi-accidentally semi-purposely jabbed the poor maid in the face, and when realizing where she had gone wrong, started running around looking for a cooler to get some ice out of. During that whole process, poor Valmestri, actually thought the whole incident hilarious, and was later found wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

Alianasti finally jumped up from helping the maid, when she realized that there wasn’t any ice and all she could do is ask if it hurt, and started wandering around the shady glen where they had set up camp. “So…where are we in Middle-earth exactly?” she asked of Valmestri when she had found him sitting around.

“We are on the out-skirts of the Shire, where, as you probably don’t know, the Hobbits live. Now, hobbits are just like humans except for the fact that they live a little bit longer and usually only measure up to about 3’10. From there we will probably pass by the home of Samwise Gamgee, and on through, take a pit-stop in Rivendell, and onto Mirkwood,” Valmestri answered smoothly.

“Oh!” Alianasti answered with a look of surprise on her face, even though she already knew what everything was for, she had only read the book the Lord of the Rings a kajillion times, but she didn’t want anybody to know that Middl-Earth, was actually believed as a fairy tale, so she played stupid. “And what’s this place Mud…oh I forget…”

“Mirkwood,” her father corrected.

“Ah! Mirkwood, what’s Mirkwood like?”

“It is one of the two remaining elven kingdoms in Middle-Earth.”

“Oh! Really?”

“Really, really.”

“So I assume that there are some cute elf guys around there?” she said with a delightfully innocent look on her face, one of which no parent could resist.

Valmestri laughed richly and said,”We will find out when we get there. Will that content you?”

“Will it ever!!!” Alianasti said enthusiasticly as she walked to her tent and jumped on the bed that was made for her.Well, she sat there for a few minutes and got bored of just..well, sitting there, so she got up and spied a interesting looking trunk. She opened it up and inside were the most beautiful gowns and things she had ever seen. She started rummaging carefully through it and the deeper she got, the more she liked it. Well, she was pretty contented, for her bed was now covered in hunting outifts, ball gowns, dresses, skirts, shirts, leggings, boots, jewelry and almost anything that could be called pretty(at least all beautiful from Middle-Earth), when all of a sudden she heard somebody cough a little and say,”Your father got all of that stuff ready made for you.” Alianasti turned around and one of her maids as she assumed, was standing in the doorway. This maid though, she never really noticed, until whn she got a chance to look at her then, she wasn’t but three or four years older than her.

“I’m sorry for interrupting you now miss,” she said as she started leaving the room. Alianasti couldn’t do anything but just let her leave for she couldn’t beleive that they had put a young lady under her charge that was only a little older than herself! But, that could easily leave the mind of a teen who just found a trunk of the latest Middle-Earth fashions, as happened sooner than she thought. She was now engaged in trying on very many different outfits when she heard what she assumed the dinner bell. She came out of her tent, now a elven lady, no longer an American teenage-girl.


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