Aliana’s Destiny – Chapter Two

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With a start she woke up, and looked wildly around her. Farion was near her side pacing nervously. Everything looked the same, but she felt that something was out of place. Then she realized that all was quiet. No birds singing, no trees talking in the breeze. She knew that something evil would cross her path this day. Quietly she jumped on Farion’s back. Aliana smoothed her hand down his neck and whispered in his ear, “Do not fear, my loyal friend. We will leave this place and put many miles behind us.” She turned him around and headed back in the direction they came from.
She rode hard and soon had crossed the river Limlight and was headed deep into the rolling hills of the Wold. Aliana had Galadriel’s words running through her head. Was her vision real? What could Galadriel have meant by her having a great purpose? How could she, one who really didn’t belong anywhere, do anything even remotely great? Aliana came to the last group of trees before she could cut across the meadow that would put her close to home when she heard many footsteps in front of them. She brought Farion to a sudden stop and sat quietly to listen. Oh, how she wished she had the ears of the elves. They would have been more use to her now than her own mortal hearing. All of a sudden she heard noises coming from the patch of trees in front of her. Someone was having a conversation.
“Do they really think we’ll find anything of interest in this place? It looks to me like we’ve taken all that could be useful already.”
“You know better than to question Ugluk’s orders. We will do as we’re told. Hopefully we will come across some meat soon. We haven’t eaten in days. All this marching has made me hungry!”
A terrible smell came to Aliana. She could remember the smell, but was not sure from where. All of a sudden the two beings that she had heard conversing came thru the trees in front of her. The orcs were as surprised to see a woman in front of them as she was to see them. Many memories flooded into her head. Memories of looking out of her hiding place in the tree her mother had set her in and seeing orcs looking much the same as these two slay her beloved parents. The thoughts that swarmed her were too much to keep her head clear enough to think. She jumped off Farion’s back and drew her sword, lunging toward them. The next thing she knew she was on the ground and Farion was running clear of the terrible orcs. She rolled to the side and was barely missed by the larger orc’s blade. She jumped to her feet to parry the orc’s thrusts. The smaller orc took advantage of her being on the defense, waited for the right moment and stabbed her in the side. A searing pain broke thru her body. Aliana looked down and saw that the wound was not very deep, but it had a strange black liquid oozing from it. The bigger orc stopped him. “Wait, we will take her back to Ugluk and let him decide what to do with her. Maybe she is a friend of the 2 hobbits. Maybe she is as important as they are”.
“Hobbits?” she thought to herself. She had read stories of them, but it didn’t make sense that they would be found so far south from their homelands.
“Stand up mortal” the smaller orc leered at her as he kicked at her. Thru the pain, she managed to bring herself to her feet and they pushed her into the clearing beyond the trees. A group of about 50 orcs were waiting. The biggest walked up to her. “And what do we have here”, he said with a leering smile.
“Ugluk, we found her just beyond those trees”, the smaller orc said, pointing. “Maybe she is as important as the hobbits?” he said, hoping to score points.
“Bring her along, and we’ll let Saruman decide. If she’s not, we’ll have sweet meat for a welcoming home dinner”.
Aliana felt a blackness overtaking her. She didn’t know it but the sword that she had been stabbed with was covered in orc poison.
“Noro-orme, voronda nildo. Hir Altariel. Aa’ I Vala varya lle,” she said, hoping it would carry on the wind to Farion’s ears. At this, she fell to the ground surrounded in blackness.
“Hmmm”, said Ugluk. “A mortal speaking elvish. There is something more to this mortal than meets the eye. Saruman will definitely want to question this one. Up you fools! We have no more time to waste!”
Ugluk picked up Aliana and threw her over his shoulder. He walked over to where two orcs were standing, each with a hobbit on its back. He pointed to a third orc and demanded, “You…..carry this hideous mortal”. With that, he threw her to the ground and walked away.

Noro-orme, voronda nildo. Hir Altariel. Aa’ I Vala varya lle= Ride with haste, faithful friend. Find Galadriel. May the Vala protect you.


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