Aliana’s Destiny – Chapter Thirty

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Aliana awoke in mid flight, her eyes slowly bringing into focus what must have been the dead marshes flying by her view. She was careful not to move as she did not want the nazgul to realize she was awake. Desperately she closed her eyes and focused on the blackness. But she was too frightened to hone in on Legolas’ heartbeat. Finally she cried out in her mind for him, hoping he would hear her.
“Legolas! I do not know where he takes me. Please, my prince, hear my call! I am not strong enough to endure this fate!” A haunting laugh echoed in her ears from above her.
“If he hearssss your call, it issss only because I allow it. I will allow it when I am ready to tear hissss heart from hissss chesssst!”
Tears streaked down her face and fell to the earth. As she tried to decipher where she was, she could see a city in ruins on a river below her and a huge white city with many levels built into the side of the mountain in the distance. She recognized it instantly from what Sauron had shown her. It was Minas Tirith. She was so close to where her destination should have been. But she knew she would never reach it. Her captor would have to leave her alone at some point. At that time she would call to her prince again. She would call to him until he answered her, however long it would take.
Aliana felt the quick descent in the pit of her stomach. It took everything in her to stop the contents in her stomach from coming back up. All of a sudden she came to an abrupt stop. The witch king grabbed her by the hair and pulled her from the beast, throwing her to the ground in front of him.
“Welcome home, my lady,” he hissed at her as he pointed at something behind her. She turned in the direction he pointed and felt her heart drop. In front of her was a massive black mountain range. In front of the tallest mountain stood a tall black fortress. It stood taller than the white city of Minas Tirith. She could feel evil emanating from the black walls. There were no windows except for one at the top floor. She was sure that the window had been placed there to keep watch on the white city. As she felt total despair overcome her, the witch king’s terrible laugh filled her ears. Another laugh that she had grown used to hearing on the wind joined in. As fear drenched her soul, she felt the blackness take her as she fainted.

Legolas was seated on a box trying to enjoy the smooth motion of being on water. It had been quite a long week for the three of them. They had left for Minas Tirith with the king leading the rohirrim to answer the call from Gondor. Elrond had paid Aragorn a visit in the encampment, bringing him Narsil reforged. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli had journeyed to find the undead, and find them they did. Deep in the mountain Aragorn called on them to answer the call of the King of Gondor and after the persuasion of Narsil, they now found themselves on a ship headed for Minas Tirith. What a surprise they would bring to battle, as the orcs would expect mercenaries to be aboard. The prince relished in this thought. They were bringing the army that would turn the tides on evil. It would soon be nothing more than a memory. And he would be free to return to his own life.
Legolas had not thought on his elfish life in a long time. How good it would feel to return to Mirkwood forest. How good it would feel to see his father again. How good it would be to spend time with Aliana without so much turmoil around them. The thought of her brought a pain to his heart. He could still feel her pain. He knew he would do everything possible to remove it. They would enjoy their time… least until they were parted. He vowed to himself not to think on that while they were together. He would let nothing stand in the way of their happiness while they were together.
A sudden chill went down the prince’s spine. Something was amiss. He looked around and saw everything the same as it was a few minutes earlier. But no matter how everything looked, he knew something was wrong. As he honed in all of his senses, he stood and walked to the side of the ship to get a better view of their surroundings. Aragorn and Gimli had been seated not too far off engaged in conversation and had noticed Legolas’ nervousness. They walked up behind him, Aragorn took to his left and Gimli took his right.
“What do you see,” asked Aragorn, himself now feeling something strangely amiss.
“It is not clear,” Legolas trailed off, trying to concentrate. After not seeing with his eyes what he was looking for, he closed them to bring his other senses sharper. He instantly entered the blackness and concentrated.
He could feel her heartbeat, but it was racing wildly. He called to her in his mind but there was no response.
“Aliana,” the prince whispered. He fought to keep the link open.
“What do you see, laddie?” implored Gimli. The worry in the dwarf’s eyes was almost as great in comparison to Aragorn’s.
Quietly he focused. He felt her running swiftly, then he felt her fall. He felt the strong hand that picked her up off the ground. Then something he did not expect happened. A blurry light came into view. As it focused, the witch king was standing before him. He was seeing through Aliana’s eyes! He felt her fight with everything in her. And he saw the massive armored glove strike her. He felt the strike as if it were him that was facing the black rider. All went black and he lost touch with Aliana as he stammered backwards. Aragorn and Gimli both reached out and helped Legolas retain his balance.
Legolas slowly opened his eyes.
“What did you see,” asked Aragorn, afraid of the answer.
“The witch king of Angmar.” Legolas clenched his eyes shut for a moment. When he opened them he found the courage to look into Aragorn’s eyes.
After seeing what lay in Legolas’ eyes, Aragorn did not ask for further details. After several moments of silence, Aragorn finally spoke.
“Sauron will pay for this with his life.” He finally looked at Legolas. “We will kill him before any harm befalls her.”


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