Aliana’s Destiny – Chapter One

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It was a bright beautiful spring morning. With her long brown hair flowing in the breeze behind her, Aliana rode upon her steed, Farion. They were both taking in the wonderful smells and sounds of the forest in bloom. This had become a ritual that started when she was 8 and still living among the Firstborn. It was the one thing that she looked forward to every spring to remind herself of the wonderful years she had spent with them.
The forest also brought back memories of her parents who had been passed for so many years. She could hear her mother’s laughter in the tree branches as she brushed past. When she was little it used to make her sad, but with the years Aliana became to appreciate these memories and visions that came to her in these woods.
Aliana had been only 4 when her and her parents were attacked close to these woods of Lorien. The orcs showed no mercy to her parents and she would have perished herself if her mother would not have hidden her well. The small Aliana wandered for 3 days in the forest until the lady of the wood came across her. Galadriel took her back to Caras Galadhon and raised Aliana as her own child until she was 16.
“Arda, can you tell me what the mortals are like?” she used to ask, more frequently as she grew older. Aliana had always been aware that she was different from the elves, even though they treated her as one of them. She learned everything the other elves her size learned. She was six when she started learning of the old writings, while the rest of her classmates were two hundred years old. She could ride as well as the other children, could fire a bow better than most of them, but no matter how hard she tried, her footsteps were always harder than everyone else. She could not hear her friends sneaking up on her and try as she would, they would always know when she tried to turn the tides on them. But this mortal had a fire in her eyes. She had an inner strength that could not be denied. By the time she reached 16, she was as great a warrior as the rest of the young adult elves. Galadriel knew she was special, that she had a great meaning to her life. Galadriel smiled approvingly as she watched Aliana grow into the woman she needed to be.
But as she grew older, Aliana thought more and more about her own people. Before her seventeenth birthday, her differences weighed deeply on her mind. One morning while Aliana was strolling through Galadriel’s private garden, Galadriel called Aliana to her side.
“My child, you know I hold nothing but love in my heart for you, do you not?” Galadriel asked with a sad look in her eyes. Aliana looked deep inside her and could see the turmoil within her mother’s soul.
“Of course I do. And I love you. Why do you carry such a burden today, arda?”
“Aliana, I have watched you this last year struggle with your feelings. I know you have many questions about your people. I have put much thought into this, and I feel it would be best for you to have answers to your questions. I feel it is time for you to return to the life of the Secondborn.”
Aliana watched a tear trail down Galadriel’s cheek. As she looked into Galadriel’s eyes once again she knew it was a great sacrifice for Galadriel to make, to give up one she thought of as her own to let Aliana find peace in her heart. She appreciated and loved her arda even more for this.
Aliana spent the rest of the spring in this place that she had called home for so long. The night before her departure a great feast was held for her. In the morning, a small party was assembled and guided her across the river Limlight and to a small village in the southern area of the Wold named Vaneril, a town that Galadriel had seen in her visions. She was quickly taken in by the Lady Athorn, who had lived on the edge of Vaneril by herself for many years. Lady Athorn was happy to have the company. Here Aliana lived until the present, which was now her 24th year.
Her life with her own kind was much different than she had dreamed. Even though they were her own kind, they treated her as an out cast. After the first summer in this new place, she quit trying to fit in and grew accustomed to spending her time alone.
Aliana spent all her spare time riding Farion, which had been a present from Celeborn on her 15th birthday. She would ride out to the fields with her bow and sword and work on the skills that the elves had taught her. She didn’t understand why she felt that it was so important to keep up on her skills, but she didn’t question it.
Ever since she had come to this place, she often had dreams of a young warrior with flowing blonde hair and the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Every morning after this dream she would wake with a smile on her face.
“And what has put you in such a good mood this morning”, Lady Athorn would ask. “Today might be the day” Aliana would reply.
“The day for what, my sweet girl?”
“The day all my dreams come true”, she would say with a dreamy look in her eye. Lady Athorn would smile and leave Aliana to her thoughts. This had become their ritual.

Aliana had ridden all morning and finally came to the river Nimrodel. She lowered herself from Farion and led him to the bank to fill his thirst. This spring seemed lovelier than any she could remember. The flowers were more sweetly scented and the trees seemed to speak louder as she rode by. She was hoping to come across Lorien elves so she could ask about her elfin mother. She longed to feel a part of something again, like she did among the Firstborn. But she had never went back to visit. Every time she entered these woods and headed towards her long ago home, a voice would come into her head telling her, “You know you are not one of them. You belong with your own kind. The elves do not want an outsider.” Aliana would finally give in to the voice, which was the case even now. She laid down in the sweet grass and closed her eyes. Soon sleep overtook her.
She found herself in a dream that was familiar. Aliana found herself in Galadriel’s private garden once again. Galadriel was standing in front of her.
“My child”, she started, “I taught you the ways of the elves for a reason. A great evil is threatening all of Middle Earth. It was not by chance that your parents were slain by orcs. If they find you, you will suffer the same fate. There is much about your lineage that I did not tell you, my child. It was the only way to keep you safe. This evil now threatens to wipe out all that you hold dear. Be strong and be cautious. Follow your visions for your life has a great purpose. Stay true to your heart and follow all that is good. Always know that my heart is with you. You are destined for greatness. Stay true to your path, my child, no matter how much evil encompasses you. I love you Aliana, my blessing of the Vala”.


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