Aliana’s Destiny Chapter 32

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I know it’s been a long time since I have added chapters. My life went through a lot of changes over the last year…..alot of ups and downs, but finally I am happy! 🙂
I’m hoping some of my old friends are still here to read this latest chapter, and I’m hoping there will be new people that will like my story. It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything and I’m a little rusty so please be kind 😉

Like a veil had been lifted, Aliana slowly regained her senses. Her last memories played in her head reminding her of the dilemma she was in. She opened her eyes and looked around the small room. It was a small dark cave with an iron bar door across the opening. Light filtered in through the bars from somewhere far off, giving only enough light to see that she was alone. The ceiling was so high that she could not see the top. There were no furnishings and it looked like no one had been in this place in hundreds of years as there were cobwebs covering the walls. Aliana was lying on the dirt floor against the back wall. One of her captors ran by her door and she could hear yelling in their own black speech off in the distance. It sounded like something had alarmed them, filling her with hope. She closed her eyes and focused once again on the blackness. Her heartbeat came into focus, beating nice and strong. She waited but found no sign of him. Aliana brought herself back to her surroundings and finally found the courage to move.
She slowly sat up making sure she made no noise. Another Uruk-hai ran by the door and quickly fell out of view. She could hear someone shouting orders now, but the voices were still far away. Rising to her feet, she slowly followed the wall until she stood to the right of the door. She peered out to the left but could see nothing but a small section of the stone hallway. Carefully she moved in front of the door and peered to the right. The light was obviously coming from up the hall to the right for it was easier to see. But again, there was nothing.
Sounds came down the hall and she quickly moved back against the wall. She held her breath as she realized whoever it was stopped at her cell. As the bar securing the door moved it squealed so high that she moved her hands to her ears. The door swung open and a smaller orc entered with something in its twisted hands.
It looked around the cave and eyed her against the wall through the bars of the door that stood between them. It sneered at her and set what she could now tell was a bowl down in the middle of the small room. Coming back to the door, it sneered at her once more.
“I knew the death of the witch king would waken you. Too bad for you. Your wait would have been easier in slumber.” Drool fell from his lip as he spoke.
“You will die with the rest when they come for me,” She spat at him, feeling fear from the look she saw in his eyes.
Laughing he finished, “No one will find you here. You are in the darkest depths of the world. Anything that comes here is lost forever. By the time Master arrives, your heart will be glad to see him!” Again his laughter filled the room as he stepped out and slammed the door shut behind him, sending her hands to her ears again as he secured it.
Leaving the bowl untouched, she moved back to the place where she woke. Sliding down the wall, she sat on the dirt floor and pulled her knees into her chest. Laying her head on her knees, she focused on the blackness. She decided to stay in this place until she found his heartbeat, no matter how long it took.

As Eowyn stood with her sword in hand looking down on the Witchking himself, she suddenly realized that Aliana’s words had finally come to pass. Even though Eowyn had to hide her identity on the battlefield, she had felt a freedom she had never experienced before. She had allowed the rage that had been pent up inside her all her life to flow through her sword as each enemy that came upon her met their doomed fate. And as she faced this new opponent she knew he was the reason she was here……she knew this moment was her destiny.
“No man can kill me”, the witchking taunted.
Eowyn removed her helm finally letting her hair escape to flow behind her. The breeze felt good upon her face and neck.
“I am no man” she simply replied, lifting her sword high above her head. As she brought her sword swiftly down she could hear someone familiar yell out from across the field. She did not let it sway her from her mark and guided her blade into the faceless void in front of her. For a split second all seemed to go quiet and calm. As she waited anxiously, the witchking let out a slight shiver. The next thing she knew, Eowyn was knocked to the ground as a blinding light shot forth from the void and the witchking imploded in front of her.
As Eowyn had stood in front of the witchking with her sword drawn high above her, she had caught the attention of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. The three of them fought frantically through the battlefield all trying to reach her before it was too late. Aragorn had hoped for the chance to come face to face himself with the wicked nazgul king, he had hoped for a confrontation that might possibly bring his little sister back to him. Legolas was sure if he could run his own blades thru the witchking he would break the hold on Aliana and be able to reconnect with her once again. He had silently vowed that if he could connect with her once more he would not lose that bond until she was standing beside them….beside him. Gimli only knew in his heart that the witchking was the only link to find his new friend and companion that had come to mean almost as much to him as she meant to his dearest friends.
As the three of them watched in horror as the lady’s blade found its mark, it was as if all hope had been carried off on the wind.

As they stood together in the high council chambers relishing over the victory that had finally been won, each had an air of sadness about them as each of them had lost something or someone important from this war.
“The battle here has been won, but the war is far from over. Middle Earth is not safe as long as Sauron dwells on this land”, Gandalf said wisely.
“Truer words have never been spoken”, whispered Legolas, more to himself than to anyone around him. He stood at the window looking out at the stars, his thoughts heavy with worry. Gimli stood nearby, torn between his two friends. As deep as he could see the sorrow written on his elvish friend, it was as deep on the ranger. Gimli knew Legolas’ thoughts were on one person, where he could see Aragorn’s thoughts reel between both women in his life. Gimli brought himself into the conversation going between the other men present, hoping his voice would pull his two friends back to the matter in front of them.

Aliana did not notice the movement in the gaping ceiling as she concentrated as hard as she could. She honed in on her quickly beating heart and worked on controlling her breathing to slow it down. Slowly, she brought her heartbeat to normal, concentrating on every beat as it seemed to pound in her head. On the fifth loud beat, another heart beat in unison with her, filling her with hope. Concentrating harder, she brought her heartbeat a little slower still. One beat……two beats…..three beats…..four……again, another heart rang in her head. Again and again she counted the beats, another heart coming into unison with her every four or five beats. Aliana desperately cried out into the void.
“Legolas! Please! Please hear me!”

“What is it? What do you see?” implored Aragorn, as he watched the elf prince concentrating on something that was not there.
On whispered breath he replied, “She is here. She is weak, but she is alive.”
“Aliana, we are coming for you. Stay with me and I will come for you.”

An erie laugh rang through Aliana’s head.
“Legolas!” she cried out once more.
As she heard the laughter once again, it brought her back to her immediate surroundings. As her confusion subsided she realized that the laughter was no longer in her head… was coming from the ceiling. Aliana opened her eyes and slowly looked up. Through the darkness she could see something stirring, coming lower and lower. She knew it would only be a few moments until it would be on top of her.
“Aliana!!!” she heard from across the void.
“Your bond is strong, but I am stronger. My prince, you are too late. You will witness my wrath as I place her somewhere where you will not reach her. There she will stay until I physically take her for my own. My prince, you have lost. Middle Earth has lost. And now I will feel your heart wrenched from you as I tear her away from you…..for eternity!” called out Sauron, letting his voice ring through the void.
As the ceiling came down upon Aliana, she realized her chamber was filling with an orange smoke. She held her breath as long as she could, calling out to her prince to save her. As she finally let the smoke fill her lungs, she was overtaken with despair as she felt her prince torn away from her.


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