Afterward-Master Warden

by Mar 7, 2004Stories

Quietly, I slipped out of the gardens unnoticed by Eowyn and Faramir. My heart was full of joy. I brought these two together
and now they are happy again. Hoping they wouldn’t notice,
I left for the Houses and pretended to mind my own buisiness. I kept myself occupied by making it look like
I was signing various documents.
After an hour or so, Eowyn and Faramir arrived at my
room holding hands and their faces glowing.
“Here is the Lady Eowyn of Rohan, and now she is healed.”
“Then I release her from my charge and bid her farewell, and may she suffer now hurt or sickness again. I commend her to the care of the Steward of the City, untill her brother returns.”
I said. They had no idea that I knew what they were doing. I did not bring uo the subject, for they might think of me as an
They both smiled and Eowyn looked up to Faramir and said,”Yet now I have the leave to depart, I would remain. For this House has become to me the most blessed. Thank you Master Warden for all of your tender loving care.” And she gave me a courtsey and departed with the Lord Faramir.
After many weeks, Gondor’s rightful king had returned to the White City. His coronation would be held atop the citidal and would be the most magnificent Gondor has seen. Thousands uponthousands of people came to see the king to be crowned. There was a path for the king to walk down and it was lined with soldiers and nobility of Rohan and Gondor alike. Every one hushed when they beheld at last the Lost King of Gondor. It was none other than the Lord Aragorn that I had encountered in the aftermath of the battle. He looked kingly indeed. As he walked down the path in ritual procession, he met Lord Faramir. He kneeled before him and held out a white rod, the rod of the Stewards.
“The last Steward of Gondor begs leave to surrender his office.” said Faramir and he handed the rod to Aragorn.
To his surprise, he handed it back and said,”That office is not ended, and it shall be thine and thy heirs’ as lond as my line shall last. Do now thy office!”
After they had spoken, Faramir shouted many things. I do not remember, I am a cynial old man. But I do remember this. The white wizard Mithrandir and a halfling held the crown above his head and placed it atop his brow.
The wizard than said,”Now come the days of the king, may they be blessed while the thrones of the Valar endure.”
All my life I had waited to see the King of Gondor, and now he stood before me and stood tall and pround like the sea kings of old. At last, I beheld Isildor’s heir, the true king.
After the coronation. I went back to the Houses to tend to the still ailing patients. To my surprise, the doors opened and in walked some guards and none other than the king!
“Master Warden,” said he with a smile.”You have shown much bravery to such dark times, and to that I honor you.”
He gave me a small bow and replied,”I have a small token of appreciation to give you, please kneal.”
I knealed before him and he said,”Now I honor you you by giving you the duty of Cheif Healer and tender to wounds. May you forever have the respect of the people as I do for you.” He let me stand and bowed again before he left.
Now I stand here today, and the people deeply respect me and to this day, I shall never forget what happened at the end of the Third Age. Now the days of the king have come, and I am now an old man, but now, this Warden has beheld the king and lived to tell about it.


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