Aftermath of the Dream – part two

by Jul 8, 2003Stories

Tari was instantly saved at the sound of the telephone ringing. She jumped to her feet and ran to get it. “Hello?”

“Hello Tari, how are you doing at home? Everything alright?”

“Oh yeah Mom… Everything’s fine,” Tari answered nervously. She walked over to the TV and turned it on to the Weather Channel. “Here, watch this for a moment.” she whispered. Tari looked at the face expressions of the fellowship in the room. They all thought she was nuts, she could tell, especially when she was talking to a small object in her hand. She ignored them.

“Do you need anything at the grocery store?” Her mother asked.

“Umm… Orange soda and Pepsi actually. And milk and cheese, and crackers.” I have got to make it long list so she won’t come back so quickly, she thought to herself. “And deli meat, and could I have some… Starbursts, and… grapes and strawberries. And peas and carrots, lots of peas and carrots.”

The door bell rang. “I think that is all, Mom, bye,” and she hung up. She glanced at the men once to see if they were alright then ran to the door.

“Kiki!” she cried at the sight of her best friend standing on her front porch. “Kiki, this is really not the time…”

“Oh yes it is! Let me in! I want to see them!” and she pushed past Tari into her house.

Kiki stood in the living room and gaped at them. They gaped back. “Oh my gosh…”

“Kiki, can I speak to you for a minute?” Tari forced the words out in her anger.

“Wait a minute! I want to speak to them!”

“No!” She tried to stop Kiki, but Gimli and Boromir leaned in eagerly and Aragorn held Tari back.

“Aragorn, you’ll marry Arwen, and be King of Gondor… right after Boromir’s dad goes insane and commits suicide.” Aragorn and Boromir both looked at Kiki in horror at her words. “And then Frodo, you’ll ‘die’ for a little while,” Both Frodo and Sam look at her in horror as well. “Oh Boromir, you’re going to die.” Boromir was about to pass out by this point. “And then Sam will take the Ring and and Gollum will bite off Frodo’s finger! Hooray!” Sam gasped and Frodo looked dumbstruck, but none of this seemed to bother Kiki. She continued: “Oh yeah, and Gandalf does not die! And Faramir is cool! And Legolas acts like a pretty boy in the movie! And Gimli is sexy!”

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang The fellowship stopped staring at Kiki with shocked eyes to see Tari smacking her head against the wall as hard as she possibly could.

“Do not do that milady, you will hurt yourself,” Aragorn said as he gently pulled her out of head’s reach of the wall.

“Oh yes, wouldn’t want to do that,” she muttered sarcasticly. Aragorn looked at her in surprise, she guessed they were not used to sarcasm.

“And,” said Kiki, waiting best for last; “once I get my shipment in for the weapons I ordered, I am going to come back with you!”

“I am afraid that will not be possible, for you are still a ch… I mean a very young lady,” Legolas told her gently.

“WHAT?!? I am so going with you!”

“Legolas is right, you cannot come on our journey with us,” said Gandalf, while Aragorn and Boromir nodded.

“That’s if you can figure out a way to get back! But you can’t. can you? No! You can’t! I don’t know how, Gandalf doesn’t know how, and Kiki doesn’t know how! You’re stuck here forever! I am going to die! A horrible blood-sucking death!” Tari, in a few words, had lost it.

“Calm down, we will find a way to get back,” said Aragorn, holding her firmly in case she decided to do something violent.

The familiar rumble of the garage door opening sounded throughout the house. “Oh great! My mother and sisters are home! Hide!” Tari looked around and decided the best thing to do was hide them in her room, and Kiki and her sister’s room, so she won’t do anything more to the already scarred-for-life men.

“Come quickly!” and they all followed them to her room. Well, it isn’t the cleanest room in the world, she thought as she stuffed them in her somewhat small room. “Oh no no no. You’re going in there,” she said and pointed Kiki toward her sister Janice’s room.

She sighed and ran to the computer where she usually was when her mom came home. There are smart and wise people on the internet! Surely one of them will know what to do! And she went on Tolkien Online for answers to the problems that were in her bedroom.


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