After – Prolouge

by Jun 25, 2004Stories

My dad always told me and my brother stories about the wars that took place before my time.
“You will never have to worry about those things, Eldarien.” He would say to my brother whenever he would pretend to slay and Orc or and Urik-Hai. I would always imagine myself as my mother worrying about my father. Always waking up in the middle of the night, Praying for him to be safe. I wouldn’t have liked it. One day while i was walking, I noticed someone on a horse coming at full speed. I ran inside,
“Huor,” I said, “Someone is coming.”
“Okay little princess.” He said.
Huor was our the head of our army. I don’t really like him but, he is nice to me.
“I need to talk to King Aragorn quick.” The mysterious person said. I turned around to see who it was and it took me by supprise. I ran and jumped in his arms!
“Faramir! what are you doing here?” I asked.
“Well, Larien, I have come to tell your father somthing very exciting!”
“Faramir, how nice of you to come.” My father said.
“Larien go play with your brother.” He told me.
I ran off to go see what he was doing.
I went about halfway and listened in their conversation.
“A whole army of men is coming your way, they speak of wrongdoings of you and your family. They are coming with swords and bows. They are going to try to kill you.”
“Are you sure.”
“Yes, go now, i will stay here until you are gone.”
“No, I will not leave my people to die for somthing i did not do.”
“I will be there for you when you call for help.”
“Thank you.”
And at that Faramir was gone.
I leaned back on the wall, How was i going to tell Eldarien?
I started to think…


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