After – Chapter 1

by Jul 6, 2004Stories

I started to think of a million excuses to tell Eldarien.
“Pack your things Larien, you and your mother are going to Rivendell to visit your uncles.” My father said.
“But dad what about the mob of angry men?” I said.
He looked at me with wild eyes, “You were listening!”
“I couldn’t help it, dad.” I exclaimed.
“Let them come.” he said and stormed off.
I ran after him, “Dad, remember back when you were telling me the stories about the war of the ring, and about Helms Deep and King Theoden. Remember when he said, to let the Orcs come. Well right now dad, your being a King Theoden.”
My dad turned, “You are going to make a great Queen one day. But you also forgot what happened. We won, that battle.”
“I don’t want to go.” I whispered.
“Go pack,” He said saddly and walked away.
I ran to my room and started to pack, I looked at all the paintings on my wall. Paintings that I had made in this room, paintings that my brother or uncles had made.
“I’m not going to let all of this get destroyed.” I thought.
“I’m going to go after the men and find out who’s in charge.”
I ran out of our back door and ran to the stable.
“Elendil, I need a horse I want to go riding.” I told the stable master.
“All right you want you’re traditional one. Brecia?”
“Yes! That would be fine.” I saddled my horse and got on.
“Have a fun ride, my lady.” Elendil said and opened the gate.
I rode out into the sun, I had a long journey ahead of me.

“Larien, come on lets go.” My mother called.
She knocked at the door and opened it.
“Oh, Aragorn!” She yelled.
“Larien is gone.”
Aragorn came running in. “I’ll get some horses, you stay with Eladarien and ask him if he knows anything.”
He ran out of the room and ran to the stable.
“Elendil, I need a horse.” He called.
“Okay which one?”
“Give me Brecia,”
“Larien has that one, she went on a ride.”
“Oh, thats okay.”
He ran back to the castle and went to find Arwen.
“Arwen, shes out riding.”
“Oh well she could tell people,” Eldarien said.
“Go to your room, Eldarien, I’ll deal with you later.”
All was fine in that house until later…

“I bet they are all wondering where I am and my mom is freaking out. I wish I could see there faces again.” Larien said to herself.
She rode some more and stopped on the cliff. She looked down and saw a million men marching toward the drawbridge.
She rode down the path and finally she was on her way to where she needed to be. She was getting nervous but was finally having the adventure her dad got to have.


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