A Walk Through the Woods – Reunions

by Apr 4, 2004Stories

Elebridith walked slowly through the woods of her home of Mirkwood, her long brown hair blowing in the faint breeze. Below her, fallen leaves blew over her feet, and occonisally blew up and brushed over her knees.

She donned masculine garb, that of male elves, for the tradtional garb for she-elves would be to restraintful for her. She was an expert archer, talented in swordsmenship, and a sheild-maiden of Mirkwood.

She had been away from her home for many, many years, decades even. She took in with every breath, the fresh scent of autumn, and enjoyed the firmilair sounds of birds high above her head in the treetops, and a small stream running near by.

She ran her slender hands over the rough bark of the tree, as she weaved in between the trees. Her sword, the Aigaithsol, hung around her shapely waist, with her bow and quiver of arrows strapped on her back for easy access. She made her way through the forset, until she came to a small path.

She whistled loudly for her horse Lemhi, and the carmel colored stallion came galloping towards her. “To the stables boy, you remember the way, don’t you?” She nudged him back into a canter after jumping onto his back.

When they came to a large, stone structure, they were met by a tall, ash haired elven woman, who donned simliar atire to Elebridith’s. “*Aaye.” Ele uttered softly as she jumped off Lemhi.

“Aaye. Do you understand common speech?” the elf asked, brushing down a tall, while horse.

“Yes, I am Elebridith, daughter of Intisel, advisor to King Thrundail.” She said as she grabbed a brush from the shelf, hanging on the stone wall.

The elf stopped brushing quickly, and took three steps towards Elebridith and said “Elebridith? Ele? Do you not remember me? Tis I, Kaiisu!” She exclaimed

“Kaiisu? *Mellonamin! I did not recognize you!” She ran over to her best friends and hugged her. “I have missed you Kaiisu!” Ele exclaimed.


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