A Very Strange Exsperince – Two meetings, one plesant and one, well somewhat less so.

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Authors note: for those of you reading these articles it may be frustrating that they come few and far between. The fact of the matter is, I can only type an averge of two stories per week, if that. If this is too great an inconveince and you stop reading, I understand. Sigh. It hurts to loose your favor, but life must go on, I’ll try to pick up the pace here after.
vanya-vasa NoRememeber 2003.

Colleen braced herself for a close encounter with the Nazgul. Too close if you asked her opinion, wich no one did.

Gandalf stood near the fire staff and sword ready, tall and silent in his weather stained grey robes. Colleen gazed at him in quiet admiration and silently thanked God that she was on the same side as this Istari.

Colleen sighed, ” I wish they would come and get it over with, Just waiting for them to come any minute is fraying what left of my raw nerves. Every time a shadow moves I feel like I’m getting ready to jump out of my skin only to find it’s only the fire light dancing in a new direction.”

Gandalf looked at the young girl standing next to him and shook his head in wonder. She was so young, only fourteen or fifteen he guessed, not even as old as the fun loving Peregrin Took, and yet there she was waiting quietly to meet what might well be her death. Or worse. Gandalf wondered what part in the coming war she would have.

Colleen, suddenly jumped and pointed into the darkness beyond the fire.

A hooded and cloaked figure was mooving in thier direction. Colleen felt like running as fast as possible, any where, as long as it took her away from that awful shape.

Somehow though, she felt the rate of her heart steady to its normal pace, and a kind of calm courage flooded her body. It wasn’t that she was unafraid, far from it, but it was like a small voice whispering softly, “Be calm, be brave, I am here and I will not let anything harm you.” A voice she trusted and loved but couldn’t place.

All of a sudden she drew the sword she had sheathed about ten minutes earlier. She didn’t know it, but almost the same time her brother, Caleb was doing the same the same thing, a hundred miles away from his sister.

Colleen now did the both the bravest and the stupidest thing she had ever done, she launched herself at the Nazgul and stabbed with all the strength she had.

Instantly it felt as though evey drop of blood in her veins had turned to poisen ice water. She watched as the blade snapped in half and listened to the most terrible sound she had ever heard.

The Nazgul gave an inhuman scream and seized the young girl by the collar. Colleen wanted to scream and wake up to find herself safe in her own bed with her father asking her what was wrong, the way you were supposed to when nightmares got to thier worst.

She didn’t wake up. But Gandalf saw her go running at the Nazgul and wondered if he had been blessed with the bravest companion, or the stupidest.

Gandalf then relized that she had stabbed the Nazgul, he grabbed a branch from beside the fire and ran to aid the young, American teenager who had quickly become his friend.

Gimli looked at the young boy kneeling in the grass, wiping the orc blood from his sword.

The dwarf had devloped a sort of fatherly affection for the lad over the past few days, but now he found himself gazing at the boy in wonderment. Caleb seemed to have changed somehow, over the past few hours.

Caleb looked over what had been thier camp, it was strewn with the carcesses of the slain orcs, and felt like being sick.
If this was battle, he didn’t like it. He wanted to leave.

He turned to the dwarves, “Well I don’t see any point in hanging around here any longer, how far are we from Rivendell?”

There was a new tone to his voice, Caleb felt that if he ever did get home, in addition to having a lovly new scar acrossed his forehead, for all the world to see, he had been through a battle and seen blood spilled for the first time in is life, and no one can be quite the same after something like that.

“We should reach Rivendell by noon, if all gose well, Rivendell can be difficult to locate,” Gloin said looking North.

“Well let’s get a moove on, I don’t feel like hanging around these dead orcs any longer,” Caleb said again.

Gloin nodded and picked up his pack. They walked on in silence for a long time.

The sun came up slowly in the east, like it always dose and Caleb let his thughts wander to his sister for the first time since he had met the dwaves. He wondered what what she would have said bout the battle last night, wondered if she would have been proud of him,and wondered if she was all right and where she was.

They had been close for most of thier lives, Colleen had been four when he was born and according to thier father, had been afraid to touch him with her”rough four-year-old hands.”

Caleb smiled at the thought. Colleen often read to him in the afternoons and thier morning chess games were an uninterupted ritual, exsepting Sundays and when she spent the night at a friend’s house. Even then he would often stumble into his sister’s room at 7:00 to play chess, forgetting his sister wasn’t there.

While Caleb was busy with these thoughts he didn’t notice the Last Homely House coming into view and the tall black haired elf walking towards them. In fact, he very nearly ran right into the elf, or tecnicly, the half-elf and and narrowly missing him waded knee deep into the Ford. They had made it to Rivendell.

**I Kow how much everyone here loves cliff hangers, you had better get used to it. It’s the best way to make sure people read your next article. Don’t worry, you’ll find out how Colleen srvies soon enough.**


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