A very strange exsperience – Never assume

by Mar 10, 2004Stories

Colleen wandered down to the valley, looking for the Ford. She knew Frodo would be here in a few days and wanted to be able to help him.

She now knew what it was like to have a wound from a Nazgul, even if the wound she had recived wasn’t as bad as Frodo’s. She knew he would need help ASAP, and it would help if someone kept a lookout for his group.

She also had an idea that if she proved that she could handle the Nazgul she would have an easier time convincing the Council to let her go with the Fellowship.

She didn’t want her bother to go though, even if she would miss him something terrible, she didn’t want to see him hurt any more than he was now. They were going to have a bad enough time explaing thr nice red-brown scar on his fore head that he had gotten from the orcs.

She finally reached the Ford, unaware that she was being followed, wondering if she could mange a to carry a hobbit.
Maybe, considering that this one had been on a very scanty diet lately, he probably wasn’t mush bigger than her brother.

Legolas watched with amusement as the girl paced along the banks of the River, watching as though she were exspecting someone. He couldn’t help grinning, he seldom saw human children, when he delt with the lake men and the men of Dale he seldom saw their children and when he saw their children they were generly the sons, as thier daughters stayed home to help thier mothers.

He wondered greatly about the pair, maybe their village had been destroyed by orcs and thier parents had sent them off to save them and they had been seperated. Yes that would explain it, and she was now probably watching for her mother and father.

Poor girl, she had no idea of what the orcs do to thier prisoners. Legolas shuddered, he didn’t have the heart to tell her that her parents were probably dead or captured.

Gandalf and Elrond were gazing at the remains of Colleen’s sword. Elrond with growing wonder and Gandalf with a sinking heart. If his theory about the sword was true…

“This is incredible, this sword has been lost since the time of Gondolin, when was destroyed! It was said that it fell with the first Glorfindel and was lost! Do you know what ths means Gandalf?”

Gandalf nodded sadly,”Yes I do.”

Suddenly reality hit Elrond and he shook his head. “So, what are we going to do?”


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