A Very Strange Experince – Rubber Spiders

by Feb 23, 2004Stories

Caleb wandered down the hall wondering why he was here. Not that he wasn’t excited to be here or anything, but he believed that very seldom was there anything like a coincidence. There had to be a good reason for being here, but he couldn’t seem to figure out what good a ten year old boy could be to the Fellowship of the Ring.

Actually, his sister might be of some help, she knew more about this stuff than almost anyone he knew and if his sister could help then so could he. With that happy thought he skipped off to bug Lindir into giving him another elvish lesson.

Colleen finally slept off the drugs Elrond had put into the wine and got up. She felt much better, she felt better that is until she saw the clothes Elrond expected her to wear.

Let’s just say that Colleen had a slight dislike of floor length dresses. She wore them only when she felt like it, and right now she most certainly did not feel like it. She fully intended to keep a look out for Aragorn and the hobbits and a floor length dress was not the outfit to do it in.

She was at a loss until she remembered the spare clothes she had packed in her back pack. Apparently elves and wizards respected other people’s property more than her little brothers, nothing had been disturbed. She pulled on a pair of low rise cargo jeans, a dark blue tank top and a dark blue sweat jacket. Then she put on her hiking boots and a pair of socks.

After pulling her hair back into a pony tail she quietly opened the door to her room. She slipped out of the door and closed it silently behind her. She was just about to sneak to the nearest exit when a voice behind her nearly made her jump out of her skin.

“Those are strange clothes to go about Rivendell in. Where are you going?”

Colleen did whirled around to see an elf with laughing green eyes. “Is it a formal mode of greeting in this part of Middle Earth to sneak up on people and freak them out?”

He laughed, “No, but when you lives in Mirkwood one forgets that in other parts of the world people do not move as quietly.”

“Let me guess, your Legolas?”

He grinned, “Yes, and you are the maiden that Gandalf carried in half dead from the Ford? I’m sorry, I met your brother but I didn’t hear your name.”

“Colleen. When did you meet him?”

“He was being given a lesson in elvish grammar by an elf called Lindir.”

“I feel sorry for the elf, my brother probably followed him around until the elf gave in.”

“You still haven’t answered my question, where are you going?”

“This way.” Colleen said and with that she went down the hall to the nearest outside door, hoping that she didn’t run into Gandalf or Elrond.

After two hours Caleb had learned all the elvish he wanted for the day. He decided to go look for a good place to drop rubber spiders on peoples heads as they walked by.(Yes, I’m afraid that was one of his favorite ways to pass a sunny summer afternoon. Climbing up a tree that overhung a sidewalk and dropping fake spiders on people’s heads as they walked under the tree.)

Soon he found the perfect one, a nice large one with plenty of big strong branches hanging over a walk way that was frequently used. Armed with a big bag of rubber spiders Caleb climbed up the tree to await his first victim.

Soon Gloin ambled by, with a big grin on his face Caleb selected a nice bright green and yellow spider the size of a tea cup that hung from a long rubber string. He waited untill Gloin was about a foot behind the place he was hanging and dropped the spider in front of him.

The dwarf’s reaction is defiantly note worthy. He let out a scream that would have made a wild banshee blush, jumped two feet in the air and took off back down the walk he had just come up as if the ghost of Smaug were after him.

The branch Caleb was sitting on shook with his silent laughter. Soon he settled down to wait for the next unfortunate person who happened by.

The next person, as it happened was Colleen. Now if there was one thing Colleen was afraid of, it was spiders. Frogs, worms, ants, and snakes didn’t bother her in the slightest, but spiders… But she was also used to Caleb’s pranks, this was one he had played on her before. Many times.

And so, when the big green and yellow spider dropped in front of her she stared at it for a minute raised one eyebrow shook her head and walked past it with out a second glance. Caleb stuck his tounge out after her, but when she didn’t react, he settled down to wait for his next victim.


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