A Very Strange Experience

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Caleb danced back from the icy, cold river shock. Apparently the ford took second place for
Middle Earth’s coldest river, first place went to the one outside Moria, the Sliverlode.

Elrond smiled at the boy, “Welcome to Rivendell, Alcarin.”

Caleb stared at him a moment before he remembered his

“Thank you.” He then remembered something in The Hobbit about how elves recived news as fast as the water flows, if not faster. He perked up, maybe Colleen had made it there safely!

“Has anyone else gotten here lately? I mean like a girl, about fourteen years old, by the name of Colleen?” He had a tendency to speak very rapidly when excited.

Elrond gave him a look of surprise. Gloin explained, “The boy lost his sister, he was hoping you would know where she was.”

Elrond shook his head sadly, “I am sorry, the only people that have arrived are, Legolas from Mirkwood and A few elves from the Havens.”

Caleb’s face fell, for the first time he saw that his sister could be anywhere from Mordor to Valimar. A week ago he would
burst into tears, he had never felt so alone in his life, millions of miles away from his home, his
parents and maybe his sister. He tried to swallow the lump of dispair, and the feeling of desolation that seemed to be caught in his throat.

Elrond saw the look on the boy’s face and sought to comfort him, “It may be, Alcarin, that your sister is on her way, but was a couple days behind you, wait a few days, she may yet arrive.”

Caleb brightened visibly, it was true, he had landed with the dwarves, who was to say Colleen hadn’t landed with the hobbits. Or Boromir, either one arrived in one piece.

He grinned at Elrond, “So, when do we get to eat?”

Two dwarves and a half elf, laughed.

Gandalf had gotten rid of the Nazgul, this time. But at what cost? Colleen still hadn’t regained conciseness, and he was begining to worry

Gandalf had fought them off with various spells, fire mostly, knowing how the nine feared fire and those who wield it.

He had found Colleen in rather the same way Strider had found Frodo, three days later. Only Colleen had not been stabbed by the Nazgul, she had stabbed it, successfully, by the look of her sword, which was now lying by the fire in three pieces.

He sighed and and cursed himself for not having told her to stay by the fire. Colleen moaned and opened her eyes. Gandalf moved over to the spot he had laid the girl. She gave him a long look.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a semi.” Gandalf sighed, he didn’t even bother to ask what a semi was.

“Come, we must be off, we are going to have to ride even faster, now.” Gandalf helped the girl to her feet and the set her on Shodowfax’s back, Colleen’s mounting needed help under normal circumstances, and Gandalf was taking no chances.


“Yes, we must be gone as quickly as possible, for they will return.”

“Great. Um Gandalf, one question.”


“Why am I so cold?”

“You stabbed one of the Nine. We shall get you to Rivendell, there Elrond shall be able to help you, now though our main concern is to leave this place as soon as possible. I will leave as sign for Aragorn though.” He pulled out a small knife and carefully began scratching a rock.

Normally Colleen would have made some sarcastic remark about Strider’s ability to read a scratched rock but everything seemed to be getting strangely dark, so she said nothing.

Gandalf mounted behind her and urged Shadowfax into a gallop, they were on their way to Rivendell and Colleen had never felt so miserable in her entire life.


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