A Very Strange Experience – Why fourteen-year-olds should avoid wine

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Author’s note: sorry this is so short, I haven’t had much time to post, I should be able to pick up speed with both of my articles in a couple of weeks though so bear with me please.

Colleen came to, slowly. She listened a minute, it must still be fairly early, she couldn’t hear her little brothers stamping down the hall and Caleb hadn’t come into play chess yet. Good, it felt like all the life had been sapped out of her limbs, if she played chess now she would be sure to loose, it was always humiliating to loose to a ten-year old.

She was suddenly aware of a glass of somthing being placed at her lips, had she been sick? She opened her eyes.

She promptly decided that she not regained conciousness after all. There was a man with dark brown, no black hair hair and grey eyes. The grey eyes were gazing at her with concern mingled with kindness. When he saw the girl open her eyes he smiled.

Then she saw him. Gandalf. So she wasn’t dreaming, the whole thing with the big white horse, the Witch King and Weather Top came flooding back. She had made it to Rivendell, but had Caleb?

“Have you found anything out about my brother? Is he here? Is he in one piece?”

Gandalf smiled,” You’re feeling better aren’t you? Try to ask one question at a time.”

At that moment Colleen heard the door fly open and in bounded Caleb- also aka. Alcarin, who had been listening just outside the door.

“Colleen, your alive!!” He shouted and took a flying leap acrossed the room and landed in the middle of the bed.
He was dressed in dark blue breeches suspenders and a white shirt and grinning from ear to ear.

“I won’t be much longer if you don’t get off of me you ox, I can’t breathe.”

Caleb moved of of his sister’s stomach and she sat up and hugged him.

“I was so worried about you!! If you ever scare me like that again I’ll tan your hide and use it for a welcome mat!”

Caleb stared,”Me scare you, you scared me!! When you and Gandalf came riding up on that big horse I thought you had been diving in a flour bin. You were so white I thought you were dead.”

“You’d be that coler too if you had been playing cowboys and indians with black riders.”

“Black riders! Cool, I met up with orcs and dwarves.”

“Can we exchange stories later? I’m kind of tired.”

Caleb grinned, hugged his sister again and left the room.
Elrond walked to the side of the bed again and once more offered her the glass. Colleen eyed it dubiously.

“What’s in that glass?”

“Wine, to help you sleep.”

“I, uh don’t usually drink.” the very notoin of wine made her think of grapefruit juice which is what she thought it tasted like.

“After what you’ve been through I think you need it.”

Colleen had once tasted wine and had thought it disgusting, but maybe Elrond was right, so saying a little prayer she took the glass, shut her eyes and gulped. It was the nastyist stuff she had ever had. It was worse than mushrooms, vineger, sweet pickles,and that nasty pink medicine that her mother gave her for stomach aches.

Despite the taste of the wine she managed to get enough down to satisfy Elrond. Gasping she lay back on the pillows, she handed the wine glass to Elrond and he and Gandalf left the room. Colleen silently promised herself never to drink wine again. Then she began to plot, she wanted to go with the Company, though it could be akward.

The main thing was that Elrond was bound to say that this was no trip for a fourteen-year-old girl. She still didn’t have a plan as the herbs in the wine took effect and she slipped into a deep dreamless slumber.


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