A Very Strange Experience – Tunnel-Michagan to Middle Earth

by Oct 9, 2003Stories

“Colleen, Colleen!” Caleb ran to his big sister’s room.
“You’ll never belive what I found!!”
“What , a bunch of new fungus unknown to humanity, go call National Geographic not me, do I look like a scientist to you?”
Caleb was to exsited to be anoyed at his sister.
“There’s a tunnel under my bed and it leads to another world,I’m sure of it!!
” You’ve been reading The Chronicles of Narnia agin haven’t.”
“No! it’s really there!”
“And watching those old Twilight Zone re-runs?”
“You watch them too!”
“True but I’m no as inclined to let my imagination run away with me as you are.”
“Just come look, please!!”
Colleen was as bored as her brother , so she put down the book she’d read six or seven times already, got up and followed after her younger brother.
Caleb got on his hands anknees and shone the flashlight under the bed.
“There, right, there.”
Colleen took the flashlight from her brother and looked.
She nearly had a heart attack when she saw that what her brother has said wa no joke at all. there really was a hole under his bed. She mooved farther under to get a better look. She got a better look, of a broad grassy plain, or the little she could see of it.
They were both home by themselves for a few hours untill their parents got back from shopping with thire four little brothers and thier baby sister.
“I think you’re right, Caleb that is adifernt world. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. no telling what we’ll find, lets split up and pack some stuff. And don’t you dare pack any legos!”
“Yeah well you remember not to pack the local library along.”
With that they parted and Colleen inspite of what her brother said proceded to pack all of her favorite books. The latest Xanth novel, the Sillmarillion, The Lord of the Rings, and all four Mode novels.(Yes for those of you who are wondering my brother is a legos fanatic and I love Piers Anthony’s work, or most of it)
Caleb was also ignoring his siblings warning, he packed a third of his three compartment bckpack with legos.
After about an hour they were both ready to go.
without saying a single word they proceeded down the dark tunnel.
Gimli Gloin’s son was gathering wood whe all the sudden from nowhere a boy appearded in front of him. he dropped all of the fire wood and shouted,” who are you, and what do you want?”


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