A very Strange Experience – The Troll

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Colleen stared around her in wonderment. The Chamber of Records was enormous. Huge windows were cut in the stone looking out onto the bright morning light- a welcome sight after two days in the dark. She shifted her pack on her shoulders and searched in the holes in the wall for the account. Most of the chests were burned and broken and empty. Finally Pippin found the book and took it carefully to Gandalf who promptly decided to read what he could of it.

Colleen grimaced and suppressed a nervous urge to tell Gandalf to hurry and began casing the joint. There was a fairly defensible space beside Balin’s tomb. It would be a good place to shoot from, not too close to the door but near enough so that any orcs coming through would be well within her range. Not too mention the stone would be handy to use as a shield against the orcs. It was fairly close to the exit she was pretty sure they would be using and she could drag Caleb behind it if she had to.

Just as she finished summing up the areas pro’s and con’s she heard Gandalf finish and say that they were going back to the hall. Colleen shivered and loosen her sword and strung her bow as a deep echoing rolling boom went thundering through the chamber. Then it came again louder and closer- doom doom doom boom ba boom doom. She flew across the hall to her brother’s side and saw that he had gone deathly pale and had drawn his sword.

“They are coming!” Legolas cried

“We cannot get out,” said Gimli.

Colleen collared her brother and hauled him beside Balin’s tomb. “Stay here.”

“Trapped,” muttered Gandalf , “why did I delay? Now here we are, caught, just as they were before. But I was not here then. We will see what-“

The doors began to shake and Colleen could hear the booming just outside. A harsh horn rang out.

“Slam the doors and wedge them!” shouted Aragorn. “And keep your packs on as long as you can- we may get a way to cut our way out yet!”

“No! We must not get shut in! leave the eastern door ajar. We will go that way- if we get a chance.”

Colleen wanted nothing more than to slam the doors and curl up in a corner and wait for the orcs to go away- but she knew that that would be suicide. She threw her all her weight against the northern door and helped Boromir wedge them shut with broken ax heads and scimitars. Then she stood poised and ready.

She was alarmed to see that her blade was glowing bright blue like a sword shaped lamp. She was grateful for Boromir, Aragorn and Glorfindel’s training she closed her eyes and silently blessed her elven family and wished them well- wherever they were.

The orcs began to throw themselves against the door. It quiver under the first blow, bent in under the second and splintered under the third. And ugly green scaly foot thrust through the door way and Boromir hacked at it and his blade was turned and notched.

All of a sudden Frodo leapt forward shouting, “The Shire!” And his blade bit deeply into the scaly flesh. Colleen tried to shoot it and missed lodging her arrow in the wall a centimeter above Boromir’s head instead. He took a look at the arrow and then at the archer.

“Stick to the sword! I do not wish to have your arrow lodged in my head. The sword is your best weapon, use it!”

In a rather childish gesture she stuck her tongue out at him, but swapped her bow for her sword. Caleb ignored his sister’s orders to stay by the tomb and ran to the door. Colleen followed him and just as they got there the door burst asunder and orcs poured in by the dozen. Colleen swapped the head off of one and acting on reflex turned and stabbed another through the chest.

Caleb was busy too. There was a grim smile on his pale, dirty face as he dueled with a goblin that was about the same height. Just as he was about to deliver the finishing blow the goblen sliced at his left hand with a dagger. Caleb gave a cry of pain and swung his sword. Then he knelt on the floor to examine his hand. The third finger was missing. At first he felt sick, but he quickly surpresse the feeling and bound the wound up with a none too clean hankerchief and got to his feet. He quickly leapt on another Orc.

Colleen would have dragged him back to the tomb but at that particular moment she was busy with a stubborn orc that simply refused to die. She had stabbed him in the gut, but hadn’t gotten far because of his heavy iron body Armour and he had grabbed her blade and tried to wrench it from her hand. Fortunately she had plenty of hand strength (inherited from her Father) and he had not succeeded. Then she tried to swap his head off, but he had squelched that idea by slashing at her feet. Now she was trying to bleed him to death with an occasional stab in the ribs.

That was when the troll came. Colleen gasped. It was huge! The LOTR movies simply didn’t do this monster justice! It was all of fifteen feet tall and broad of shoulder. Caleb gave one final swipe at his opponent and removed his head and stared open mouthed at the mammoth creature. That was his greatest mistake. At that moment a big orc came up behind him and threw him bodily across the room. He landed beside Balin’s tomb and hit his head. No one saw what happened.

As soon as he recovered Legolas then started shooting at the troll. The arrows lodged in its chest and arms. Colleen desperate to help quickly killed the Orc and sheathed her sword and pulled out her bow and shot an arrow at the monster’s head.

Surprisingly it hit it’s mark. It went into the forehead. The troll roar and charged in her direction. Colleen quickly knocked another arrow and and shot at the eye. She aimed a bit low and got the snout on its deformed face that passed for a nose. It continued its charge but Colleen stood her ground and shot it. At the last minute Boromir swooped in and got her out of it’s way.

Then Colleen saw that while she had been shooting at the troll Legolas had found a ledge and was running along it shooting at the troll trying to get its attention. It finally figured out which direction the arrows in it’s back were coming from and ran to get the Elf.

As soon as it got near enough Legolas took a flying leap and landed on it’s shoulders and started shooting it in the skull it gave a roar and tried to grab him and fling him off but before it could reach him Legolas jumped off.

While the Company was distracted by the troll a big orc snuck up on Frodo. It was at least man high and very broad of shoulders. It carried a long spear in its left hand.

It drew back it’s arm and just as it was about to throw, Frodo turned and gave a cry. The Orc threw and the spear caught the hobbit in the side and pinned him to the wall. Sam gave a cry and Merry and Pippin leapt on it. Sam hacked away the spear haft The troll fell.

Gandalf cried,” Quickly down the passage, everyone, before more orcs come!”

“I will carry Frodo,”said Aragorn lifting the limp bundle and made for the stair shoving Merry and Pippin before him.


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