A very strange Experience – The Mines of Moria

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Author’s note: Hi, sorry this took so long and I’m sorry it’s so short. I hope you like it. Vanya-vasa

Colleen walked beside her little brother in the dark. Caleb had grown nearly an inch in the past month. When they had started this whole adventure the boy had been four foot nine. Now he was five foot three. It was unbelievable. She had not really noticed his growth until now. Possibly because they had not been on level ground together since Rivendell.

Caleb had grown in more than stature. He had always been tall and mature for his age but now he was more like a boy of fifteen than of ten. He walked with a sure step and his hand resting on his sword hilt. By the time this adventure was over the child would be all but gone, of this she was sure. He had played no pranks since dying poor Legolas’ hair green.

No matter, however old he got he was still her baby brother. She walked over to him and put an arm around his shoulders. Caleb looked at her and she could just make out his smile in the darkness.

When they had been on the march for about eight hours Gandalf paused for a long time and he and Gimli consulted long. Merry and Pippin came to stand beside the siblings they stood nervously waiting for Gandalf to get on with it. Aragorn came over to them sensing their fear.

“Do not be afraid!” He said gently to them. “Do not be afraid! I have been with him on many a journey if never one so dark. And there are tales in Rivendell of greater deeds of his than any I have ever seen, he will not go astray if there is any way to be found.”

And so it seemed for shortly after that they were moving on. Soon they were all grateful for the light of Gandalf’s staff for as they went along crevasses and pitfalls became more and more common. The largest of these was at least seven feet wide, directly in their path and must have been miles and miles deep Colleen stood at the brink and shuddered, she could just barely hear water running near the bottom.

“Rope,” muttered Sam, “I knew I’d want it if I hadn’t got it.”

Colleen just closed her eyes and took a flying leap in the dark. She landed on her stomach on the other side. Legolas reached down and heaved her onto the ledge. Aragorn and Boromir took no chances with the hobbits and her brother. Caleb gave a terrified yell as Boromir slung him over the chasm.

At last Gandalf called a halt, “I have no memory of this place at all,” he said standing under an arch. The arch opened into three passages, all seemed to lead in the same general direction, but the left plunged down and something about it made Colleen very nervous, the right hand passage climbed up and the middle seemed to go on level, smooth and even but very narrow. “I am too weary to decide. I expect you are as weary as I or wearier. We will halt here for what is left of the night.”

“Poor old Bill!” said Sam.” I wonder where he is. I hope those wolves haven’t got him yet.” Colleen wrapped a gentle arm around his shoulders.

“Don’t worry Sam,” she said softly. ” I know he’s just fine. He’s better off than we are. I’ll just bet he’s on his way home right now.”

Sam sniffed, ” Do you really think so?”

“Of course I do.”

To the left of the door they found a door. It was closed but opened with a gentle thrust of the hand.

“Steady, steady!” Gandalf cried as Merry and Pippin pushed forward eager to set down their blankets and rest in a place more sheltered than the open passage. “You do not know what is inside yet. I will go first.” And so he did and the rest followed cautiously.

“There!” Gandalf was pointing to a hole in the middle of the floor about a yard and a half in circumference.

Aragorn grimaced, “One of you might have fallen in and still be wondering when you would strike the bottom,” Aragorn said. “Let your guide go first when you have one.”

Colleen shivered and proceeded to set her blanket as close as she could to the back wall of the chamber which was the farthest from the hole. There was something distinctly menacing about the nasty thing as if it were a lair for a giant snake or a spider or some other kind of monster.

She sat down on the blanket and read some more of the book Elrond had given her. It was a detailed account of the reign of Thingol and Mellian and the surrounding elven kingdoms. It had many stories that her set of the history of Middle Earth lacked. And there were many stories in her books that were not in this. Had Elrond guessed that Middle Earth history was her specialty? Or one of them. Star Trek lore was another, but we won’t go into that now.

At one point she glanced up and saw Pippin creeping towards the well with a strange look on his face Colleen raised an eyebrow and went back to her book. If she told him off the stubborn little hobbit would in all probability go back to his mischief as soon as she looked away.

She decided that if she survived this ordeal she would write a complete history of Middle Earth, with what she already knew and what she was learning from this book it would make a very interesting if somewhat lengthy tale.

At that moment she heard an echoing Plunk! as Pippin dropped the stone down the well. When Gandalf was done telling Pippin off and giving him his “reward” he put out the light on his staff. That was when Colleen discovered perhaps the only enjoyable fact of her Nazgul wound. She could read in the dark. However she was too tired to read anymore . She sighed and marked her place with a scrap of leather and curled up under her blankets.


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