A very Strange Experience – The Feast and the Hall of Fire

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Caleb wandered into the kitchen only to be chased out by a elf cook with a rolling pin after his unsuccessful attempt to
a cherry pie from the counter. Sighing with releif as the elf
went back into the kitchen he extracted a cinnamon roll from his now sticky pocket and went to find Lindir

Legolas had lost two chess games to Colleen and won one. The fourth game was a draw. His sister had been in fine form
better than usual, her six day nap seemed to agree with her chess skills. After Legolas won the last game the party had
broken up to get ready for the feast. Caleb ran his fingers through his hair, changed his shirt and was ready

He found Lindir and begged another lesson out of him. The elf was becoming fond of the dark haired human boy who took the lessons in elvish and the Tengwar so seriously and since he had nothing better to do agreed to give him a short
until the feast was ready.

Half an hour later everyone was seated in the hall and talking and eating happily. Caleb, Merry and Pippin were unwisely seated. They were terrorizing the general area. Caleb had taught the hobbits to make spit balls out of some paper and straws he had in his pocket and they were firing them at the back of poor Sam’s head

Colleen sat on one side of Frodo while Gloin sat on his other side and talked almost nonstop about the Lonely Mountain,
gold and jewels, the men of Dale, the Lake Town and all sorts of interesting things. Colleen ate mechanically while
listening to the old dwarf ramble on.

And so the feast of Elrond passed and was forever imprinted in Colleen’s memory as one of the best experiences of her life, the food was by far the best she had ever had. The only problem was that there was no ranch dressing for the patatoes.

After the feast Colleen got up and went to the Hall of Fire and settled near the fire in preparation for the music. To her own
surprise she had actually worn a dress to the feast and the necklace given to her by Glorfindel. She had worn her gold
hoop earrings and a dark blue satin dress with long sleeves and a gold trimming around the hems and the neckline.
It was a little tight from the waist up but she refused to let that bother her.

Everyone enter and the music began. It struck her to the heart and she felt herself being swept along in a tide of harp
and flute music mingled with clear elven voices. A vision took shape in her mind, two trees, one with silver light dripping from inumurble flowers on its bows and the other with golden light pouring from the golden floers in its branches. Thier light mingled and poured over the whole world. The Sun and Moon could not have been more beuatiful if they were increased tenfold and had taken the form of two trees.
How long she sat by those trees and watched the light rising and falling she could not have said, days? Weeks? Months? Years? A life age of the earth?

Elves danced and sang on the grass and in the fields and under other trees throughout the land, beuatiful trees there were in plenty, but none so fair as the two trees of Valimar.
Then she was drawn back to reality, rather reluctantly and found Gandalf looking down at her. She made a grunting
noise that passed for and inquiry.

“Elrond and I would like to have a word with you. Come.”

Curious she shook herself and got up, easing the kinks out of her back and legs and followed Gandalf out to the garden.
Elrond was waiting there and he had a strange look in his sea
sea gray eyes.

Colleen swallowed and wondered what they wanted, she soon found out. Elrond spoke, ” Colleen, I wish to speak to you
about that sword again, I believe that I know more about it now and you should know more about it before you use it again.”

“Such as?”

“The fact that when you first drew the sword you became entangled in the fate of Gondor and its future king Aragorn.”
Gandalf looked keenly into the girl’s face to see if the name meant anything to her, but he could not tell as she had been
practicing hiding her reactions lately and her face was a blank as the oldest most logical Vulcan on the planet.

“That sword belonged to the Lord of the House of the Golden Flower, Glorfindel. It has been lost since he fell in the doom
of Gondolin.” He continued,” I think you should know that you will find that a great rage comes over you when you have
that sword in your hand and an enemy is near, and you will find it difficult to rest until either you or he are either dead or
he are unable to fight.” That mkes sense she thought, she had been very angry and reckless when confronting the Witch King. She had also had the sword in hand both times.

” The sword is yours now, by right, until you die. Bear it well.”” Elrond wanted nothing more than to keep her safe in Rivendell until this was over, but knew that it was impossible
She would no doubt be going to Gondor with Boromir and Aragorn.

Colleen didn’t know what to say. She nodded quietly and thanked them for the information. Manwe’s instructions
echoed in her ears, ” Whatever happens, stay with Estel.” And with that she went back into the Hall of Fire and stayed there
until long after the sun heaved herself over the horizon.
Colleen watched as the elves left the Hall of Fire and went to do whatever elves do during the day. She sat by the fire
thinking about everything that had happened to her in the past few weeks. About Frodo and the Ring that she wasn’t
supposed to know about yet, about Manwe and about how she was going to get Caleb to stay in Rivendell where he would be safe.

She was so deep in thought that she was unaware of the sound of light elven footsteps coming up behind her, she
was unaware that Legolas was sitting next to her watching her carefully. She was unaware of him until he spoke and
scared the living day lights out of her that is.

” Elrond sent me to tell you to come to the garden for the council meeting.” Colleen jumped and looked at him.

” I wish you would stop sneaking up on me like that!” Colleen said in an annoyed tone.

“I will try to remember that in the future, but your people should develop keener ears.” And he stood up and offered
her his hand.

When they got there everyone was there, or almost everyone. Elrond had asked Caleb to attend as well, but he
but the wasn’t there yet.

Colleen slipped into a chair and waited for the thing to begin. They waited for a few minutes and soon Caleb came hopping
into view, yes hopping. Literally hopping. He was trying to get to his seat, tie his shoe and button his shirt all at the same
time and he wasn’t succeeding. He almost fell into the garden then he flopped into the seat next to his sister and
finished tying his shoe and buttoning his shirt, looking supremely embarrassed as a soft ripple of laughter went
around the circle of chairs.

“Only you could manage an entrance like that Caleb.” Colleen whispered into his ear. He grinned his most
disarming little boy grin and then looked sheepish.
“I always knew you were a born comedian.” Colleen said to him affectionately and then Elrond began to speak.


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