A Very strange experience – Stabbed-well its easier to relate to Frodo, even if it was foolish, maybe the sword has something to do with it?

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Colleen sprinted out of the Last Homely House and down to the Ford, forget about sleeping tonight, or for the next several nights, most likely. Oh well, there would be time enough to catch up on her sleep in the next two months. More time than she knew, as it turned out.

When she got to the Ford she pulled the cloak she had grabbed out of the closet in her room closely around her, it wasn’t exactly frigid, but it was late in the year, and she was lonely.

Settling in for a long and lonely night Colleen pulled out the Lord of the Rings and began to plan how she was going to lug Frodo into the house by herself. Even though Frodo was just a hobbit and probably not more than three and a half feet tall and more than likely didn’t weigh more than eighty pounds, she wasn’t sure that she would be able to carry him.

Legolas walked along the riverside wondering about Colleen, he believed her when she had said that her home had not been attacked by orcs, but if it had not, why had she left? It was obvious that she had other siblings besides Alcarin, as he seemed to like to be called. Why had she left her family and friends to come to Rivendell? And in these dark uncertain times too. The wide world was no place for a fourteen- year- old girl and her ten- year- old brother. And who had she been watching for today, down by the Ford? He frowned and wondered why he was troubling himself about these things. Then he knew the answer, Colleen was going to try something foolish.

Dawn slowly spread its warm welcome light acrossed the woods and fields of Rivendell. Colleen stirred and then jumped up, had she been asleep? She stretched and got up. Had Frodo gotten here yet? She didn’t think so, she knew from the books that from now on she would be able to tell when a Nazgul was in the area. The wound she had gotten from the Witch King may not have been as bad as the one Frodo had got, but it would have much the same effect on her life. Colleen shuddered and hoped that she wouldn’t get sick every year on the same day that she and Gandalf had been attacked.

“Your up early, who are you watching for? The Nine Riders?” Colleen jumped around to see Legolas staring at her with one eyebrow raised .

“What makes you think I’m watching for anyone?”

“You said last night you were watching for someone who didn’t come, but that they should be here soon, I though t that you may have been expecting the Nazgul to come after you.”


“I assure you they would not try to enter Rivendell, not yet.”

Dang that elven insight, he had guessed part of it, she not only thought the Nine were headed this way, she knew it and Frodo would be just ahead of them.

At that moment a Legolas stared acrossed the River, she watched as alarm spread over his fair elven features.

“By Varda, there is a white horse with a halfling on its back- and nine black..”

Colleen left him talking to thin air, the action was beginning and she meant to be there to help Frodo, no matter what the cost. The cost was to be higher than anyone had anticipated.

Colleen kicked off her shoes and waded out into the Ford, hoping to intercept Asfoloth and Frodo, she heard Legolas yelling at her to come back and inquiring about her sanity. At the moment Colleen felt anything but sane, she drew her sword and hoped she would not have to brake it on another Nazgul.

When she drew the sword she felt a sudden desire to run all Nine of those disgusting creeps through with her blade, even though she knew it would do no good, she would be a wraith and her sword would be broken before she finished with the first one. She reached the far side of the Ford, it wasn’t that deep here suddenly Frodo and the white horse galloped by her and the Nine were closing in, suddenly one of them saw her and rode toward her. Her legs felt as if they had turned to stone, she couldn’t move she stared at the Black Rider.

“This is payment for the wound you gave me, mortal.” He hissed and drew out a long pale steel blade, he stabbed down, there was and icy pain in her shoulder and then the world went black.


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