A very strange experience – Glorfindel, Manwe and a Difficult Task

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Author’s note:Hi, I know this is knid of long, but I though t ist was about time to wake up. Hope you enjoy it. Vanya-vasa

Colleen screamed like she had never screamed in her life. Then she avenged her friend with a swift stroke of her sword. Tears stung Glorfindels eyes as he lowered his friend to the ground and composed his body, removing the orc scimitar and closing the king’s eyes and folding his hands on his chest.

Glorfindel took his wife by the hand and motioned for his children to follow. Colleen grimly stabbed, beheaded or slashed all the orcs in her path and several that were not. A deep hatred burned in her heart for these orcs. Many a fair elf lay dead because of them.

A deeper hatred burned for Morgoth, the one who had started all this evil. because of him Gondolin, the happiest place she had ever known lay in ruin. Because of him Tourgon lay dead and would never have an honored place in a cairn or tomb as befitted a high king.

Suddenly as they made their way out of the city and were passing through the ruined Gates of Summer the rocks began to glow with an eerie red light. She knew what was coming and dreaded it. She dreaded it because there was nothing she could do, if she cold not defeat the Witch King, how was she to cope with a balrog?

The elves shrank and cried out in terror- and who could blame them? A balrog is enough to make the bravest warrior shrink in horror for it was seldom that a warrior- whether elf or man could enter into combat with such a nightmare and live.

Glorfindel steeled himself. He knew what he had to do and was not afraid to do it. He drew out his sword and strode forward to meet the demon of the uderworld. Aldamir wrapped a comforting arm around Colleen’s waist and she set her teeth.

The balrog came out armed with a flaming sword and a whip. It was more terifying than any nightmare and the elven lord stepped onto the ledge to meet it. “Amin khiluva lle gurtha ar’thar!” I will follow you to death and beyond!

The balrog roared in reply and Glorfidel called again, “Gurth goth rim Tel’Quessir!” Death to the foes of the elves! This time the balrog didn’t reply, it struck out with its sword at the elf. Glorfindel lept, but not in time, the sword struck him on the thigh and flame licked his clothing only to be quenched by the bright red elven blood.

Colleen felt numb. She knew he could not survive, yet she couldn’t help praying that he would.

Glorfindel ran forward, no mean feat, and struck his nemisis in the waist with his sword, which was glowing like a bright blue flame. The balrog roared in pain and rage and stuck back, this time with its whip. The thing bit deep and Glorfindel cried out in pain. It struck him deeply, just under the ribcage, just under his heart. Blood flowed, fire raged again and was once again quenched by blood.

Once again Glorfindel rose and smote his enemy in the leg. And so the fight raged untill at last the balrog gave a terrible screaming roar of defeat, took a step backward and fell into the abyss in a dark smoldering mass.

A great shout of triumph ran through the small crowd of survivors and Glorfindel staggered back and fell at Isilya’s feet. She sank to her knees, weeping and gathered him to her. Aldamir and Colleen ran to him. Both fell to thier knees and Aldamir wept. Colleen could not, there was simply a sapping ache deep in her chest.

He spoke,” Do not weep so, a’mealamin, we will meet once again, when all is ended.”
Isilya touched his face gently and there was hope in her eyes as she thought of the land they had left behind, the two trees of Valimar…

But Glorfindel wasn’t done speaking, ” My son, Aldamir, You are the Lord of the House now, I know you will bear the name well.” Aldamir squeezed his father’s hand and said nothing. He didn’t need to, love for his father shone in his brillant blue eyes.

“Farewell, child of Man, I know it may well be that we shall not meet again, under the Sun or after all things. You are always to be an honored member of my House, as long as you live, and that should be long, if you learn to avoid balrogs, voronwer.” Loyal one. “Fare you well, Aldulya.” And with that, Glorfindel, Lord of the House of the Golden Flower passed from the world.

And that was the last time for a long time anyone called her by that name, though when she was older she spoke of it to her brother and they often called each other Alcarin and Aldulya.

The scene faded before Colleen’s eyes until she found herself suspended in what seemed to be a cloudless midnight sky. She turned around, and if she had known it, began to toss and turn on her bed in Rivendell, much to Gandalf’s joy and relief.

“Where am I? Where is Glorfindel? What’s happening?” She felt oddly calm, and just a bit curious, as if a warm comfoting hand were holding her hand and pressing her close.

“Is it not obivious where you are? You are in the skeis above Valimar, you cannot enter into it so I thought we should meet here. I must to speak with you.” The voice was deep and clear, like a well of pure water so deep you can’t see the bottom.

Colleen took in a shuddering breath of air before she got the courage to reply. “I’m listening, what do you want to say? Why did I have to see that? Why did Glorfindel have to die? Why can’t I see you?”

Suddenly a very tall elf appeared in front of her. His hair was as black as onyx and his eyes burned with a bright blue flame. His skin was fair and he had to be at least eight feet tall. She jumped or tried to, can anyone who is suspended in the air be said to jump? He ently reached out a hand to her and she laid her hand in his and he lead her as she might lead her little brother, Scott. her hand was no bigger than a babie’s in comparison.1

“I am known to you as Manwe. I sent you to Gondolin to prepare you for the war that is coming to Middle Earth.”

” I know there’s a war coming, just like I know there’s a freaking tunnel under my brother’s bed. A hole that you put there!”

” I did, it was the fastest way to get you into Middle Earth. I think that the tunnel will stay there, maybe.” He smiled at her in an amused way as if he didn’t often speak to humans and was finding the experience pleasent.

” One question, why did I get seperated from Caleb? That makes no sense.”

“The tunnel works so that when a person enters they find themselves in the place or with the person in Arda that they were thinking of last. You were reading of Gandalf and his encounter with the Nine, so that’s where you ended up. If I am not much mistaken your brother is fond with dwarves.”

Colleen nodded, it made sense. “Will I ever see them again?” By them she meant her adopted family.

“Who but Eru can tell? Not all has been revealed to us, though we know more than elves or men. “

“So what do I have to do? Or won’t you tell me?” Colleen found that she rather liked this Valar, he seemed like someone you could trust implicitly, without question.

“I cannot tell you, I came to give you comfort and encourgement. And to tell you to stay with Elessar, to the end, no matter what happens.”

“Um, may I remind you that I am a girl, a young girl at that. They seem to have a problem with women following them to battle.”

Manwe took Colleen gently by the shoulders and stared straight into her eyes,” You will find a way, it may not be easy, but there will always be a way. Be courageous, child of men, you will be able to accomplish the task before you.”

“What task? What the heck am I supposed to do?!!!” The stars and sky faded and Colleen heard a voice, ” She is waking! Thank Eru!”

Colleen calleed out again,” What am I supposed to do?” And with that she fell out of bed and onto the floor in a tangle of blankets.


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