A very strange experience – Dreams of Gondolin

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Author’s note: hi, sorry this is so short. I find I’m having trouble with the discription on Gondolin. Tolkien just isn’t very through. Please bear with me, I’m trying to improve. _vanya-vasa

Colleen followed Glorfindel slowly and quietly wondering when she would wake from this, what was it? Was dream the appropriate word? Maybe, all she knew was that she was supposed to find something out. See something, learn something, it had to do with the sword, that was all she knew for certain.

The she realized that the sheath and sword were gone. That convinced her that this was a dream. That would explain the lack of wound in her shoulder. That also meant she couldn’t be harmed. At least not physically.

Suddenly Colleen saw a light ahead. Daylight. So Gondolin wasn’t underground as she had thought. To be sure it’s entrance was, but not the city itself. Glorfindel led her onward until they came to a tall gate upon which stood about half a dozen elves, apparently sentries.

Glorfindel turned to Colleen and said,”Welcome, daughter of Men, to Gondolin.” And with that he thrust open the gate and gently pushed the bewildered girl inside.
Gandalf sat in a chair between Colleen’s bed and Frodo’s. It had been decided that it would be better to put both of them in the same room until the danger was past so that Elrond and Gandalf could tend both of them without having to run back and forth between the two chambers.

Caleb sat next to his sister’s bed on a small three legged stool, while Bilbo and Sam sat by Frodo’s bed.

The boy had been unusually quiet, saying nothing, just sitting, his light blue eyes wide. Gandalf knew he was wondering if his sister would be the same when she woke up. If she would wake at all, wondering, would she just lay there forever, dreaming? Would she die? How could he get along without his sister?

Legolas had brought Frodo in two nights ago, practically dumped him in Elronds lap and turned around and run back out, and within fifteen minutes come back carrying Colleen, followed by Aragorn, the hobbits and Glorfindel.

Elrond came in with a bowl of steaming water with athelas leaves in it. He proceeded to bathe Colleen’s shoulder. He pulled up a chair and gently laid a hand on her shoulder. Gandalf could see him concentrating , working to pull the girl back to the living world and away from the world of the Wraiths.

Colleen moaned, “If I died right now, I would die happy, in pure joy. How could anything on this earth be so beautiful? How did Huor and Tuor find it in their hearts to leave? I’ll never understand men.”
Colleen moaned as she entered the Golden City of Gondolin. “If I died right now, I’d die happy, in pure joy. How could anything on this earth be so beautiful? How did Huor and Tuor find it in their hearts to leave? I’ll never understand men.”

Glorfindel glanced at her curiously,” How did you know that Huor and Tuor had been here? That was many years before you were born, unless I was wrong about your age. You are no more than sixteen. They took oaths that they would never reveal Gondolin. “

“They didn’t, it’s a long story that I don’t feel inclined to tell right now.”

Glorfindel looked at her oddly, but let the matter drop. The king would deal with it when the time came, meanwhile he would take her to his home and let his wife and daughters bathe and dress the girl appropriately. Then he would take her to Turgon.


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