A very Strange Experience: Chapter four – Colleen and the Nazgul, Caleb’s Battle

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They were finally there, Weather Top, Colleen wished for a good night’s sleep, but knew too much about Gandalf’s trip to Rivendell to exspect it. What she knew about his part of this story wasn’t much, but it was enough to know that, the Nine were not going to leave them alone.
Colleen looked around the dreary landscape and shudered, on second thought she didn’t feel much like sleeping, plenty of time for that in Rivendell. The place was creepier than any spook house on Halloween. It smelled evil, and black. (Now don’t ask how a smell can have colour, it did.)
“This is Weather Top?” dumb question.
Gandalf just nodded and began to build the fire. There was no way she could help, so she began to study the gear she had been landed with. A green cloak made of something like cotton. Thick and warm, Colleen relized that she would have been freezing in the varsity jacket she had inherited from her father, it was getting colder by the minute. Other than the cloak her clothes were what she had started out with, a pair of very wide bottomed flair pants, a tank top with a green button down shirt.
Colleen took off her backpack and began to fish through it for her fleece blanket. She found it and set it next to her pack and went over to Gandalf.
“Man, if I were a wraith I’d turn around and high tail it back to Mordor. This place give me the creeps!”
Gandalf laughed, “You are strange.”
“You already said that.”
Gandalf just laughed again and began to pitch camp. Colleen helped where she could, when it came to camping she called her grandparents fith wheel roughing it. Considering the fact she had lived most of her life in a trailer park and hadn’t done alot of camping, she did fairly well.
Well, she thought, I’ll just have to get used to it. I’m going to have to do a lot better than this if I’m going to convince them to let me go with the Fellowship. From what I have read that ‘s not going to be any easy thing.
Suddenly she was distracted, a cold chill ran up her spine.
She looked over the edge of Weather Top.
“Um, Gandalf, I think we’ve got company, and they’re not here for dinner either.”
Gandalf came over and looked where she was looking.
“By Arda, I was not exspecting this so soon, draw your sword, you will have great need of it before this night is done if I am not much mistaken.”
“Sword? What sword?”
“The one hanging on your belt, have you any other?”
Colleen looked down, sure enough, strapped to a belt she hadn’t known she was wearing, was a fair sized broad sword.
She drew it with a small jump of surprise, holding it up to the lamplight she wondered how she had missed it. It was really a beautiful thing, the steel gleamed orange and red in the fire light. There were runes upon it that accutuly made sense, time to think on that later, when they wern’t being attacked by Nazugul.
“This is going to be a long night.”
Gandalf nodded in agreement and drew his own sword.
Now we must leave a very disturbed teenager with the wizard and the Nazgul for now and take a look at whats going on with her soon to be equally disturbed brother, Caleb.
It had been three day since Cleb had joined comany with the two dwarves, and while he was growing fond of both of them, he wanted some adventure. That wish was to be granted all too soon.
It was Caleb’s turn to be on gaurd and he was glad. He couldn’t sleep, all day he had had the feeling that somthing was about to happen, and it was making him jumpier than hungry frog. He sat and began to ponder all that had happened inthe past few days. He felt the hilt of the sword the sword he had discovered the first time he had attempted to sit. It had stuck in the ground, and almost broke his belt. He had landed rather hard on his backside, much to the amusement of the dwarves and the wounding of his pride.
He drew it out of his belt and almost jumped out of his skin. It was glowing blue. Caleb knew that could mean only one thing, orcs. Later he would relize that the only swords in Middle Earth that glow blue are the ones that were forged in Gondolin.
He ran to the nearest snoring dwarf, and shook him awake. It was Gloin, “What is it Alcarin?” the dwarf asked sleepily. Alcarin thurst the glowing sword in front of the old dwarf. He snapped awake instantly and began to shake his son. “Gimli, wake up you sluggard, orcs!”
“Huh, wah, storks? where?”
“Not storks, you dork, orcs!” This came from Caleb.
Both dwarves looked at him,”What’s a dork?” asked Gimli.
“Never mind! What are we going to do?” Caleb was some where between hystarics and panic.
“Build up the fire,” said the ever calm Gloin.
Caleb, who was now hyperventilating, rushed to get some fire wood and throw it on the embers, the fire blazed up. Suddenly he stopped short,
“Hey, wait a minute, you want to signal where we are? Should I shout and wave my arms around too? Have you lost your mind?”
“No,”said Gloin, “fire will give us somthing to put our backs to, there will doubless be no less than twenty or so, and there are no trees or walls here to back up to. It will also help if we can see our enimies.”
Caleb saw the sense in this and stood with his back to the fire and waited. He didn’t have long to wait, before ten minutes had passed the orcs were upon them.
Though this was his first battle, it was far from being the last. the sword seemed to leap to life in his hands, befoe he knew what was going on he had cut down three of his opponents. the dwarves too were busy, though it was only a small party, only a score or so, but there were only three people fighting them.
After three hours, just when Alcarin thought he couldn’t stand another minute, there were no more orcs. thy lay slain in a ring all about the fire.
Suddenly, Caleb knelt. As he wiped the black orc blood from his sword, he felt somthing come over him. A new sense of responsiblity, as if somthen great had been placed on his sholders. And so it had, but he didn’t learn more untill later.


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