A very Strange Experience – Celebang and Caleb

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Caleb sat on a shaded rock in a forest near the house with his chin in his hands. He decided that since Elrond said he had a part to play he meant that Caleb would play a part in the Fellowship. Whether that is actually what Elrond meant or not is in doubt, but Caleb was a strong willed child and if Colleen was going with the Company so was he. He didn’t trust his sister to stay in one piece, not after that little thing with the Witch King.

Caleb had brought his sword with him, not because he had any fear of being attacked here but because he wanted to look it over, he had not had a chance to really look at the thing before. He pulled it out of his sheath and turned it in the near by patch of sunlight. It was made of a sliver blue metal and was about four feet long. He swung it experimentally and felt the air flow smoothly over the blade. Then he turned it so that he held the blade and could look at the hilt. It was made of steel and wrapped with black leather.

Then Caleb looked at the blade and noticed for the first time that there were what look like Angraths graven into the blade. Caleb wondered why anyone would carve on a sword. He then realized that the rune might be the name of the sword.

All at once he decided that he would go into his sister’s room and borrow the Lord of the Rings. n the back of that book would be the chart of Angraths and their English values. Colleen had once used the book to write a sign that said ‘beware of the balrog’ and post it on his door. He sheathed his sword and ran all the way to the house.

Once he was in the hall outside of his sister’s room he went in quietly. His sister was sleeping, and no wonder, after all she had just gotten up yesterday and she had not gone to bed at all the night before.

He crept over to the wardrobe where Elrond had had his people stock clothes for her when it was clear that she had ruined most of her own. He opened the wardrobe and sucked in his breath to keep from laughing. There were breeches and shirts and tunics sure enough, but there were also dresses he could not imagine his sister dead in. Long shimmering sliver and green and purple and blue. Colleen’s idea of dressing up was limited to the one skirt she owned. A long blue jean thing that she would wear with a decent clean shirt. She often wore her worn hiking boots with it.

He reached into the bottom and found her pack and carefully reaching in he relieved it of the enormous one volume edition of the Lord of the Rings as he did so his hand came upon a hard back copy of the Silmarillion, deciding that this might be useful to. Then clutching the book to his chest he ran out to the garden with his sword. He sat down under a tree and began a difficult task.

He opened the book to the pages with the Angraths, then taking a piece of paper he had found in the book and a pen from his pocket he began to copy the Angraths on his sword. It had occurred to him that he could have asked Lindir what they meant, but that would have ruined the adventure and besides, it had also occurred to him that it might be handy to know how to read another written language in this world and this would be good practice.

He worked steadily for half an hour. He had now the elvish name ‘Celebang’. Now to find out what the heck it meant. He seemed to remember his fanatical sister telling him that ‘celeb’ meant silver, but what ‘ang’ meant was a mystery. A mystery he intended to solve, now. He opened up to the back of the Silmarillion and studied the name elements. Lucky for him the meaning of ‘ang’ was on the bottom of the first page he looked at. Celebang, apparently mean ‘Silver iron’. Feeling very pleased with himself, he gathered up the paper and the books and wandered back into his sister’s room.

She was still sleeping and so he carefully replaced the books and left quietly, deciding to go and bug Lindir again. It was time for another elvish lesson.
Aragorn followed his friend Eladan on his great horse, scouting the terrain for signs of the Black Riders. At least that’s what he seemed to be doing, in truth his thoughts kept returning to the young girl that had so swiftly promised her help to Frodo.

There was something odd about her. Something slightly alien other than her manner. He chewed his nether lip and thought, somehow he just couldn’t imagine her living in one of the little villages in the country side. She didn’t seem like one of the Rohirrim. He had a hard time picturing her on a horse, for some strange reason. She was not from Gondor either, the people from Gondor had a distinct look about them that Colleen lacked.

He shook his head, there was something in her eyes, like one who has discovered their purpose in life, after long believing that they were destined to do nothing of importance. He decided then and there to go with Frodo. To help him in his quest, and to keep an eye on this strange child.
After sleeping for a full forty eight hours Colleen felt a little groggy. She rolled out of her bed and changed into some clean clothes and lugged her carcass out into the kitchen to see if she could locate enough cheese, bread and apple cider for a meal. An elf met her in the kitchen and smiled as the human rooted through the pantry and extracted a jar of apple butter, a jug of cider, a round of cheddar cheese and a loaf of bread. Grabbing a knife and a plate and a flask. She filled the flask with cider and headed outside to find a good place for a picnic.

Colleen wandered out of the garden and out into a deep valley. She wandered around until she found a pleasant place under a black berry bush. There were no black berries, it was to late in the season, but it was a pleasant place to sit none the less. With less than her usual delicacy Colleen began tearing into the food, hardly stopping to spread apple butter on the bread. In less than ten minutes the food was entirely gone.

Setting the flask, plate and knife aside Colleen laid back on the grass with her hands behind her head to think. She had to think about the problems ahead. It helped that she knew something about what she was about to face, Carhradras, Moria, the battle at Helm’s Deep, the paths of the dead, and ultimately the battle at the Black Gates themselves. Through it all she was supposed to stick to the towering, grim man with those penetrating gray eyes that was the future king of Gondor. Why the heck did he need her help?

Colleen sighed, closed her eyes and pushed all those thoughts aside. It wouldn’t help anything to worry about things she couldn’t change. For some reason she and her brother Caleb had been chosen, and that was all that mattered. The memory of the brilliant blue eyes and the deep, reasonous voice were still clear in her memory. She also remembered that often God’s strangest instructions were the best, and if Menwe spoke for God….. Well, whether the orders made sense or not, she would carry them out until Strider was king of Gondor, or she was killed in action.


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